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Learn How to Reset Linksys Router Password and Experience Hassle-Free Service

Linksys router comes with well-encrypted password combination. But utter nuisance takes place if you can’t remember the password of the router while configuring the device. One of the major problems that Linksys router users face is when they are unable to reset the router back to the factory defaults. You need to perform certain steps if you are unable to recollect the username and password. This article will give you a list of effective ways that you can follow to know how to reset the Linksys router password. Moreover, we have mentioned some of the handy tips to get rid of this issue in no time.

Effective Ways to Reset Linksys Router Password:

Go through the below-mentioned steps to know how to reset the Linksys router password.

Modify Linksys Login Username and Password

  1. First, you need to log in to your Linksys router. This is easy to perform with the help of the web interface. It allows you to talk to your router.
  2. You just need to type the following in a browser address bar:

  1. If you use the Linksys default username and the Linksys default password, then you have the field marked as Username blank.
  2. Then, type “admin” into the field name marked as Password.
  3. After you gain access to the interface, navigate to the Administration tab
  4. Thereafter, move to the “Management” subpage. There you will find the username as well as the password you are currently using.
  5. Finally, you have to change both entries. It becomes easier for you to recollect but others will face problem figuring it out.
  6. After finishing this, hit the button termed as Save Settings.

Restore Default Settings

In order to restore your router to its original settings, you need to find out the Reset button present on the router. It is present in a small hole to evade accidental resets. In order to press it, you can use a paperclip, pen, or any kind of sharp-pointed object. You can find this button on different places based on the model of the router that you are using. There are certain routers where the Reset button is present at the back. While in others, you will find that at the bottom

  1. You just need to insert the paper clip.
  2. After that, press and hold the button for some time. As you hold the Reset button, you will find a light that blinks time and again.
  3. After that, leave the Reset button and detach the router from the wall.
  4. Now, wait for sometime before you plug it back.


However, now you can easily access the interface of the router using Wi-Fi. Rather, you should connect it through an Ethernet connection to make it more secure. Moreover, you can resort to certain tasks such as Factory Reset by using the web interface. Finally, you just have to find out Factory Defaults present under the section Administration tab. Just click on it in order to revamp the factory settings.

Wrapping Up

We have outlined the major ways to reset the Linksys router password. If you follow the above steps throughly, you can easily get to know exactly how can you deal with how to reset the Linksys router password. All the fixes have been provided by keeping in mind the possible causes. Moreover, you can check the user guide to have a quick glance. Apart from this, if you have any new idea spinning around your head, provide that in the comment section.