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D-Link Router Setup: Ultimate Guide At Your Fingertips

D-Link is one of the most preferred routers throughout the globe. It left behind its competitors by providing exceptional features and superior connectivity. A D-Link wireless router can help you to build a protected home network for all of your wireless and wired devices. Moreover, it also allows you to connect the internet connection with several devices. But Before using the D-Link router, you need to configure the wireless settings and the internet at first. So, if you have just purchased a D-Link router and want to avail the fast Wi-Fi connection, then this article can help you by providing a D-Link router setup guide. Hence, you are advised to go through the guide given below. So, let’s start.

D-Link Router Setup: Try Out the Easy Hacks

Let’s have a look at the Step-by-Step setup guide explained below to successfully setup your D-Link router:

Step 1: Connect the Hardware:

After unboxing the router, first, you have to assemble the hardware. Here are the steps to do that:

Turn off or Disconnect the Modem:

Before going to connect the router with the modem, you need to power off the modem. If you are unable to power off the modem, then you should remove the plug of the modem from the power outlet.

Connect the Ethernet Cables:

Here you need two Ethernet cables to set up the D-Link router. One cable is to connect the router with the modem, and the other is to attach the router with the computer. After completing the setup procedure, you should connect the computer wirelessly if you have a broadcast network adapter. The modem or router always comes included with one Ethernet cable. If the system was connected straight to the modem previously, then you can use that Ethernet cable.

Connect the Modem with the WAN:

Now, you have to connect the Ethernet port on the back side of your router. The Ethernet port has a distinct color than the other four LAN ports. Here, keep the power supply of the router disconnected.

Connect the LAN Port with the Ethernet Port:

Usually, you can find the Ethernet port of the system on its backside. Therefore, connect the LAN port with this Ethernet port.

Turn on the Modem:

Now, plug in the modem with the power supply and turn it on. After that, you have to wait for a few seconds until the modem boots up.  

Turn on the Router:

Next, connect the router with the power supply and turn it on. It will also take a few seconds to boot up.

Turn on the Computer:

If the system is not powered on, then turn it on. Then, you have to confirm that you are not connected with another broadcast network.  

Check the Power Light of the Router:

After that, you have to check the power indicator of your router. You should check the WAN light, Power light, as well as the LAN light of the LAN port of the system. If you see that the WAN light is off, then you need to confirm that the modem is turned on as well as it is connected with the WAN port of the router. If you see that the LAN light is off, then you should check that the computer is connected through the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the router. You also need to make sure that the router is turned on.

Step 2: Access the Router

After assembling the hardware, you have to access the D-Link router. To access the router, you should perform the steps as follows:

Configure the Router:

At first, you have to open the default web browser of the system. Now, move the cursor to the address bar and type ‘.’. Now, hit the Enter key from the keyboard to load the address bar. Now, the window prompts to enter the login credential while loading the address bar. Here you have to enter the default IP address of your D-Link broadcast router.

If it still does not load the configuration page of the router, then you should check whether the system is connected with the router and not with other networks. Else, you can also press the Reset button and hold it for a minimum of ten seconds. It will then reset the D-Link router to the default configuration settings. After that, you can easily access the configuration page of the router.  

Enter the Login Detail:

Next, you have to type ‘admin’ on the User Name box. Here, you should leave the Password box empty. It is the default login credential for the D-Link router.

But, if this login detail does not work, then it indicates that someone has modified the login information. Hence, again you have to reset the D-Link router by pressing the Reset button from the back side of the router. After resetting, you will be able to login using the default login detail.  

Step 3: Perform the First-time Setup

Now, perform the setup procedures stated below:

Run the Router:

After entering the login credential, you should tap on the ‘log in’ button. Then, you should navigate to the ‘Setup Wizard’ section. It will get the network configured as well as secured in just a few seconds. But, if you see that the ‘Setup Wizard’ category is missing, then you should find it by going to the ‘Setup’ tab.

