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Netgear Extender Setup [Fix It With Step-By-Step Guide]

Netgear Extender Setup [Easy User Guide]

You are thinking about installing a WiFi extender to expand your router’s coverage but the problem is you do not know the setup procedure. Netgear extender setup is a necessary requirement for extending your router’s coverage and the correct procedure to do that is what you will find in this guide.

Netgear Extender Setup Procedures

We will explain the methods for the Netgear wifi range extender setup in a detailed manner. For any further details contact our router support team.

But before knowing those procedures you have to know the primary requirements to set up the extender.

  • You have to keep the extender near your home router.
  • Check if the extender is getting proper power supply.
  • Make sure your WiFi network is working properly.
  • You should have two browsers installed on your device. You can face problems while logging into Netgear’s new extender setup from a web browser. Then you can use the second browser.

These were the necessity to install an extender. Now follow the instructions below to set up the WiFi extender in your router.

You can install the Netgear extender in two ways. Manually and using the WPS method. Here are the two methods in detail.

Manual Method

Netgear extender setup’s manual method is called web browser setup as well. Here are the steps for this.

  • Plug your range extender into an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Then connect the extender with the WiFi device.
  • Connect to the Netgear_ext network after opening the network manager.
  • Then open a web browser on your device.
  • If you do not have an account, create one.
  • Then you have to choose the network that you want to extend.
  • Hit the Next button.
  • Hit the Finish button at the end.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, you have finished the manual Netgear wifi extender setup. Now you can place the extender where you want to place it.

WPS Method

WiFi Protected Setup or WPS is the easiest method to set up a Netgear extender. Here are the steps for this procedure.

  • Turn the extender on first.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on your device.
  • Then push the WPS button of the router.
  • If your router has configured with your extender properly, it will indicate that with the green light.
  • You have to repeat the same process for a dual-band range extender.
  • Now you have to use the same passphrase as the network, after connecting to the network of the extender.
  • To get the default username and password you have to check the manual of the Netgear extender.
  • The setup process is done. Connect to your WiFi devices to access the internet.

Without Ethernet Port

You can find a Netgear extender that does not have an ethernet port. In this case do not get confused. You can set up your Netgear Extender manually without an ethernet port with the help of these easy steps. Go through these.

  1. You have to reset the extender to its default factory settings first.
  2. After that use the WiFI connection to connect to the extender device.
  3. On the next step, you need to log in to your device’s web user interface.
  4. After that, you will see a field of username and password where you have to put the username and default password of your Netgear extender.
  5. Then establish a connection with your router with the help of the steps of Netgear installation wizard.
  6. On the last step, to the extender, you have to connect the device one more time which is compatible with your WiFi.

Netgear AC1200 WiFi Extender Setup

This AC dual-band WiFi will deliver you up to 1200Mbps speed. Here are the methods for the Netgear ac1200 wifi extender setup. There are two ways to set up this dual-band WiFi extender. You can use the installation assistant and you can set it up using the WPS push button. 

Use Installation Assistant To Setup Netgear AC1200 WiFi Extender

Use the Installation Assistant and install the Netgear AC1200 wireless extender following these steps.

  • You have to place the extender near your router first.
  • Plug the extender into an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Turn your device on, go to the WiFi manager and connect to the network of the extender.
  • Then open the web browser that you use.
  • Login by putting the username and the password.
  • When finished, you will see the Netgear installation assistant.
  • Complete the Netgear AC1200 setup following the instructions on the screen of your device.

After completing this whole process you can place your extender to other places of your home, after unplugging it. One thing you have to keep in mind is that there has to be a certain distance between your extender and any radioactive devices like treadmill, washing machine, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

Now boost your WiFi with the AC1200 WiFi extender, after connecting to your devices again.

Use The WPS Push Button To Setup Netgear AC1200 WiFi Extender

If you think the above method is a bit tough, use this easy method to set up Netgear AC1200 extender. You can easily set up an AC1200 extender using the WPS button. Here are the steps to do that.

