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Steps to carefully go ahead with the selection process of a Wireless Router

A remote switch is a basic bit of equipment in a home neighborhood, or LAN. Searching painstakingly for the best remote switch can be useful for an individual who needs to benefit from a remote fast Internet association in the home or anyplace else that remote switches are utilized. Below are few steps guided by a team of router technical support number +1-855-971-1879 professionals on how to help you pick a wireless router that will be a solid match for your remote network.

Steps to go ahead with the selection process of Wireless Router

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  • Assess the signal strength for your wireless router
  • Understand hindrances in an inside home environment, and also the particular separation that the flag should go for use in a specific part of the building.
    Decide the speed of the network.
  • Test the type of choices that you want to purchase for the equipment.
  • Choose of the encryption quality is essential for router users. It is because every wireless routers often employ WPA or other types of encryption mode to protect the network from malicious hackers.
  • According to the research by a team of professionally advanced expert router support number professionals, keeping in mind about the compatibility issues are highly a necessary step for all of them.
  • Evaluation of a proper customer support is required by the router users with good customer support features. Technical support and other assistance may be critical in terms of installing as well as dealing with the device.
    Compare of every warranty period is necessary choice.

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Set-up Process Of Default IP Address of a Belkin Router

It’s often seen that Home broadband routers generally come with two types of IP addresses –

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  1. First, connecting the IP address outside the internet.
  2. Another is for communicating efficiently inside the home network.

So, here internet providers will be working with the IP address for an outside connection. A private IP address for local networking is easily accessed by the router manufacturer and is properly controlled by the home network administrator.

Set-up Process Of Default IP Address of a Belkin router can also be done by Belkin Router Tech Support team by simply reaching out at Belkin Router Tech Support Phone Number. But as of now, below, here lets’ have our eye on the Belkin Factory Default IP Address setting process:

  1. Home routers will usually contain a default private IP address at the time of manufacturing
  2. It will be a specific value which entirely depends on the brand and the routers’ model.
  3. Next, will appear as the default IP address of the Belkin router.
  4. It is essential for every administrator to know the IP address in order to smoothly connect to its console. Pointing the web browser at “” address from any device connected to the router is defined to set with this address.
  5. This address is commonly known as the default gateway address. One of the genuine reasons behind this is that the client device directly relies on the router as their gateway to the Internet.

A Process To Change The Router’s Default IP Address

  1. Similar private network address will be used each time the home router power will be turned on, unless it’s the case where an administrator chooses to change it. In this case, changing of the router’s default IP address is necessary to avoid any conflicting situation of an IP address with an Internet modem or another router which is already installed on “” IP address.
  2. Changes made in the router’s default IP address will not at all affect the router’s other administrative settings like Domain Name System (DNS) address values, network mask (subnet mask) or passwords.

Few Descriptions About Router Reset and Default IP Addresses

The router reset will replace its network settings which include its local IP address with the manufacturer’s default IP address. Even if it’s the case where an administrator has completely changed the default address, resetting the router will change it back. Resetting a router is done in rare situations where a unit was updated with few incorrect settings like botched firmware upgrade which might be the reason to stop responding to administrator connection requests.

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Belkin Router Customer Service Number

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Tips to Connect Two Routers through Ethernet

Connecting two routers can significantly enhance the performance of your home network. By combining two routers, you can create a network that covers your entire house, and even make sub networks to safeguard your kids online. If your router is compatible, you can set it as a bridge that will increase the range of your wireless signal. If you need to Connect Two Routers through Ethernet call our toll-free number +1-855-971-1879 .

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Check which router to make the main and the secondary router

Keep both routers near your PC. Connect your main router to your modem, and then connect your PC to the router through Ethernet. Since this router will be managing the connection to the web, setup it as a primary router. To access the routers you can enter the address,, or

Choose between the LAN to WAN or LAN to LAN connection

If you are making LAN to WAN network, set the main router’s DHCP address between and If you are building a LAN to LAN network, set the DHCP settings to default.

Connect primary router to the modem and connect your PC to the router through Ethernet

Now connect the PC to the secondary router. If you are building the LAN to LAN network, modify the IP address so that it is similar to the first router; also increase the last digit by one can If you are creating the LAN to WAN network, edit the IP address so that it is similar to the first router, and increase the last digit by one will be

Now connect the PC to the secondary router

If you are creating the LAN to WAN network, modify the WAN IP address of the secondary router to If you are building the LAN to LAN network, the DHCP service must be switch off on the secondary router. If you are making the LAN to WAN network, the DHCP server on the secondary router must set between and


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