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Fix Router Network Connection Problem

How to Fix Router Network Connection Problem?

This issue may arise due to various reasons such as obsolete network adapters, difficulty in rolling the network adapter, unexpected turning off the firewalls and antivirus software. Fix router connection problem with appropriate steps by reaching at Router Customer Support Number +1800-335-8177 for expert help.  So, we have steps mentioned to get rid of this error with appropriate guidance that are easy for them to apply as well.

Steps to fix router network connection problem are as follows:

Fix Router Network Connection Problem

Step 1: Have a check on why you are not able to connect with the router online. If it is the case then, try out some of the basic troubleshooting steps in appropriate way.  As per as guidelines by Router Support team, restart the modem as well as wireless router which will help create an accurate afresh connection to the internet service provider (ISP). When done, everyone will be connected to the Wi-Fi network. However this step may vary from device to device

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Step 2: Unplug your power cable and modem from the power source section. However there are some modems which will exist with a backup battery. If unplugged, the modem as well as the lights will stay still. Remove the battery from the modem carefully. Once done, wait at least for 30 seconds or so on.
Step 3: If already the battery from the modem has been removed then, put it back in. However, plug in the modem into its power source. The lights on the modem will start blinking where users need to wait for a while to stop these lights from blinking.

Step 4: Plug in the router into the power source and then, wait for few more minutes for the modem as well as router to fully get it powered on. PC users should try to connect with the device again with a purpose to generate a wireless network report properly. It will help users diagnose the cause closely

Step 4: Go to the search box which is found in the taskbar to type in “Command prompt”. Press and then, hold “Command prompt” key to select “Run as administrator” icon and tap “Yes” icon. Now at the command prompt, simply type “netsh wlan show wlanreport’ command. The process will simply create an HTML file to help users open up in the web browser from a specific location listed under the command prompt.

Step 5: Do ensure that this problem does not arise with the cables, modems or even with Internet service provider (ISP). Now, type the “Command prompt” and press “Command prompt” key to select “Run as administrator” icon. Click “Yes” to continue further. Type “ipconfig” icon in your command prompt.
Step 6: Look for accurate IP address listed past by Default gateway. At the prompt, just type “ping <DefaultGateway>” and press “Enter” icon.

Step 7: Execute the Network troubleshooter followed by commands

The Network troubleshooter will assist users diagnose and fix common connection problems arising within the router device. Using this process will help rectify the issue easily.

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How To Fix Wi-Fi Router Authentication Errors?

The Wi-Fi router authentication errors comes into existence when you have unsuccessfully tried to connect to a Wi-Fi network with the correct password. Usually, connecting and saving the password is a rule but sometimes the device delivers a notification beneath the network label which says that it’s an authenticating issue. But, after sometime, users can very well see an ‘authentication problem’ or notice the ‘authentication error’ pop up message right under the network name.So, these are the main causes of authentication error in Wi-Fi routers. Professional experts have always suggested users tonsure that the password name entered should be accurate. If you’re confident that the password is correct then, the issue could be more complex than it seems to be. Well, to help you understand what the causes are for Wi-Fi authentication error in an attempt to resolve it.We here present you various solutions to fix Wi-Fi router authentication errors with detailed explanation. But you will be introduced only one solution for this error code Continue reading


How To Fix Router Error 0x80040201 While Using Windows?

The router error 0x80040201 is usually caused due to incorrect configuration issues done in the system settings or also can result because of irregular entries in the Windows registry section. This is an error which can be easily fixed with the help of special type of software and it further calls for a repair method of the registry entries. According to professionals if there is an error in the system settings the error may also encounter. So, restoring to its stability is a good option. Below we have two methods to Fix Router Error 0x80040201 while using Windows. Fix Router Error 0x80040201

Methods to Troubleshoot Router Error 0x80040201 While using Windows

Method 1: Check out for any kind of Wi-Fi issues

To get rid of the error faster, users should first check out for any type of Wi-Fi issues by applying appropriate method which can easily be found by searching over the internet. A wide number of solutions about this error can easily be read out other than what has been mentioned here. Users can also go for various suggested links to have an appropriate solution for this error code.

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Method 2: Change Your Adapter Settings

  • Another cause as we have mentioned is due to incorrect registry settings. Below are steps to rectify this problem:
  1. To get rid of this error code, simply go to the “Network & Sharing Center” icon and then navigate to the “Change Adapter Settings” icon.
    Now, rename your new wireless connection process
  2. Now, simply right click the “Wireless Network Connection” icon and then, click the “Select Properties and the “Sharing tab”
    Select the checkbox which is showing the icon named as “Allow other users to connect through this computer’s connection”
    From the dropdown list, users are suggested to select their newly named network connection and then hit the “OK” button and restart the system.

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Troubleshoot Asus N66u Router Error Log

How To Fix Router Error Code 52000?

The issue arise generally when the router is not capable of connecting the device to the wireless network.  While this error executes, users will be get to know that the security setting has entered into ROUTERSUPPORT.CA are not similar as per as instructed by wireless routers. As a result the router won’t be able to assign IP address and ROUTERSUPPORT.CA. Below are solutions discussed to fix Router Error Code 52000.

