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A Complete Guide On The Linksys Firmware Update Procedure

Linksys firmware update is an important task that you need to perform if you want to use the internet connection smoothly via your Linksys router. However, the steps to update the Linksys router firmware is not known to many users and even some are confused regarding the exact procedure. Therefore, in this article, you can clarify the complete steps to update the Linksys router firmware. So, read this article sincerely.

Firmware updates will benefit you as it increases system security. Apart from this, many issues of the Linksys router also get resolved by updating the router firmware. Overall, by updating the firmware, you can also enhance the functionality and stability of the Linksys router. Now, without further delay, let’s move to the next part of the article.

Know How to Update Router Firmware Linksys?

The steps for the Linksys firmware update are very easy to learn and you can get success by a complete study of these below sections. So, check them out sincerely without skipping any of them.

Step 1: Note Down the Linksys Router Information

To begin the Linksys firmware update process, at first, you need to note down the following information mentioned below. This information is present on the sticker that is attached to the router’s body. Generally, the information contained sticker is attached at the lower portion of the router.

  • Model No.
  • The version of the Linksys router

After knowing all these above-said information, continue with the below steps to update the firmware of the Linksys router.

Step 2: Download Linksys Router Firmware Update

First of all, navigate to the Linksys router firmware download page. For that, you need to open a browser on your PC after connecting to the internet service. Then, click on the “Support” link which is present at the upper portion of the window, that is the third option beside the Linksys logo. On the Welcome To Support window, you need to fill the “Search by Product Name or Model Number” bar with the appropriate information which you have got from the information sticker, that is attached to the Linksys body. After you have entered the product’s name or model number of the router on the bar, you will get your router’s option on the list, click on that.

Further, from the next page click on the “DOWNLOADS/FIRMWARE” button. After that, select the “Hardware version” link which you have noted down earlier. On the information sticker of the router, the hardware version name is labeled as version, ver. or V. In case, if you found nothing, then you need to proceed with by clicking on the “Hardware version 1.0” option.

After you click on the Hardware version option, you will see that the section gets expanded. From the expanded list, click on the Download link which is present under the Firmware section of the window. Then, click on the “AGREE” button, to accept the terms and conditions which are written on the window. After you click on AGREE, the Linksys firmware update file will get in progress. Wait until the update firmware gets downloaded completely. It will hardly take a minute to get downloaded. Next, continue with the further steps to install the updated firmware of the Linksys router.

Step 3: Know the Linksys Router IP Address

If you have already aware of the IP of the router that you are using, then you can skip this step. Else continue with the below lines.

For Windows Users

Listed below are the steps to follow to know the IP address of your Linksys router.

  1. Press both the Windows and the letter R button at a time to open up the Run bar window.
  2. Then, on the Run bar, type cmd.
  3. Next, click on OK/ hit the Enter button to get the black background Command Prompt window open.
  4. After that, on the Command Prompt window, enter “ipconfig” without using the quotations.
  5. And lastly, press down the Enter button to execute the ipconfig command.
  6. Now, from the generated results on the Command Prompt, navigate to the “Default Gateway” section. The number which you see beside the Default Gateway is the IP address of the router. Note down the IP address of the router for further steps.

For Mac Users

If you are a Mac user, then the steps that you need to follow to identify the IP address of the Linksys router are stated below.

  1. At first, click on the Apple logo present at the top left-hand portion on the screen.
  2. Then, from the Menu window, select the “System Preferences” option.
  3. Next, under the Network menu, click on “Internet and Wireless”.
  4. After that, click on the Advanced button from the “Internet and Wireless” window.
  5. Further, open the TCP/IP tab. Here, you will locate the Default Gateway option. The number beside to the Default Gateway is the IP of the Linksys router. Remember or write the IP address on a note for further steps.

Step 4: Login to Your Linksys Account

Now, open a browser on your PC, wait until the browser window is loaded completely. Then, at the address bar of the browser, enter the IP address of the Linksys router that you have noted earlier. “” is an example of the IP address. After entering the IP address on the Address bar of the router, press down the Enter button. This will navigate you to the login page of the Linksys router.

Further, on the login page of the Linksys router, you will get two different sections to fill and these are as follows: Username and Password. If you have not changed the username and password earlier, then you need to enter the default details on the fields, and these are as follows:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

However, if you ever changed the details, then you need to use those details only to log in into your Linksys account successfully. In case, if you have forgotten the password, then you need to hard reset the Linksys router. To know more details about the hard reset process of the Linksys router, you need to read the last section of this article.

After entering the correct Username and Password on the fields, click on the “Login” button, to log in into your Linksys account.

Additional Step: Create a Backup of the Router Settings

For the safety purpose, you can proceed with these below steps.

  1. From your Linksys account, click on the “Administration” tab.
  2. Next, select “Configuration Management”.
  3. Further, from the Configuration Management menu window, click on the “Back UP” option.
  4. Next, choose a location to save the “Config.bin” file, and then click on “Save” to meet the purpose.

Now, follow the further steps to complete the Linksys firmware update process.

Step 5: Administration> Firmware Upgrade> Browse> Upgrade

Finally, now you have arrived at the finishing step to upgrade your Linksys router firmware. So, check the steps below.

Go to the “Administrator” tab, from your Linksys account window.

Next, select the “Firmware Upgrade” option.

Further, click on the “Browse” button on the pop-up window and then navigate to the file which you have just downloaded that is the updated Linksys router firmware. After you select the file, click on the “Upgrade” option to complete the process. Now, you will see that the upgrading process is in progress, wait until it gets completed. Once, the Linksys Firmware Update process gets over, it is advised to restart your PC before using to get the better system performance.

Hard Reset Linksys Router

This is one of the most widely used methods which works to fix the forgot password issue of the Linksys router. So, try these below steps if you are stuck with the same problem. Hard reset will cancel all the pre-settings that you have made on your router and revert back to the default settings.

  1. At first, press down the Windows button to open the required options.
  2. If you are the user of the older version of Windows, then click on the “Shut down” button to complete the task. Whereas, if you are a Windows 10 user, then you need to click on the Power icon at first after tapping down the Windows key. Next, from the menu window, select the Shutdown option to turn your system off.
  3. After that, switch off the Power supply for both the devices.
  4. Next, take out the cables from the power outlet to ensure no presence of current flow via wires.
  5. Further, take out all the cables from the Linksys router except the power cable.
  6. Then, connect the Power cable to the power outlet.
  7. After that, switch on the Power.
  8. Next, locate the tiny hole on the router, where Reset is labeled.
  9. Further, search for a pin (Paper Clip for example) which can be inserted into the Reset hole.
  10. Now, with the help of the pin, press and hold the reset button of the router. You should not release the Reset button until the power indicator becomes solid red. The solid red light of the power indicator is the confirmation symbol that the router gets reset successfully.

After resetting the Linksys router, you can log in to your Linksys account via the default username and password as explained above.

All these are the complete information regarding the process of the Linksys firmware update. Hopefully, if you have read this article thoroughly you will not be facing any problem during following the steps of the Linksys router firmware update.