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Complete Guide On How To Resolve Tenda Router Not Connecting Problem

Tenda makes one of the most popular routers all over the world. Despite its high-tech features, it is not free from technical glitches. Tenda router not connecting is one of the common problems which are often encountered by most of the Tenda users. Generally, this problem occurs if the Network Driver is outdated. If the Windows system files are damaged, then this problem can arise too.

Sometimes, this issue can be caused if the LAN is enabled. Tenda wireless router not connecting properly restricts the users from using the internet and hampers their task. If you are also facing this problem, then this article will help you. In this guideline, you will get to know all the methods that can help you to get rid of this particular issue.

Effective Procedures to Fix the Tenda Router Not Connecting Problem

Before starting the procedures, you need to restart the system and the router. Sometimes, restarting the device and router can resolve many problems. After restarting, if the problem is still there, then you can try other procedures which are mentioned below.

Procedure 1 – Modify the Group Policy Settings

This particular feature enables you to bring in necessary modification on your computer. By modifying the group policy settings, you can resolve the Tenda router not connecting problem on the system. To change it, follow the steps:

  1. At first, hold down the Windows Button and press the R key to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Type ‘gpedit’ in the Run box and then select the OK button or hit the Enter key.
  3. When the Group Policy window opens, go to the following folders Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Internet Communication Management > Internet Communicating Settings.
  4. From the Internet Communicating Settings folder, find the ‘Turn off Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests’ folder option, double-click on it.
  5. In the Properties window, click on the Not Configured button.
  6. Once done, then you can select the Apply button and then click on the OK option.

Procedure 2 – Remove the Network Driver and Install it Again

If the Network Driver is damaged or missing, then you may get this problem. So, you need to remove the Network Driver and again install it. To do so, perform the steps mentioned hereunder:

  1. Firstly, press the Windows + X key together to open the WinX menu list.
  2. Select the Device Manager application from that list.
  3. When the Device Manager window, navigate to the left panel and select the WiFi Driver to expend it.
  4. After that, right-click on the WiFi Driver and then click on the Uninstall button to remove this.
  5. Once it is removed, you need to install the driver. To install the driver, go to the Device Manager window and select the ‘Scan for hardware changes’ icon which is located at the top of the menu of the window.
  6. Once the driver is installed, restart the system and then try to connect the WiFi and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Procedure 3 – Update the Network Driver

Sometimes, an outdated version of the WiFi/Network Driver can cause the Tenda router not connecting issue. Users have noticed that update the Wifi driver can resolve this issue. So, you need to upgrade the driver. To perform this procedure, follow these steps given below:

  1. First of all, press the Win + S key to open the Search Panel.
  2. When the Search box opens, type Device Manager and then hit the Enter button.
  3. In the Device Manager window, locate the WiFi Driver from the left side. Right-click on it to open the list.
  4. Click on the Update Software Driver option from that list to initiate the update process.
  5. After completing the update process, reboot the system and then check if the Tenda router connects perfectly.

Procedure 4 – Clear all the Saved WiFi Networks

By removing all saved WiFi networks can fix the Tenda wireless router not connecting problem on the system. To clear all the WiFi networks, follow the steps cited below:

  1. Launch the Settings application by pressing the Windows key and I key.
  2. When the Settings application opens, go to the Network & Internet tab.
  3. From the Network & Internet window, select the WiFi tab from the left side menu list.
  4. On the Right side window, find the Manage WiFi Settings and click on it.
  5. After that, find the Manage known networks, select it. Now, all the saved WiFi networks list will display on the screen.
  6. After that, select them one by one network and then click on the Forget button to remove them.

Procedure 5 – Turn off 802.1 1n Mode of the Network Adapter

By turning off the 802.1 1n Mode of the Network Adapter, you can fix this problem. To turn it off, follow the steps:

  1. From the keyboard, hold the Windows key and press the R button to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type ‘Device Manager’ and then click on the OK option or press the Enter button.
  3. From the Device Manager application, select the Network Adapters and right click on the Driver.
  4. Select the Properties button to open that window.
  5. In the Properties window, take the mouse to the Advanced tab, select it. After that, select the 802.1 1n Mode and then set the value is Disabled.
  6. Once you are done with the steps, select the OK button and then try to connect the network.

Procedure 6 – Change the Registry

This is an alternative procedure that we have provided to fix this problem. To change the registry editor, follow the directions:

  1. Press the Windows Button + R key to open the Run box.
  2. Type ‘regedit’ in the Run box and then hit the Enter key or click on the OK option.
  3. From the Registry Editor window, under the File menu, click on the Export button.
  4. In the Export window, click on the All and then put the Desired name and then select the Save button.
  5. After that, go to the following paths HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WcmSvc.
  6. Right-click on the WcmSvc key to open the list. Then, click on the New button and then select the Key option. Now, you need to put the name is Group Policy.
  7. You need to right-click on the Group Policy and select New. Then, click on the DWORD (32-bit) value option. Now, change the name is fMinimizeConnections.
  8. Once you are done with these steps, close the Registry Editor window.

