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How To Configure TP-Link N Router into A wireless Access Point?

This blog is all about how to configure TP-Link N router into a wireless access point in few easy steps. There what users need to do is to connect the router to a TP-Link N router with the help of LAN port. Here your WAN port is not for any configuration process.

Steps to configure TP-Link N router into a wireless access point are

Configure TP-Link N Router into A wireless Access Point

Step 1: To configure TP-Link N router into a wireless access point, the first thing is to connect your computer to a second LAN port. This will appear on the TP-Link N router if users are working with Ethernet cable. Now, try to login to your TP-Link web interface via an IP address which will appear at the bottom side of your TP-Link N router

Step 2: Go to “Network>LAN” option which is there on the side menu and modify the LAN IP address of your TP-Link N router into an IP address on the same segment. This should be on the main router. The IP address here should be outside the main router’s DHCP range.

Step 3: Now, navigate to the “Wireless>Wireless Settings” section and try to configure your SSID. This is the same or may be different from the main router. Select “Save” icon.

Step 4: Navigate to the “Wireless>Wireless Security” icon and configure it. WPA/WPA2-Personal is the one which users should consider as a secure option.  Click Save.

Step 5: As per as TP-Link Router support service technical team, navigate to the “DHCP>DHCP settings and choose “Disable the DHCP Server” icon. Select Save.

Step 6: Click on “System Tools>Reboot” button and select “Reboot” to reboot the device.

Step 7: Work with your Ethernet cable to establish a secure connection with the main router to a TP-Link N router via LAN ports. Here, all other LAN ports on the TP-Link N router will now grant devices Internet access.

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How to Fix TP-Link Router Common Issues?

In some cases TP-Link routers may malfunction or even freeze causing unexpected conveniences to user. These issues are generally due to minor errors within the device as well as reset problems. Well, it is seen that users can easily reset the TP-Link router by pressing and holding the rest button for few seconds which is found at the back of the device. But here, we will discuss Steps to Fix TP-Link Router Common Issues with appropriate explanations. Continue reading


How to Fix TP-Link Router Error 020?

The TP Link router issue occurs incorrect network parameters given by the ISP. One should confirm an accurate VPI, VCI, connection type, username login details as well as password issues and should then try to install again. So, here users are given accurate explanations to help them overcome such issues faster. Below are steps explained by a professional expert to Fix TP-Link Router Error 020 with an appropriate guidance.

Fix TP-Link Router Error 020

Steps to Fix TP-Link Router Error 020

Step 1: Manage the administrative tools

  • Click on the start and then navigate to the control panel administrative tools section. Now carefully select the event viewer which depends completely on what operating system you are using currently

Step 2: Trace the causes of errors

  • Now you need to extend the “event’ section where you will find errors appearing in red which will describe what exactly the error was and at what time it has occurred.

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Step 3:  Select the properties icon now

  • The next thing which you need to do is simply to click on the error message and then, select the properties icon where you will see all details about this issue
  • Click on the start icon and then type in the event viewer press the “ENTER” icon
  • If still not solved then, proceed to below steps
  • You will have to open up your network connections

Step 4: Panel network connections

  • Click on the start icon and then tap on the control panel network connections
  • Now clearly look for local area connection and check whether there is a red x or a yellow exclamation or question mark appearing
  • Make sure that your antivirus program is not blocking the internet connection which may happen when trying to connect through a modem/router.

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Fix TP-Link router cannot get WAN parameter Error

How To Fix TP-Link router cannot get WAN parameter Error?

This issue happens when there is no access to the internet services after the installation of the TP-Link Router is done and also there is no WAN IP Address on the router’s status page. Well, this is the most exact reason to face the issue. Note if you are not sure about how to log into the router’s web interface you may come across with this particular error. So checking the WAN IP Address is needed strictly.  Not only this but, also do ensure that your internet is working fine while you are connecting to the computer directly to the modem by passing the TP-Link router. Below we will be introducing you few solutions to fix TP-Link router cannot get WAN parameter error by explaining each step in detail. Continue reading