After setting up the D-Link router, if you are logging in to modify the settings, then you have to go to the ‘Adjusting Settings’ category.  

Setup the Internet Connection:

Tap on the ‘Launch Internet Connection Setup Wizard’ option. As a result, it will initiate the setup procedure for the administrator account and the internet connection of the router. Then, tap on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further.  

Create the Administrator Password:

Next, you are prompted to create a password for your administrator account. Move the cursor to the ‘Password’ field and enter your desired password. Then, enter the same password in the ‘Verify Password’ box. Tap on the ‘Next’ button.

Set the Timezone:

Now, you have to set the current timezone for the specific logs as well as for the time-based settings of the D-Link router. Hence, tap on the drop-down menu and choose the proper timezone.

Select the Internet Connection type:

Most of the home users who are connected through the DSL or cable will choose the first option, i.e, ‘DHCP Connection.’ If you are not sure about this, then you should verify it by connecting with your internet service provider.  

Fill the MAC Address Box:

Tap on the ‘Clone Your PC MAC Address’ option. Click this only when the ‘MAC Address’ box is empty. Most of the users can neglect the hostname field except it is specified by the internet service provider.

Save the Settings:

Tap on the ‘Connect’ button to apply the changes settings. Now, the router will start to reboot by itself. This will take a few seconds. Wait until the reboot process completes.

Test the Connection:

Launch your default web browser to check if you can load the web page. Once you have seen that the web page is loading properly, then you should move on to the next part.

Step 4: Create a Broadcast Network

Next, you have to create a broadcast network. Hence, you should have a look at the steps given below:

Login to the Router:

At first, open the web browser and then type ‘’ by going to the address bar. After that, you have to log into the router by entering the username and password that you have set previously. Then, tap on the ‘Log in’ option.

Open Setup Wizard Window:

Now, you have to navigate to the upper left side of the window and tap on the ‘Setup’ tab. It will head you over to the ‘Setup Wizards’ window.

Enable the Wi-Fi Connection:

Go to the ‘Wireless Settings’ menu by going to the left pane of the window. It will navigate you to the new page that allows you to set up the broadcast network. Now, you have to tick the ‘Enable Wireless’ box. It will turn the broadcast network on after saving the settings.

Set the Network Name:

Next, you have to provide the network name. This name will be visible publicly. Hence, you have to make sure that you don’t include your personal info. Now, you have to choose the ‘Security Mode’ and tap on the ‘WPA2’ option. It is the most secure way to transmit the broadcast network. If you are using an older device, then you should choose the ‘WEP’ or ‘WPA’ option.  

Create Password:

After that, you have to make a strong password. Choose the ‘Cipher Type’ option. Then, select either the ‘Personal’ or ‘Enterprise’ option. Tap on the ‘Passphrase’ option and give your desired password. Enter the same password in the ‘Confirm Passphrase’ box.

Save the Settings:

Tap on the ‘Save Settings’ option. Now, you will see that the broadcast settings will be saved automatically. Here you will also see that the broadcast network is turned on. It may take a few minutes. When the router has saved the recent changes, then you can easily connect the devices with the network wirelessly.

Connect the Device:

Now, you will see that the broadcast network is enabled. Hence, you should connect the devices with the router. The procedure differs depending on the system. But usually, you have to choose the broadcast network name from the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Then, you should type the password that you have created recently. For most of the devices, you have to connect with the broadcast network.

Step 5: Adjust the Settings

After creating the wireless network, you have to adjust the settings of the network. To perform this, you should follow the steps given below:

Change the Wireless Settings:

If you want to change the wireless network settings, then navigate to the upper left side of the window and tap on the Setup tab. Then, go to the ‘Wireless Settings’ section. Tap on the ‘Extended Range Mode’ option.  

Setup Port Forwarding:

Now, if you want to set up the port forwarding application to run any particular program on the system, then you have to tap on the ‘Port Forwarding’ category by going to the ‘Advanced’ tab. Type the IP address of the system while setting up the port forwarding application. After that, you have to provide the range of ports that you wish to open.  