Procedure 7 – Restart the WLAN AutoConfig Service

By restarting the WLAN AutoConfig services, you can get rid of this problem. Follow these steps:

  1. At first, to open the Run window, press the Win + R keys.
  2. When the Run window opens, type ‘services.msc’ and then press the Enter button or click on the OK option.
  3. From the Services window, find the WLAN AutoConfig, double-click on it.
  4. When the WLAN AutoConfig Properties window opens, navigate to the Startup Type and set is Automatic.
  5. Then, select the OK option.

Hopefully, these procedures will help you to get rid of the Tenda router not connecting problem. Try to these procedures one by one on your PC and solve this issue immediately. However, if you face this problem again, then feel free to contact an expert.


Top 4 Ways To Fix Tenda Router Not Working Issue

If you find your “Tenda router not working” and creating issues, then this tutorial will help you to troubleshoot it at the earliest possible. Tenda WiFis are a bit complicated if compared to other routers available in the market. They contain various types of software as well as hardware settings. In most of the cases, when users encounter an issue, they become unable to set up their WiFi. As a result, the user can’t access the internet.

Keeping that in the mind, we have gathered some feasible methods that will be helpful for you. Follow the methods one by one and fix the issue on your own.

Probable Causes for Tenda Router not Working

Go through the reasons and compare it with the issue you are facing with your Tenda router. Afterward, follow the instructions that are given below for resolving the issue on your own. Identifying the causes will help you to fix the router and make it work.

Catastrophic failure: If your router is connected with an unstable power outlet, then short circuits or power fluctuation can cause it serious damage.

Hardware problems: Due to hardware related issues, you might also get the same issue. To check the state of hardware, navigate to tendakap.local and go to the login page. From there, check the online status of the Tenda router.

Settings misconfiguration: In case the settings are configured wrongly, then there is also a possibility of getting this issue. This sort of issue also emerges due to inappropriate hardware installation.

Power supply: This particular issue can also occur due to the insufficient power supply. On that case, check whether your Tenda router is getting the proper supply or not.

Effective Methods to Resolve Tenda Router not Working

Before proceeding with the methods, you have to perform some basic steps. Be sure about the connection. Moreover, if you have no issue with the power supply, then restart your device and check if the “Tenda wifi router not working” issue gets resolved completely or not.

Solution 1: Connect the Devices Together

This is the basic method by which you can troubleshoot the problem on your own.

  1. First of all, you have to take an Ethernet cable for connecting your Tenda router to your computer.
  2. Be sure that the corresponding lights are blinking. If the lights are not blinking, then assume that the ethernet itself has the problem.
  3. In that case, try another cable and log in to the setup page.
  4. Give correct username and password as well.

Solution 2: Log into Tenda Web-based Setup Page

In case the first method does not work for you, then move to the next method. You have to find out the login IP address on the label. After that, enter the password and the username in their proper field. If you did not change the password before, then type “admin” in both the boxes. But if you changed it before, then give the appropriate credentials. After that, tap on the Login icon and you can successfully set up the login page.

Solution 3: Reset the Tenda Router to Factory Default

If the first two methods are not workable for you, then navigate to the Setup page. After that, you have to choose the “System Tools” or “Management” or “Tools” option. You can find this option from the main menu. Then, choose any of the options either “Restore to Factory Default” or  “Restore to Default”.

Confirm the method by tapping on OK. Wait for a couple of minutes while the resetting process is going on. By this method, you can reset the Tenda router to factory default successfully. And hopefully, it will help you to mitigate the “Tenda router not working” issue.

Solution 4: Change the LAN IP Address

If your Tenda device is not showing the connection status, then this is the only method to get rid of that particular problem. However, this method is only applicable to offices. Because home routers don’t have the LAN IP. On that case, you have to do some manual modification in the LAN IP address.

  • The first and foremost thing you have to do is to login into the Tenda Router Administrator page.
  • After that, have a click on the Advanced icon.
  • In this page, you will get an option of Advanced Settings.
  • Just tap on it and choose LAN Settings from the submenu.
  • Now, it’s time to change the default LAN IP address of your Tenda router.
  • At the final step, click on the OK and then on the Apply button.
  • Once you complete the methods, the changes will save and you have to start the router for once more.


There are more tricks that can be beneficial for resolving the issue. But they need much more technical knowledge. Also, you can update the Network Driver if it is outdated. As our recommendation, if you do not have that much knowledge, then do not try those methods at home. It might create damage to your router as well. If the tutorial is beneficial for you, then leave your valuable comment in the feedback box.


