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How to Fix D-Link USB Modem Error Code 692?

The error code 692 in D-Link indicating that there was a hardware failure in the modem or other connecting devices. This error usually occurs when connecting to the internet via using a dial-up connection or via using Broadband and Mobile Broadband too.  Error 692 can be caused by various reasons, includes a corrupt or incorrectly installed modem driver, a hardware fault, when other software running in the background of your computer, modem .inf files become corrupted, Older drivers for the device for Windows, and firmware update issue, etc. Then you do not need to worry about it, as this error could be easily fixed that suggested by the D-Link tech support team. Here, the blog will describe you very steps on How to Fix D-Link USB Modem Error Code 692. So you just need to attempt the troubleshooting steps that are given below.

Fix D-Link USB Modem Error Code 692

Steps to Fix D-Link USB Modem Error Code 692

Step1:-Check your Modem Drivers

  • First, you should try to check your modem drivers and its connections.
  • If you have an external modem, then verify check your cables and plugs are firmly secured and then restart your modem.
  • Also, try unplugging everything from all the jack points in your house, garage, and any sleep-outs. This includes, Filters, Broadband modems, Extension cables, double adaptors, Cordless and Corded phones, Computers on dial-up, and Faxes, and so on.
  • Once you have unplugged everything wait for 50-60 seconds, and then check the error is resolved.

Step 2: -Check Your Internet Connection

Many times, Error code 692 in D-link router occurs due to cause of slow Internet Connection, temporarily failed Internet Connection, or not the availability of internet connection. So you should check your internet connection that is working properly or not.

Step 3:- Restart PC

After checking the internet connection, you should try to restart your PC.  Then open the PC as well as D-Link Router, and check the error is occurring. If yes, then go to the next step.

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Step 4:- Ensure that Any Software Running in the Background

You have to need to ensure that there is no fax software running in the background of your computer as sometimes this software can cause error 692.

Step 5:- check PC 3rd Party Security Software Configurations

Also, you have to need to check PC 3rd Party Security Software Configurations. Try to turn off all antivirus and firewall programs on your PC while testing the D-Link router.

I hope your problem is resolved. But in case, if the problem continues, then it’s the best recommendation for you to take experts help to fix it.

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You can contact feel free contact at D-Link Customer Support Phone Number +1-855-971-1879 to speedily connect with the team of certified and experienced technicians. This number is available 24*7 days, so you can easily talk with the dedicated techies, who will deliver you the reliable solution or step to fix this error. You can also gain the hasty support & services to your D-Link router related technical difficulties in a short period of time. Hence, grab the immediate help by connecting proficient professionals to D-Link Router mishaps.

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Steps To Configure DDNS Feature On The D-Link Wireless Router

Dynamic DNS is a process of automatically updating a name server in the Domain Name System with the active DDNS configuration of its configured hostnames, addresses and other related information, often resulting in real-time process. As studied by a team of D-Link router support experts, it is helpful in assigning a fixed domain name to the PC without changing the DHCP configuration feature. The network is still protected by dangerous hackers as well as attackers. Dynamic DNS simply plays a vital role to address the rapid update issues.

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To access the network via remote basis, the D-Link Tech Support suggests users to use this feature as a benefit. It further allows you to access the devices in the network section. One can also access devices such as camera in their network by using DDNS method for remote monitoring system. It’s considered as a great choice if users wish to host their website or even go ahead to setup a server without disabling the DHCP.

Steps to configure DDNS feature on the D-link wireless router

Step1: Creation of a DDNS

  • Creation of the DDNS account is advised by D-Link router technical support Do remember all the credentials such as username and password.

Step2: Log into the router

  • Next, you are required to log into the router by simply typing the router IP on the address bar section of the web browser.

Step3: Working with the tools

  • Clicking on the “Tools” tab is essential and then select the “Dynamic DNS” option from the left section of the window screen.

Step4: Enable Dynamic DNS

  • Users are suggested to perform a check mark in the box which is situated just next to the “Enable Dynamic DNS” section and then select the “Dynamic DNS server” option from the list given

Step5: Dynamic DNS host name

  • Typing of the Dynamic DNS host name is advised to users.

Step6: Enter the credentials

  • Enter the username as well as the password for your DNS account. Be careful while performing this step
  • Next, simply, click on the “Save” Settings to apply all the required changes.
  • DDNS feature has now completely been configured on the D-Link router quite successfully.

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If you have any queries with respect to D-link router or even if you are facing any issues, please contact to D-Link router customer support department for prompt help.

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How to Change DLink Wireless Password?

A motive to change the D-Link router’s wireless password can sometimes cross a user’s mind. So, to easily go ahead with the process of changing the D-Link’s wireless password, our professional team of DLINK ROUTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT team will guide you about how to open the router’s configuration page in the web browser. So, yes after logging into the configuration page, a user needs to change the password straight from the Wireless settings menu. To Change DLink Wireless Password, read the easy steps are given below.

Dlink Router

Steps to Change DLink wireless password

Part 1 takes you through the process involved in accessing the router

  • Open up the web browser from your connected device
  • Enter the right into the address bar which will be the default address for your D-Link routers.
  • Next, simply type the . if it’s the case where the previous address isn’t working out at all.
  • Enter the .http://dlinkrouter address if neither of the addresses work.
  • Search for the router’s address if nothing is going well.

Part 2 takes about the Signing-In process


  • Type the “admin” as a username. This will be the most common default username for D-Link router which you are using currently.
  • Leave the Password field blank as it was before. There are wide number of D-Link routers that don’t have a password assigned at all.
  • Try typing the “admin” as a password. If a blank password is not working properly, then try for admin.
  • Look up if the router model has default login information or not.
  • Press and then hold the Reset button for a while which is located at the back of the router if a user is incapable of login to the account

Part 3 deals with the information about changing the Wi-Fi Password

dlink router password change

  1. Click on the Wireless tab initially. Well, if this tab is invisible to you, then just click on the Setup tab and then click on the “Wireless Settings” option in the left menu.
  2. Click the Security Mode menu carefully.
  3. Click on the “Enable WPA2 Wireless Security” option. Unless a user is specifically trying to connect to older devices that don’t support WPA2 at all. It is recommended that a user should always be using this security method.
  4. Click on the Passphrase field next.
  5. Type the password which you wish to continue with. Make sure that the password does not contain any dictionary related words and is not easy to speculate.
  6. Retype the password in the Confirm Passphrase field.
  7. Click on the Save Settings button.
  8. At last, simply enter the new password on the wireless devices.

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