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Accurately Position A Wireless Router

How To Accurately Position A Wireless Router?

To connect more than a device needs to have a proper wireless networks and here it needs for a proper an accurate set-up of your wireless router which has become a difficult task for us. Well, setting up a wireless network properly allows devices to easily get connected to the internet no matter wherever you are in the house without the need of messy wires. Here we will introduce users with steps to accurately position a wireless router that are explained in details below. 

Steps to accurately position a wireless router

Step 1:  Connect the Hardware first

  • The very first step a user needs to do is simply to purchase a wireless router
  • Next carefully attach your router to the modem.
  • Connect any of the available devices which you wish to hard wire with CAT 5 Ethernet cables.
  • Next, you at-least need to connect one computer with the help of Ethernet

Step 2: Attach the router to the Broadband Provider

  • While you power on the router, it will simply create its own Wi-Fi network, and then, the device will be connected to the router’s Wi-Fi connection easily.
  • Now, you will see that the router is easily found printed on the router

Step 3: Configuring the Router

  • Here, the very first thing what one needs to do is simply to find the IP address of the router.
  • Get access to the web browser on your computer which is connected to your router
  • Enter the username as well as the password carefully
  • Navigate to the Wireless Settings now
  • Enter an appropriate name for the wireless network.
  • Now choose your security method and then create a passphrase
  • Save the settings and now change the router’s username as well as password from the default
  • Block all the sites

Step 4: Connecting the devices

  • Now connect the computer, tablet, or even the smartphone which you have for connecting to the wireless network
  • Enter the wireless passphrase and then, connect the other device available at your end.

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