  • Keep your AC1200 extender near your router.
  • Now, you have to press the WPS button.
  • When the router configures the extender, you will find the WPS LED light blinking.
  • When the configuration process completes, you will see three green lights on the extender.

Now connect the extender to your device and boost your WiFi.

I hope with the help of these instructions, you have set up your new Netgear extender. Now boost your WiFi with it and enjoy your high-speed internet.



Netgear Router

Various Steps To Work With The Readyshare Vault Software

The NETGEAR ReadySHARE Vault is basically a free backup and recovery software used for the WNDR4700 Centria storage router system. It is officially developed by professional Netgear Router Support experts with user friendly GUI feature for easier backup and recovery setup system of any Windows device. The software further has strong ability to share drive copies, folders and other essential files from the Windows computer into the internal hard drive. It also transfers drive copies to the USB storage which is connected in the WNDR4700 router.

Below are various steps to use “the Readyshare Vault” software

Step1:  Install the ReadySHARE Vault software

  • First, users need to install the ReadySHARE Vault software from the initial router set-up.
  • The next will automatically lead to the launch of the installation of ReadySHARE Vault. Since it is for the first time use, it won’t show up any “Backup”.

Step2: Working with the Back-up tab

  • Click on the Backup tab to easily enable a creation process of a backup. This step will show that the software has either detected a USB drive completely or an internal hard drive which is connected with the WNDR4700.

Step3: Smart Selection

  • In the “Select Files” and “Folders” section, you can easily select the backup source by using the “Smart Selection” or even you can go for manual selection process of the backup folder by clicking on the “Show My Computer”.
  • Next, it will open up a window where users can select their choice of drive/folder to backup the data.

Step4: Working with “Back” option

  • Netgear Router Technical Support department recommends users to click on the “Back” option to go back to the previous page once the specific folder is selected.
  • For Security, the backup can also be used as a password protected which is optional to use. Clicking on “Save and Start Backup” is required to continue further.

Step4: Dashboard page

  • Once the screen has completely redirected to the Dashboard page, you are asked to click on the “Backup Now” option to start the backup function.
  • Once the backup is complete, users can now proceed with the test process of the “Restore” feature of the ReadySHARE Vault.
  • Open the ReadySHARE Vault software and then tap on the “Restore” tab at the top location and then select the backup which was just created.
  • Click on the “Next” option

Step5: Restore option

  • On the “Restore” Options, one can either go for the selection process of the original location or can even go for an alternate location when restoring phase is done. Users can decide up-on whether to replace all the files or not.
  • Once done, tap on the “Restore Now” button.
  • At last, simply click on the “OK” button


For further queries or any issue related to Netgear routers, do give us a prompt call at Netgear Router Customer Support department to reach out to our expert technicians.


Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk router

FTP originally stands for File transfer protocol which is used to transfer file faster from one location to another over the internet mode. One can also remotely access the drive which is connected to their router via USB so that they can easily get access to various files and folders, and download them whenever in need.  Netgear router technical support team officially recommends users to work with this feature if they are in need to access all their files on remote basis. It is further extremely safe and to use the setup process. However, users are normally recommended not to enable this feature if they do not need it at all. To Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk router, just call Netgear Router Support Number +1-855-971-1879 .

Netgear Nighthawk router

 Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk Router

Step1: Connection establishment

  • Connection is to be made with the hard-drive to the router directly via USB port.

Step2: Web browser

  • Open and get access to the web browser from the computer which is simply connected to the router.

Step3: Access the desired link

  • Go to the desired router web URL section and then enter the IP address of the router which you have with you.

Step4: Login phase

  • Enter the username as well as password when you are prompted. Default username will be admin and default password is always the password.

Step5: Checkbox

  • Go to the “ADVANCED > USB Storage > Advanced Settings” option and click on the FTP via an Internet checkbox.

Step6: Read and write permissions

  • Users can always change the read and write permissions for the users by simply clicking on the “Edit” button. One can also change the name of the drive as well.

Step7: Save option

  • To save all the settings, simply click on the “Apply” button.