Create Website Filters:  

To block the access of any particular websites, you can also set up the router. Navigate to the upper left side of the router configuration page and tap on the ‘Advanced’ tab. Choose the ‘Website Filter’ option from the list. Then, enter the sites which you wish to block. Then, tap on the ‘enable’ button.  

Activate the Gaming Mode:

If you want to use the router to play games, then you have to enable the Gaming Mode. It can improve the connection as well as allow you to get more matches. Therefore, navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab. Choose the ‘Advanced Network’ option from the list. Now, check the box that prompts ‘Enable Gaming Mode.’ As a result, it will reroute the gaming traffic to improve its performance. Hence, it’s better to disable this when you are not playing games.

Final Recommendation

In the above guide, we have provided some of the easiest ways to setup the D-Link router. We hope if you implement the above ways in their respective order, then it will definitely assist you to ease up your pain. After successfully performing the above ways, if you still face any kinds of trouble, then it is best to seek help from a tech expert for further assistance. In addition, you can also share your queries ad valuable feedback through the comment box given at the end of this post.


Can’t Connect To Dlink Router: A Complete Guide To Gain Back The Internet Connection

Dlink routers are popular in delivering its users fast internet speeds and also an extended range of coverage. But despite being an outstanding router, it can show some issues while you use it. Sometimes, you may get to face certain issues that can make you search for solutions here and there. If you can’t connect to Dlink router, then you can get all the solutions here. This Dlink router connection issue is one of the most common issues that many Dlink router users face.

Therefore, here in this article, you will get to learn some of the methods that will help you resolve the Dlink router connection issue. Also, in this article, you will not only get the solutions but also the causes of this Dlink router connection problem. Hence, you can now relax and follow the article to the end.

Causes for “Can’t Connect to Dlink Router” Issue

Here in this section of the article, you will get to know some of the causes of this Dlink router connection issue. Tave a look at the causes given below:

  1. Having an improper configuration of the Dlink router settings can lead to the issue.
  2. If in case the Internet Protocol address and port are incorrect then you can get to face this Dlink connection issue.
  3. If you have disabled the admin interface then also you can encounter the issue.
  4. If the internet connection service is slow, then also you can get the Dlink issue.
  5. Having a low ping of the wireless network is also another reason for the Dlink router issue to occur.

Therefore, these were some of the causes that can lead to the “can’t connect to Dlink router” issue to occur. However, there can be more such causes of this Dlink router issue. So whatever your case may be, you can get the solutions here. Hence, you can now move forward to the next section of the article below.

Can’t Connect to Dlink Router: Effective Fixes

Therefore, follow this section of the article, as we will be going to discuss some methods to fix this Dlink router issue. Hence, in order to get through the Dlink router connection issue, you can have a look at the methods below:

Method 1: Disable the Bridge Connection of Your Local Area Network Connection

The bridge connection of the LAN is a feature that connects two or more network in order to provide better internet connectivity. If in case this Bridge connection is causing some issues with the Dlink router, then disable it without giving any second thought. Now, if you want to learn the steps of the process, then we will teach you. Hence, you can now perform the steps that we have discussed below:

  • In the first step, open the Start menu and then open the Control Panel from there.
  • Once the Control Panel window opens, open the Network and Internet option from the list of options.
  • In the next step, click on the Network and Sharing Center option from the list.
  • Once you are inside the new window, click on the Change adapter settings option form the left pane.
  • Now a list of all network connections will popup up on your system’s screen. From the list. Find the Bridge connection and then right-click on it.
  • Now, click on the Disable option form the popup list of options.
  • After doing this, restart your system. As the system reboots, check if you can connect to the Dlink router.

This is how you can disable the bridge connection in order to fix the Dlink router connection issue. However, if in case you still can’t connect to Dlink router, then don’t panic. You can take a look at the next troubleshooting methods below.