Troubleshoot Wii Error Code 51330 – Get Affordable Support

Wii Error Code 51330 is one of the most conflicting errors that occur due to a faulty configuration of the router. Basically having such an error, causes the device to malfunction. This, in turn, will stop you from accessing the Internet. However, the problem can be solved with ease.

One of the basic thing that you have to perform is to go through the article in detail. Follow all the steps that are provided and find whether you are able to eradicate issue completely.

Wii Error Code 51330

Causes For Wii Error Code 51330

There may be multiple reasons for which such an issue may occur. Moreover, it can occur due to the wireless security passcode from the shelter interface that is either incorrect or changed automatically.

In addition, another potential cause may be due to the firewall settings or the MAC filter settings of the router. In order to eradicate certain issues, you have to set some relevant fixes that are of much use. So do follow the steps below and remove the Wii Error Code 51330.

Easy Fixes For Wii Error Code 51330

As there are numerous explanations for the Wii  Error Code 51330, there are also effective solutions that are available. Moreover, the one given below are some of the effective ways. However, note that it may happen that you have to cope up with more than one solutions so that you can resolve the issues eventually.

  • First and foremostly, you can try up by unplugging the router and the modem. Leave the router and the modem for a while and plug them back again. This can be one of the effective solutions that might solve Wii Error Code 51330.
  • If by any means you change the encryption or the security, then ensure that you do have the same modifications with the Wii console’s online settings.
  • Entering the wrong WEP or the WPA key can also be a cause of the error. So be very careful and enter the correct security key.
  • The next part you can try out is to check whether the MAC filtering is enabled or not. If it is on then remember to put MAC address of the computer in the allowed list or else you can try out by simply disabling the AMC filter.
  • You can also try the fixes by manually going to the Wii settings and trying to set the DNS and IP address. If the manual configuration does not work, then open the Command prompt. Follow up the commands and find whether you can resolve the issue.

Some Alternative Methods To Resolve Wii Error Code 51330

  1. Sometimes Wii Error C0de 51330 can occur due to certain firewall blocking the Internet connection. So it is much effective to disable the firewall program and then find whether you can access the web.
  2. Do set a default IP address and find whether you can cope up and troubleshoot the error. It is much prominent when the IP address change due to some server problem by the Internet Service provider.
  3. Try and change the broadcast channel to either 1 or 11 by entering inside the router settings. Also, remember to change the browser mode.
  4. You can also try out to fix by simply updating the firmware to the most recent version available.

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Router Error

How To Fix Wireless Router Is Unstable Issue?

This may occur on wireless router or on modem router which is mainly due to local environmental factors that affect the wireless signal. Fix wireless router is unstable issue by applying our adept remedies. At this point of time the device will disconnect from the wireless network, whereas the wired devices will still connected and working fine.

Steps to fix wireless router is unstable issue are

Fix Wireless Router Is Unstable Issue

Step 1: Locate the wireless clients and place it in a reasonable distance. Try to moving closer to the router and check if the connection is improving or not.

Step 2: Keep the router in the central spot if it is in the home and should be away from anything that may block its signal.

Step 3: To fix wireless router unstable issue, try to reduce the number of wireless client. This is because more than a devices may be ‘hogging’ bandwidth. Try to disconnect few device to improve performance on other devices.

Step 4: Decline interference from various wireless equipment where the Cordless phones, monitors, Bluetooth devices and neighboring wireless networks are all competing with the wireless network. Move your Wi-Fi devices away from other transmitting devices when they are not in use.

Step 5: Optimize the router’s position by adjusting the orientation of the antennas for the maximum performance. So, here as per router support service number place it at high altitude and its antennas at 45 degrees (diagonally) or 0 degrees (straight out parallel to the floor

Step 6: Change all of the device router settings and test the WIFI device.

For more such queries, connect with our team and get these issues solved!


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How to Fix Router Error Code 8000fff?

The router error code 8000fff is an error which arises at the time of formatting or even swapping the Windows Phone Devices with another & then restoring all applications as well as settings instead of downloading them. After that, users are advised to restore applications, may be some applications needs to be restored and as a result users come across this error code. We have solutions to fix router error code 8000fff.   Continue reading

Fix Error Code 323 In Linksys Router

How To Fix Linksys Router Error Code 323 ?

The error 323 appears when your router is not at all detected by the setup disk accurately and also the Network configuration as well as the Registry entry is not accurate. There are many other reasons for the cause of this error code such as corrupted setup disk, IP address conflict issue which is already mentioned above. Well, we have proposed solutions below to Fix Linksys Router Error Code 323. Continue reading

Fix Router Error Code 52130

How To Fix Router Error Code 52130?

