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Set-up VDSL TP-link Modem

How To Set-up VDSL TP-link Modem?

VDSL provides an incredible bandwidth service with speeds up to 52 megabits per second (Mbps). It’s a kind of device which can further change the face of E-commerce by allowing a wide range of media to function in a smooth and beautiful manner via computer.  To Set-up VDSL TP Link modemthe very first thing which users are supposed to carry out is simply to get an internet connection. Then, they need to configure the modem as per their ISP to easily connect to the internet. Any other router can then be connected to the modem for the purpose of distribution of the internet in the network. If the modem is not well configured then, it is further difficult to get access to the internet into the network.

Steps to Set-up VDSL TP-link Modem

Step1: Connecting the modem

  • Connect the modem to the computer via Ethernet cable carefully to avoid any technical glitch.
  • Launch a web browser of your wish from that computer and then get access to the IP address of the modem which can easily be found at the bottom label of the modem itself.
  • Users are then requested to type the username and password when prompted. Further, default username will appear, right at the bottom of the modem section.
  • After you can clearly see the configuration page, simply go to the “Quick Setup” icon which is just next to the left side of the page. Hit the “Next” button to go ahead with the process to set-up VDSL TP Link modem.

Step2: Working with the xDSL Modem Router Mode

  • Selection of the country as well as the time zone is needed and then hit the “next” icon.
  • An option to choose between xDSL Modem Router Mode as well as the Wireless Router Mode will be asked next. Users need to choose the xDSL Modem Router Mode and hit the “Next” icon.
  • Select an ISP from the ISP list. If it can’t be find out then, simply select others and hit the “next” icon. If the selection of the “others” icon is made then, choose the L2 Interface Type as VDSL and tap the “Next” button.

Step3: Working with the connection

  • Now carefully choose the connection type which you wish to go with.
  • Contact the ISP if you are not sanguine about what connection you should exactly use. Now hit the “Next” icon.
  • Enter the username as well as password that are provided by the ISP and tap the “Next’ button.

Step 4: Dealing with the Wireless Network set-up

  • In this section, simply set-up the Wireless Network according to your need and then hit the “Next” icon. TP-Link professionals usually suggest using an encryption method to the wireless network.
  • Your modem is now completely connected and will show the status as “connected”.

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