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How to Setup Linksys Router EA6900 ?

Linksys EA6900 Router is one of the incredible router devices available in the market which is basically known for its reliability and easy to configure features. It is exceptionally easy to Setup Linksys Router EA6900 in your home as well as in your office. To create a single point of network access, we need a wireless router that can handle entire network encryption works. Linksys EA6900 Router is such device that provides utterly faster and speedy access to the provided network.

So it is necessary to know the effective and proper router setup procedure so that no interruption occurs between your works.

Linksys Router EA6900 Setup

Beneficial Steps to Linksys Router EA6900 Setup :

In order to establish an error free network throughout the organization, the setup procedure of Linksys EA6900 router needs to be exact. An error during configuration may create abnormality in future. In this guided walk through, we have discussed the accurate process to Setup Router in less time possible.

Step 1: Sign into the Linksys Smart WIFI Configuration

Use or the provided IP address to log into the Linksys Smart WIFI Configuration Website.

Step 2: Unveil the Local Network Connectivity Settings

  • The first think you need to do after opening the Local Network Connectivity Setting is to choose Connectivity followed by clicking on Local Network Tab.
  • Now fill the three DNS addresses simultaneously,, and
  • And then finally click on OK

Remember that this setup procedure will only work, if the router is not in Bridge Mode. To check so, you need to go to the Connectivity option and then click on Internet Settings and the tab on Edit to make sure that the Bridge Mode is not on.

By going through the above mentioned steps, one can easily set up Linksys EA6900 Router after a testing of the new settings.

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Fix Error Code 323 In Linksys Router

How To Fix Linksys Router Error Code 323 ?

The error 323 appears when your router is not at all detected by the setup disk accurately and also the Network configuration as well as the Registry entry is not accurate. There are many other reasons for the cause of this error code such as corrupted setup disk, IP address conflict issue which is already mentioned above. Well, we have proposed solutions below to Fix Linksys Router Error Code 323. Continue reading


How To Fix Linksys Router Error Code 321?

This Linksys error usually is a result of installing the router with the help of CD. It basically happens when the computer is not at all connected to the Linksys router Ethernet Cable or may be the connection between the Linksys Router and the Computer is not compatible enough to perform the function. While this error code executes, the router will come up with lights, improper internet connectivity issues, wireless connection problems, etc. will appear. Below we have steps to fix Linksys Router error code 321 by Linksys customer support. 


Steps to troubleshoot Linksys router error code 321

Step1: Check for accurate Firewall Settings

Thoroughly check for your firewall settings of the computer which will probably help you fix the issue. If there is any firewall installed on the computer, it is advised for users to turn it OFF. Ensure that the Local Area Connection on the computer is not disabled to avoid any problem. The LAN should not work with static IP address. If it is set to static mode then, immediately set it toautomatic.

Step 2:- Run the Installation CD Again

Users are requested to run the CD again to ensure that it is well connected to the computer as well as to modem of the router with the cable. Have a check whether all the lights are lit up on the router. If it’s not, then are required to setup their router without the CD.

Step3:- Setup Router without Installation CD

Setting up the Linksys Router without Installation CD is one of the best option for users to remove the error completely. Follow instructions below to perform this step:

Connect the computer to the Ethernet port on the router and to the modem to the Internet port on the router. Now, verify the light status whether it is blinking properly.

Open up the setup page of the Linksys router and then change the Internet connection settings manually.

In the setup page, users can easily change the settings of the router as per their needs.You will see that the Linksys router will appear with it default IP address, the username and the password which will be an “admin”.

Wait for some time to allow computer access the Internet in order to create a wireless network for their wireless computers/devices. 

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How to Fix Linksys Router Error Code 2117?

Linksys Router 2117 error usually occurs due to bad internet connection, poor router connection issues, damaged Windows file, corrupted system issues, virus problems and other serious threat problems. The corrupted system file entries is one of the real threats which leads to this kind of router error codes. Well, we have solutions to fix Linksys router error code 2117.

Solutions to troubleshooting router error code 2117

Fix Linksys Router Error code 2117

Solution 1: Check for your internet connection first

First, users should have a proper check of their internet connection which maybe the real cause of this error code. So, solve the problem to get rid of the error code 2117.

Solution2: Verify the Login Interface of the Linksys router

The Linksys Router Error 2117 also arises when the router is unable to detect your active Internet connection from the Cable or from the DSL connection.After thatusers need to log into their Linksys Smart Wi-Fi interface simply by entering the appropriate router credentials. Make sure that the default password is typed as an ‘admin’.

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Solution 3: Check for the Linksys Router setup issues properly

Often, the error code can arise due to set-up issues. If you are hitting on the “Retry” icon after encountering the “Router Not Found message” it will solve the error code. You can also reset the router to solve the error code.But there are appropriate guidelines to fix it where one needs to perform following process to set up your router. Click the box which will appear as “I understand that my network is currently open and not secure and then hit “Continue” button.

If still the issue persists then approach us below

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How to Fix Linksys Router Setup Error Code 302?

Linksys Router Error Code 302 is an internal error, and generally occurring when you are trying to attempt to re-install the setup software. Or sometimes the error occurs due to an active Internet connection or connectivity problem. Then you don’t need to worry about it, as described by the Linksys tech support team, this Error Code 302 can be easily fixed by just applying the simple, steps. So it’s important for you to follow the same procedure to fix it quickly. Here, the blog will guide you some easy troubleshooting methods which help to Fix Linksys Router Setup Error Code 302, efficiently. Continue reading

Linksys Support Phone Number

How to Fix Linksys Router Error Code 2318?

Linksys Router Error Code 2318 is generally occurring due to an active Internet connection or connectivity problem. Means, when you do not have an active Internet connection, and you are trying to access the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi site, then it displays messages of Error Code 2318 on your browser. Also, this error occurs, even when you are online, you may encounter login issues. Then, it’s important for you to immediately Fix Linksys Router Error Code 2318, so you can do your work in a smooth manner. Here, the blog will guide you some easy troubleshooting methods which you have to follow to fix this problem. Continue reading