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How To Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52131?

The Router Error Code 52131 executes when the Wi-Fi console has failed to pass the Internet connection test and there it displays an error message as “Unable to connect to the Internet. This error further indicates that the console is obtained or even it may be manually assigned to a network IP address, but it was incapable of connecting to the Internet. Another possible cause may be due to DNS error, or maybe even possible if the wireless router used is not connected to the Internet. Our professional team has described step below to Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52131 with sound explanations.

Steps to Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52131

Step 1: Updating the DNS First

  • Update the primary DNS first within the Wi-Fi console’s Internet settings simply to, and then, perform a test of the connection again.
    • Perform a test of the wireless device which is connected to the same wireless router to ensure that it is well connected to online.

Step 2: Checking the Device Test

  • If you are testing with a smart phone or tablet device then, make sure that they are well suited with the Wi-Fi feature enabled connectivity as well as to the wireless router. For this test, your device should not be connected online if using a mobile provider’s service.
    • If other available devices cannot easily connect online by using the wireless router then, it is recommended to power cycle your home network. Test the other devices again carefully.
    • Move to the next step to proceed with the solving the Router Error Code 52131

Step 3: Checking whether this issue still persists

  • If other devices are still incapable of connecting then, this is a clear indication of Internet service issue may be an issues of the home network setup.
    • Users are now recommended to create a new Internet connection on the Wi-Fi console if still this problem is existing
    • Update the DNS settings next and then perform a test of the Internet connection again.
    • At last, you need to manually enter the IP address, subnet mask, as well as default router IP address into the Wi-Fi Internet settings.

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