Be careful that your router must have the direct Internet connection to make it easily accessible to the drive over the internet. Well, this will not work if your hard-disk is well connected to the secondary router. One should definitely connect their hard-disk to the primary router for this to work in a proper manner.

router customer support

If you have any queries or if facing severe issues, then please get in touch with our Netgear router customer support team. We are just a call away to help overcome with all your queries.


How to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”

First of all, before getting a deep down about the steps involved in working with the ReadyCloud, let’s have a look on the Ready Cloud definition.  It’s basically a secure method to get access to your network devices directly from the Netgear from anywhere. For this, one needs to have a proper internet connection and browser.  Well, this includes storage devices such as the ReadyNAS (a network attached storage system).  As defined by professional team of Netgear technical support experts, Ready Cloud has full ability to allow users to log in to an online portal via Netgear software. It will further open a secure tunnel to users’ devices at home.

netgear technical support

Steps to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”

Step1: ReadyCloud account

The very first step is to simply open the Ready Cloud account on the online portal.

Step2: Update process

  • Next, ensure that the R7000 is accurately updated to its latest version of the firmware, which will include ReadyCloud integration process.
  • The router will automatically prompt you in a manual mode to install all the updates.
  • Next, users are requested to perform the step via GUI built-in router which will allow users to get access to the from their browser.

Step3: Ensure the latest updates

  • Users need to work with the latest updates to attach a formatted USB drive to the R7000. After the USB drive has been attached completely, head towards the “ReadySHARE” tab in the GUI, which can easily be found in the “Basic” section.
  • Then, select the ReadyCloud dropdown option as given
  • Users will then be presented with a dialog box asking them to enter their ReadyCloud credentials carefully. Use the credentials that you selected while you were registering through the web portal.

Step4: Verification mode

  • Verification of the ReadyCloud account is necessary to make sure that it is working well on the R7000
  • Users next need to verify that they can download as well as view their files
  • Ensure that the ReadyCloud is well compatible with the Mobile Clients

router customer support

Hope this blog will help you to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”. But still if you find it difficult anywhere to cope up with any kind of situation related to Netgear, then do call us at our Netgear Router customer support  (+1-855-971-1879 ) department. Our instant support is immediately available to users across the world.


How To Fix Netgear Error Code 10 On Windows 7?

If users are facing issues, then they can grab couple of solutions to troubleshoot the problem easily. Users working on more than one computer, needs to determine whether the problem lies with their device or with the computer attach with the second computer. This document is explained by professional Netgear router support experts on how to Fix Netgear Error Code 10 (on device manager) after users have installed the network adapter.

netgear router error 10

Steps to Fix Netgear Error Code 10:

To identify the problem, follow these steps:

  • Click on the “Start” button.
  • Right-click on the “My Computer” section and select the “Properties” icon.
  • Under the System Properties, a user is required to select the “Hardware” tab and then select “Device Manager” icon.
  • In the Device Manager a user will be able to see the NETGEAR adapter (For ex: WPNT121T) with a big Yellow Exclamation sign listed in Network adapters category.
  • Double click on the “NETGEAR’ Adapter and then check the device status which is located just below the General

Causes for Code 10:

  • IRQ conflict
  • Adapter not plugged in properly
  • Wrong/Incorrect driver installed

To uninstall your adapter drivers:

  1. Uninstall the adapter drivers by right-clicking on the NETGEAR Adapter and then select the “Uninstall” icon.
  1. Turn off the computer and then gently remove the adapter from the computer.
  2. Turn on the PC and then carefully install drivers again via the use of CD or the software which you have downloaded for the adapter from the support site.
  3. When a user is prompted to plug in or even is asked to insert the adapter, then they are requested to insert the adapter on a different slot simply to avoid any conflict you’re your existing devices.

If you find that few issue still persist, then just uninstall the drivers from the system.

  1. Downloading the latest drivers for the adapter from NETGEAR Download Center is recommended by Netgear router technical support professionals and follow all the installation instructions.

Come and explore our Netgear support services at our support department

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