Fix Router Error Code 52000

Steps to Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52000

Step 1: Check for proper security details

Here one needs to check that a proper security and key and security type is entered into the ROUTERSUPPORT.CA similar to what is appearing in the router settings. Also it can be assigned by manual mode.

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Step 2: Check for any type of wireless interference

Ensure that other wireless devices are completely turned off such as phones, wireless cords, speakers etc.

Make sure that the ROUTERSUPPORT.CA which has its open area is free from any objects.

Now, change the router’s channel from 1 to 11. Well, by default most of the router’s channel is 6 which certainly overlaps with other channels causing a technical glitch. To avoid this, simply select an appropriate router’s brand and model.  You will get a wide number of information in the “broadcast channel” area.

Fix Router Error Code 52130

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Accurately Position A Wireless Router

How To Accurately Position A Wireless Router?

To connect more than a device needs to have a proper wireless networks and here it needs for a proper an accurate set-up of your wireless router which has become a difficult task for us. Well, setting up a wireless network properly allows devices to easily get connected to the internet no matter wherever you are in the house without the need of messy wires. Here we will introduce users with steps to accurately position a wireless router that are explained in details below.  Continue reading

Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error

How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error In Linksys ea3500 Router?

EA3500 is a smart Wi-Fi setup error code and it mainly occurs due to an inactive internet connection. Users often receive this error code and hence they look for easy ways to get it fixed. Sometimes you can avoid this problem by configuring their Linksys router. However, if you are unable to resolve it on your own, seek help from our expert engineers. We will surely assist you with instant solutions at an affordable rate. Get in touch with us and streamline your workflow again.

The 502 Bad Gateway Linksys Error usually occurs while users are trying access Linksys Smart Wi-Fi (EA) Routers in models such as EA2700, EA3500, EA4500, EA6100, EA6200, EA6300, EA6350, EA6400, EA6500, EA6700, EA6900, or EA9200. Well, users can refer to this solution to fix 502 bad gateway error in Linksys Ea3500 router with appropriate solutions explained below.

Causes Of 502 Bad Gateway Error In Linksys EA3500 Router

There can be multiple reasons behind this issue. We have specified some of the most common ones.

  • Incomplete installation of the Router Driver on your computer
  • DHCP server is not enabling due to router configuration issues
  • Adapter driver is not connecting to the signal properly
  • You may also face this problem if your Linksys router is unable to associate with the access point
  • Network connectivity related issues are also responsible
  • EA3500 error can arise because of corrupted router settings and this is another important reason.

Steps to troubleshoot 502 bad gateway error in Linksys ea3500 router

Step 1: Download the latest firmware

  • The very step is simply to download the latest firmware from the trusted website to be able to connect to the computer directly to the modem.  For downloading, steps follow all the below steps:
  1. Go to the trusted website from where you can get access to the solution and enter the model number of your Linksys router in the “Search by Product Name or Model Number” field.
  2. Click on the “DOWNLOADS” button now.
  3. Users are requested to select the hardware version according to their router device.
    Now tap on the Download link.
  4. You will come across the “End User License Agreement pop-up window” where users are asked to click on the “AGREE” button once they have read the agreement.
  5. Save the file now to any secured or preferred location of your computer device.

Step 2: Reset phase

  • Here users are requested to reset the router now to smoothly solve this issue.

Step 3: Bypass phase

  • Now simply perform the bypass process of the Smart Setup by properly checking both the boxes on the initial Setup screen area.

Step 4: Web-based setup page

  • Log in to the web-based setup page by simply using the default password and then perform the task via manual firmware upgrade process.
  • Users are requested to proceed to professional help if they are not able to perform the task accurately
  • Note that the default password will be admin only.

Step 5: Reset the router
At last to complete the process, one needs to reset the router

router customer support

Our team consists of experienced technical experts who can easily resolve EA3500 error. Additionally, they have updated knowledge about the unique mechanisms of Linksys products. Therefore, it is not a difficult task for us to figure out the causes of these issues and then apply brilliant troubleshooting techniques to fix it instantly.

If you are searching for reliable services, your search ends with us. Be it configuration issues or any other technical glitch, we have the best possible solutions for you. You will always get the best and top-quality services at a pocket-friendly rate. Moreover, we maintain strict business ethics and transparency in our services.

We have more than one means of communication through which you can reach us. Dial our toll-free Customer Support Number +1-855-789-0294 to get in touch with our experts. For your convenience, our helpline number is available 24*7. Our helpdesk team members will receive your calls and convey your problems to our technical experts. If you are unable to call, drop a mail addressing your problems at our registered email id. As soon as we receive your service request, we will get back to you with expert solutions. We also have an online live chat support portal through which you will get to know how to fix 502 Bad Gateway Error In the Linksys EA3500 Router.


How To Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52131?

