Fix If You Can’t Connect To Belkin Router For Windows, Android, And MacOS Asap

Belkin is a famous router manufacturing brand. The routers out of Belkin finds its application both in homes and offices. However, sometimes you might face difficulties in connecting to your Belkin router, which is really an annoying glitch. If this happens with you and you are not aware of what to do next to resolve the issue, then you can go through this article.

This article will help you to resolve the glitch and after which you can connect with the internet flawlessly. Generally, the problem with the connectivity of the Belkin router arises due to the following reasons:

  1. a) A glitch with the DNS server address.
  2. b) Outdated network adapters.
  3. c) Belkin router settings problem.
  4. d) Forget password of the Belkin router.

Every single one of these mentioned causes can be traced and the problems be solved with the application of the appropriate methods. If you have already identified the cause behind you not connecting to your Belkin router. Then, follow with the relevant solution only. Or, else try the methods one by one as the follow:

Methods to Connect to Belkin Router Easily

Here, we have arranged a collection of methods with the application of which many of the users got effective results which solved the connection problem with the Belkin router. Hopefully, after trying these methods you will also get the positive result as like the other users. So. let’s begin.

Method 1: Change the DNS Server address to Solve the “Can’t Connect to Belkin Router IP” Issue

To solve the DNS server address glitch, which is one of the main reasons causing the issue, you need to modify the DNS server settings. And the steps to follow to change the DNS server address are as below:

For Windows users

If you are a user of the Windows OS, then the steps you need to forward with to change the DNS server address are as below:

At first, press down the Windows and the key with the letter “R”, both at a time. This will enable you to use the Run bar. On the Run bar enter “control”, without the quotations. Next, click on the OK button, to get the Control Panel window open on the screen. Now, set the “View by” portion of the Control Panel window into Category, if it was not already set. After that, from the available options under the Control Panel window, click on “Network and Internet”> “Network & Sharing Center”. Then, from the left-hand side panel of the window, select the “Change adapter settings” option. Further, from the Network Connections available options, right-click on the network service, that you are using. Further, from the menu window, click on “Properties”.

Now, on the Network Connection Properties window, you will get an option as “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” under the “This connection uses the following items” section, double-click on it. Then, on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties window, enable the checkbox for “Use the following DNS server addresses”. After that, fill up the enabled sections with the details given below:

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

And lastly, click on the OK button of this window, to save the change, that you have just made. Next, restart your PC and then check if the issue gets resolved. Most of the times by changing the DNS server addresses the “Can’t connect to the Belkin router” problem gets solved. After following this method, if still the issue persists, then try the methods next up:

For the Android users

If the can’t connect to Belkin router problem arises with your Android device, then, the steps you need to follow to fix the matter are as below. Read these steps below without skipping a single line, to learn it completely:

  1. First of all, navigate to the Settings icon of the Android device, and then tap on it.
  2. Then, from the menu list under the Settings window, select the “Wi-Fi” option.
  3. After that, press and hold long of your current network and choose the “Modify Network” option.
  4. Next, mark the “Show advanced options” checkbox.
  5. Further, change the “IP settings” to “Static”.
  6. And lastly, you need to set the “DNS 1”  as and the “DNS 2” as
  7. After you have done with these above steps, tap the “Save” option, to keep the change stored on your Android device.
  8. Next, restart your Device and reconnect with the Belkin router service and then check if the problem gets sorted.

For Mac Operating System users

The steps to follow to change the DNS server address on the Mac OS are very simple and are as explained below. Hopefully, after changing the DNS server address, you will easily be able to connect to your Belkin router without any hassle:

  1. At first, click on the Apple logo, which is present at the top left-hand side corner on the screen.
  2. Next, from the Apple logo dropping down menu, select the “System Preferences” option.
  3. After that, click on “Network”.
  4. Then, from the available options, click on your network card.
  5. Further, select the “Advanced” button, which is located near the bottom right-hand corner on the screen.
  6. From the next window, navigate to the DNS tab. Here, you need to click on the Add symbol and add the following two items.

For iOS users

If you are an iOS user, then the steps are not too hard to follow to change the DNS server address to fix the “Can’t connect to Belkin router” problem and are as follows:

  1. Firstly, you need to enable the WiFi on your device.
  2. And then, connect with the Belkin router connection. If you have set a password for the internet connection, then you need to provide that to the password field which gets open for the first time when you are going to connect.
  3. After that, open the Settings window. For that, you need to tap the blue arrow button, which is present beside the network name, you are connected with.
  4. From the Settings window, go to the DNS field and here you need to add the following addresses.
  1. Next, click on the Save button and then try to use the internet connection to check if the issue gets resolved.

Method 2: Update Network Adapters

By changing the DNS server address if the connection problem of the Belkin router is not solved, then you need to update the network adapters on your PC. Updating the network adapter may help you to fix the “Can’t connect to Belkin router” problem. And the steps to follow to update the network adapters are as below:

  1. At first, tap the Windows and the letter R key both at a time, to get the Run bar window open.
  2. Then, by using the Backspace key, ensure that no command is present on the Run bar.
  3. Next, on the Run bar type “devmgmt.msc”, without the quotations.
  4. After that, click on OK/ hit the Enter button. This will open up the Device Manager window on the screen.

Note: You need to login to your PC as an administrator to follow this method. In case, if you are not login to your PC as an administrator, then you will not get the Update Driver Software option active. And hence, you will be not allowed to update the network adapters on your PC.

  1. Now, under the Device Manager window, navigate to the “Network adapters” option, and then double-click on it, to expand.
  2. Further, from the Network adapters expanded options, right-click on your network driver, and then select the “Update Driver Software…” option from the menu window.
  3. Next, you will get two different options for “How do you want to search for driver software?” and are as follows:
  • Search automatically for updated driver software
  • Browse my computer for driver software
  1. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”, and then follow the on-screen instructions to update the Network driver.
  2. Once, the network driver gets updated, restart your PC.
  3. After that, reconnect to the internet and try using it, to check if the issue gets resolved.

Method 3: Hard Reset your Belkin Router

If the “Can’t connect to Belkin router” problem arises due to anything wrong with the Belkin router settings, then the hard reset will be the best option to solve the problem. And the steps to follow to hard reset the Belkin router are as follows:

  1. Firstly, shut down your PC. If you are an older version of the Windows user, then follow the path: Tap Windows key> Click on the Shut-down button. However, for the Windows 10 user: Tap Windows key> Click on the Power icon> Select Shut-down.
  2. Next, switch off the Power for both the PC and the router.
  3. After that, take out all the cables from the router except the Power cable.
  4. Then, connect the Power cable to the Power outlet and turn the Power on.
  5. Further, locate the Reset button of the router, which is generally present at the rare portion.
  6. Next, take a thin pin (Paper Clip), which can be inserted on the tiny hole of the router, where the reset button is located.
  7. Now, press and hold the Reset button on the router until the Power indicator turns solid red. Turning Solid red of the Power indicator is the symbol which indicates that the hard reset process is done successfully.
  8. Further, switch off the Power for the Belkin router.
  9. Next, attach all the wires on the router, in their original locations.
  10. Then, switch on the power for both the router and the PC.
  11. After that, press and hold the Power button of the PC, as you usually do, to live the computer.
  12. And lastly, reconnect to the internet and then check if the issue gets resolved.

All these are the complete notes about the “Can’t connect to Belkin router” topic. Hopefully, after going through the methods you will be able to fix the glitch efficiently. And thus the internet will work smoothly on your PC.