Smart Hacks To Troubleshoot Linksys Router Keeps Dropping Internet Connection Problem

Sometimes while using the Linksys router, you might witness a huge drop in wireless connection. There are some of the obvious reasons due to which Linksys router sometimes gets disconnected. It might also lead to a wireless connection issue. However, there are certain underlying reasons behind this, it can be associated with the MTU Size. In addition to this, it can be a problem of frequency of interference which you can get from other wireless devices. Also, due to inferior signal strength, you may encounter this issue from your wireless Linksys router.

As the problem lies inside the Router’s firmware and requires an immediate process of upgrade, so below are the steps that you can follow to minimize the Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection.

Prominent Ways to Fix Linksys ea7500 Keeps Dropping Internet Connection Error:

Go through this section and implement the methods as instructed to fix Linksys ea7500 keeps dropping internet connection error instantly.

Fix 1: Handling the MTU size

The Maximum Transmission Unit basically implies the greatest packet size which allows the purpose of internet transmission. Finding a genuine MTU size is imperative in order to receive the most effective throughout intended for the networking task.

Fix 2: Minimize the Interference of Wireless Routers

If the users get through incessant disconnection problem, then carrying out a proper check is a must. You need to examine the below matters for disrupting the signals having a wireless connection. The router can be operational on the basis of the same frequency just like the cordless telephone system or similar such devices. Therefore, one must modify the channel of the router and set that to 1 or 11. This is because these are considered as non-overlapping channels and will prevent certain interference problems.  After changing the respective channel, you have the option to restart the wireless computers.

  • Physical Hindrance

The router or wireless computers often gets disconnected owing to the physical obstacles like walls and floors. In this case, you need to move the computers to another location in order to get a better signal.  The perfect location is the central area of your residence.

  • Place the Router Properly

It is always recommended to place the router above the ground level up to the permissible limit. While you place the router in the top location, you need to ensure that you have maintained an adequate distance of nearly 2 feet between the antenna of the router, ceiling and the wall.  If the signal transmits through multiple floors, then you should keep the router on the peak of the floor and high up in the room. While you are using a wireless device, you need to ignore the vicinity zone that is within 18 inches from the router. This is mainly built in order to ensure safety since this 18-inch radius around the router. This area is regarded as a dead zone having a wireless connection. Therefore, you need to be aware of the fact.

  • Place It in Proper Surroundings

Place your router device keeping a proper distance from large metal objects. Also, you need to keep the router away from the areas having a large concentration of water to ensure proper safety.

      .   Customization of the Wireless Settings of the Router

           If there are default wireless settings on the Linksys router, it might cause major strife along with other Linksys routers to present within the particular network coverage. Therefore, we suggest you modify the wireless network name (SSID) of the router. Also, you have the provision to activate its wireless security completely.

Fix 3: Update the Router’s Firmware

If the wireless connection gets disrupted after performing all the above steps throughly, then we suggest you upgrade the firmware of the router immediately.

Fix 4: Connect the Wireless Devices

After following all the above configurations for fixing the Linksys router keeps dropping internet connection issue, if you find that the issue still exists, then reconnect the devices to the parent network.

Summing Up

This article covers all the major fixes pertaining to the Linksys router keeps dropping internet connections effectively. If you go through the above-mentioned steps strictly, you can easily get away from this frustrating issue. Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to have a quick glance. Apart from this, if you have any innovative idea to fix the above-mentioned issue, then provide that in the section below.