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How to Get Rid off Router DNS Error?

Without Routers, connecting the world in a flash wouldn’t have been possible. People are using routers in their workplaces as well as in their homes. It wouldn’t have been easy to work smoothly without a router. In this world of advanced technology, with the increasing number of technical devices, the number of glitches are increasing as well. Routers too show up with various issues. One of the major issues is the Router DNS error. Therefore, if you are facing any trouble with your router, avail immediate assistance from Router Support.

Issues with the router should be solved immediately. Routers are the backbone of connectivity, hence issues with the router can hamper the work of users to a huge extent. Therefore solve it immediately.

Router DNS Error

Know the possible reasons behind DNS Error

DNS error usually doesn’t show up because of a particular reason. There are multiple reasons for the Router DNS error to appear. It is always seen that knowing about the reasons will help the users to identify the issue as well as help them in resolving it fast. If you are well accustomed to the causes of the error you can further take measures to avoid such issues from arising. Therefore, know the cause and get done with such issues.

  • A domain name system error or as known as DNS error usually arises when one network segment is unable to connect to another network segment. This happens because of multiple issues. The issues range from fast and convenient solvable problems to complicated situations. DNS error is really common and users often experience such errors while net surfing.  
  • Another major reason for DNS error to occur is ‘Down Network’. There are various reasons as to why a network can go down. A particular server in the device may not be able to transmit information accurately to another server. A faulty setting or a cable that is not connected properly to an extended server can be the reason for DNS error to occur.
  • The other possible reason for such an error to occur is probably a Dynamic Link Library issue. Dynamic Link Library issue or DLL is caused when an update or an extension to the device overwrites a particular connection in the primary DLL. This will not let the system function properly.
  • DLL error also shows up when it is a part of the particular website you are running. Other users who are running the similar website may also encounter DLL error.

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Easy ways to Fix DNS Error

Since it is very important to resolve Router DNS error immediately for better optimization of your device, hence, know the best possible ways to resolve it instantly. Listed below are some quick ways to fix your Router DNS error.

  • Check if the router is connected properly with all the required cables.
  • Make the necessary and modify the DNS server address. Make sure that you use a strong and secure DNS server address.
  • Knock out the unwanted networks. Very often Windows downloads extra connections that are not even required or which you might not use at all. Therefore avoid using multiple connections each and every day and remove them in order to avoid various connection issues.
  • Clear the cache. Cache is the storehouse, where Windows and other operating systems often download DNS data. Therefore it is very important to remove or clear away the cache regularly.
  • Alter the physical address.
  • Unplug the Router and disconnect it also turn off your computer and wait for a minute. At times you need to clear away the memory and discharge the residual charges in order to avoid DNS error to occur.

The above-mentioned procedure will definitely resolve the issue of DNS error. This article provides you the best possible and convenient ways to fix the issue of DNS error. Therefore follow the steps and resolve it instantly.

For further assistance, Seek Professional Help


Even after trying the above-mentioned procedures if you are unable to resolve the issue. You can seek for professional help for a rapid fix and better optimization of your device. You can avail services from Router Customer Support, who will guide you and resolve your issues instantly. They have a certified team of efficient professionals who provide 24*7 services.