The Wii error code 52130 occurs due to the interference in your internet connection and is found when you are working online wirelessly. When you are getting a green light with full bars on, you can detect that you are facing Wii error code 52130. However, the problem really poses an obstacle while you are engaged in an important work.

Reading this article will help you to diagnose the problem on your own. So get in touch with our support providers and get the best possible solution from us.

The problem lies with the Wii console’s Internet connection which is affected by severe wireless interference. The error will signal a green light with an appearance of full bars. Below are steps to fix Router error code 52130 where each step has been explained in details.

Probable Hindrances for which Wii error code 52130

Get familiar with the causes of the error as knowing it from the roots will help you a lot to solve the issue. Remember while you diagnose the error yourself that any wrong step can damage your device. Here are some of them:

  • The firmware isn’t upgraded to the latest version.
  • Wireless Router channels do not work.
  • Unable to detect the location
  • Using external devices may interrupt the signal

If you are facing such kind of errors, then don’t worry. With the help of this article, you will be able to resolve the matter at once.

Router Error Code 52130


Steps to troubleshoot Router error code 52130

Step 1: Change the wireless router’s channel to 1 or to 11
changing the wireless channel of the router is of huge help as it is seen that most of the wireless routers have a channel ranging from 1 to 11. The best channels to try are generally between 1 and 11 because they do not overlap with other channels. So, all channel settings for the router is definitely found in the router’s main “Wireless” tab.

Step 2: Check for the location of the wireless router

Now, when you perform this step, it is recommended for users to carefully move the router away from walls and off the floor. Further users are suggested to try to place the router in a central location inside the home. Well, for better response, one needs to keep it away from any metal objects that include metal filing cabinets which may lead to huge interference.

Step 3: Look for other devices

It is quite possible that noise from cordless devices or from phones or wireless electronics especially those is using 2.4GHz frequency can surely interfere with the router’s wireless signal. Now, it is seen that various older microwave models can too cause severe wireless interference and as a result of this issue. Avoid all those electronics that use the 2.4GHz frequency and look for all the devices that use the 5.8GHz or 900MHz frequencies.

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You can connect with our reliable engineers through our multiple points of contact, in case you need further information. Our team will investigate your requirements and provide you with reliable solutions. Furthermore, you would be getting complete human interaction to sort out all your issues. Our executives will be glad to help you out.

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How To Fix IP Conflict Issue In Routers

How To Fix IP Conflict Issue In Routers?

An IP address conflict problems mainly arise due to two or more computers that are working with the same IP addresses. When these computers appear online then, conflicts are on high stage where network interfaces on both the computers are disabled completely. Other reasons are due to IP conflict issues are due to malfunctioning of the DHCP server network which has been assigned the same dynamic address automatically to more than one computer. Below are steps explained to fix IP conflict issue in routers with appropriate explanations.

 Fix IP Conflict Issue In Routers

Steps to troubleshoot IP conflict issue in routers

Step 1: Resolve issues of static IP address conflict

  • One of the IP conflict problem is due to technical fault in the static IP addresses. This static IP conflict usually happens while computers IP address has been configured manually in the network to the same IP address of another computer.
  • To solve this issue, it is necessary to get the help of a system administrator to work with an actual IP addresses and avoid the conflict with other computers.

Step 2: Solving Dynamic IP Address Conflict issues

  • Another reason is due to the problem of dynamic IP address which happens when the two computers are assigned with same IP address by the DHCP server.
  • Unreliability of the DHCP server is the main cause which provides an un-known IP address to a computer and further requests for IP address, without even checking the network.

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  • Get access to the ‘Command prompt’ icon and then type the command ‘ipconfig /release’ command and press the ‘Enter’ button. It will help you in getting a different IP address that is not given to any other computer.

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router customer support

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How to Fix Timeout Error in Belkin Router?

Belkin routers are one of the leading router devices due to its excellent working features that it holds for connecting home system or even network to the Internet. The router comes with numerous of features such as connecting the computer to the Internet with the help of wired or wireless process. It allows users to instantly share files, provides high speed broadband connections and high speed surfing capabilities as well. But sometimes while you are working with the Belkin router, users can come across “Timeout problem”. This is usually caused due to improper connection between the router and the system used which may be possible due to software or hardware issues. Other causes reasons include enabling of the incorrect IP address settings, improper Internet connections or even is possible due to bad connection with power supply. We will discuss few steps to Fix Timeout Error in Belkin Router. Continue reading


How To Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52131?

The Router Error Code 52131 executes when the Wi-Fi console has failed to pass the Internet connection test and there it displays an error message as “Unable to connect to the Internet. This error further indicates that the console is obtained or even it may be manually assigned to a network IP address, but it was incapable of connecting to the Internet. Another possible cause may be due to DNS error, or maybe even possible if the wireless router used is not connected to the Internet. Our professional team has described step below to Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52131 with sound explanations. Continue reading