The Router Error Code 52131 executes when the Wi-Fi console has failed to pass the Internet connection test and there it displays an error message as “Unable to connect to the Internet. This error further indicates that the console is obtained or even it may be manually assigned to a network IP address, but it was incapable of connecting to the Internet. Another possible cause may be due to DNS error, or maybe even possible if the wireless router used is not connected to the Internet. Our professional team has described step below to Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52131 with sound explanations. Continue reading


How To Setup Bigpipe for TP-LINK AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router?

Bigpipe TP-LINK AC1900 connects every device in a highly smooth network with a complete, ultra-modern coverage area by using 802.11ad. According to the study by TP-Link AC1900 Dual Band router support professionals; it is one of the latest and the most powerful innovation router in a wireless technology. It further streams about a 4K movie in minutes by allowing users to instantly share high capacity files and photos on the 60GHz band. To Setup Bigpipe for TP-LINK AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router, just read the steps are given below.

Tplink Router

Steps to Setup Bigpipe for TP-LINK AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

  • A user is requested to open up a web browser e.g Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  Once it is opened, then type into the address bar and press enter.
  • You will see a box which will pop up and users need to just enter admin/admin for the username/password and click login
  • Once a user has logged in, he/she is requested by TP-Link AC1900 Dual Band router technical support professionals to select the “Advanced” tab button from the top
  • Make sure that all the settings are matching as per as requirement.
  • Under PPPoE Connection, you are required to enter your own User Name as well as Password – where you will come across a Bigpipe feature. Users can further use any username or password which they like
  • Click the “save” button which is located at the bottom section of the screen. Once the page has been reloaded, click on the “Advanced” option
  • Now a complete connection to the internet has been established by you. To set up the Wireless name as well as password, you are required to go through all the instructions

 Steps to set-up the WiFi connection

  • Click on the Wireless 2.4 GHz option and then click on the Wireless Settings from the left
  • Next to the Wireless Network, simply type the “Name’, and then enter your choice of name you would like for your network to have.
  • -Click on the “Save” option later on.

Fix your TP-Link issues with our expert technicians

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TP-Link AC1900 Dual Band router customer support technicians work 24 hours 365 days in a year to resolve all of your technical issues related to TP-Link in a highly professional manner. We are one of the reputed and expert tech services providers who are all time ready to fix your issues quickly by further solving critical TP-Link queries various communication methods. Our TP-Link router support team is highly knowledgeable and expert in solving every kind of  TP-link technical error. Reach out us at our TP-Link toll-free number.


How to Connect One Router to Another to Expand a Network?

If you wish to add many computers or some other devices to your small business or home network but the issue is that there is no port available then you requires adding a second router to your network. To Connect One Router to Another to Expand a Network , just read the step are given below.

router tech support

Below the correct procedure to connect one Buffalo Router with another to expand a network is described by the Buffalo Router Tech Support.

Steps to Connect One Router to Another to Expand a Network

Part 1: Assemble The Equipment

  • Check the routers with which you want to work.
  • To setup routers, you’ll require a PC that can connect with them through the Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.
  • Unplug the power from both routers. You’ll want to start wiring the network with the equipment turned off.

Part 2: Set Up Router 1

  • Switch on the router and modem.
  • Launch a web browser. Then start router admin interface in your internet browser.
  • Log-in by typing “admin” as user-id and password.

Part 3: Set Up Router 2

  • Plug in second router and switch it on.
  • Start the router admin interface in an internet browser.
  • Using your credentials you need to log in to the router’s admin interface.
  • Then disable DHCP on Router 2.
  • Also Assign Router 2 a new IP address.

Part 4: Make Your Network Online

  • Unplug the second router from the power switch.
  • Connect the Ethernet cable of Router 1 with the Router 2.
  • Plug second router again to the power switch and switch it on.
  • Reboot the PC which is connected with second router.
  • Congrats! You have successfully expanded your network.

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Important Tips for Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi network of your home or office offers Wi-Fi internet connection for all of your devices such as Smartphone, tablet, and laptop, desktop PC, gaming consoles and more to connect with the internet. But the problem is that if someone steals the bandwidth from your network, then not only you lose your money but also gets slow speed, and the risk of someone stealing your confidential data.


To cater to this demand of our home and office users we offers highly trusted and reliable tech support for safeguarding or securing your Wi-Fi network. For more information, contact Cisco Router Technical Support.

Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Installation of Wi-Fi Security Devices

For the safety of your home or office network, you need to use security devices to secure your Wi-Fi network from unwanted access. There are various kinds of devices and tools which are available online and as well in your nearby market to activate additional security features so that you can use your Wi-Fi devices in a highly secured environment.

Switch off Network Broadcasting

Generally Wi-Fi networks will display the network name or “SSID” to people in your neighborhood areas. They can view your network name and might be using some software will connect with the network of your home or office.

Keep Firewall Security Enable

Firewall security provides rock solid security to the users’ network. And all the latest brands of Wi-Fi routers comes with firewall security feature. Therefore switch on the Wi-Fi in the router firewall security.

Change your Wi-Fi network password periodically

For maximum safety of your network, change your Wi-Fi password at regular intervals.

Deploy MAC Address Filter

A MAC address is distinct id to inspect your device and connect with different devices. Unwanted users can not able to access your network if you modify router settings so as to activate the MAC address filter.

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