Method 2: Check if the Internet Protocol (IP) Address is Correct or Not

Your system must have an IP address in the same range of the device that you want to configure. If there is any mismatch in the IP address, then you can get some difficulty in the Dlink router connection. Therefore, check if the IP address is correct or not. However, if you are not able to perform the steps then we will help you. Hence, perform the steps that we have provided below:

  • First of all, open the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • When the Control Panel window opens, choose the Network Connections option. After that, click on the Local Area Connection option.
  • Now, right-click on the Internet Protocol TCP/IP and then choose the Properties option from the popup list of options.
  • After that, check the Use the following IP address option box.
  • In the next section, specify the TCP/IP settings that you want to use:
    • IP address:
    • Subnet mask:
    • Default Gateway:
    • Preferred/Alternate DNS: /
  • After changing all the options, click on the OK button.
  • Finally, again click on the OK button in order to save all the changes.
  • After that, check if you can connect to the Dlink router or not.

Therefore after making the changes in the IP address, hopefully, you’ll be able to resolve the can’t connect to Dlink router issue easily. However, if you want to more such methods then you can move to the next fixes.

Method 3: Check if the Internet Settings are Correct

If there are incorrect changes in the internet settings then you are bound to face issues with the Dlink routers. Hence, check if all the internet settings are correct or not. You can follow the steps below that will help you to check the internet settings:

  • Again, open the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • As the Control Panel window opens, find the Internet Options link from the list. On finding it, click on it.
  • After that, navigate to the Security tab in the Internet Options window. Now, click on the Default level button.
  • In the next step, click on the Connections tab of the window.
  • There, set the dial-up option to the Never dial a connection option.
  • After that, choose the LAN Settings option. Now, uncheck all the options available there.
  • In the next step, click on the OK button. Now, close all the active windows.
  • After that, restart the system in order to check if you can connect to the Dlink router or not.

So, this is how you can resolve the can’t connect to Dlink router issue by checking the internet settings. However, if even after following the steps above, you still get to face the Dlink router connection issue, then don’t worry. Hence, you can have a look at the other methods in the following part of the article.

Method 4: Check the Internet Protocol (IP) Settings and Reset the Dlink Router

If you cannot access the configuration page of the Dlink router, then you need to check the IP settings of the router. If you want to know the steps of the process, you can have a look at the section below:

  • In the first step, open the Run dialog box using the combination of the Windows logo and the R key.
  • Now as the run dialog box opens, type cmd and then hit the Enter key.
  • A black Command Prompt window will open up on your system’s screen.
  • In the next step, type ipconfig in the command line. After that, hit the Enter key from the system’s keyboard.
  • Now, put the IP address on the network adapter in the 192.168.0 range. After that, type “arp -d” and again hit the Enter key.
  • Now if you get a message reading “The specified entry was not found”, then reset the Dlink router.
  • In order to do this, disconnect all the Ethernet cables and then press and hold the Reset button.
  • Once the Dlink router resets, set up the Dlink router.
  • After that, check if you can connect to the Dlink router to the system or not.

Hopefully, now you are able to resolve the can’t connect to Dlink router issue on your own. Moreover, if in case you still encounter the Dlink router connection issue then we have more fixing methods in store for you. Hence, you can have a look at the next part of the article below.

Method 5: Change the Wireless Channel of the Dlink Router

Changing the wireless channel of the Dlink router has helped many users to fix this Dlink connection issue. Therefore, you can also give it a try. You can have a look at the steps below.

  • First of all, open any web browser on your system. Once you are inside the web browser,  enter into the address bar.
  • Now hit the Enter key from the system’s keyboard and then log in to your Dlink router home page.
  • After that, click on the Settings option on the Dlink router home page. Next, click on the Wireless option from the list of options.
  • In the next step, click on the Advanced Settings option. Now, click on the Wi-Fi Channel box.
  • After that, select your desired channel and then click on the Save option.
  • Finally, check if you can connect to the Dlink router or not.

So, these are steps that you can follow in order to change the wireless channel. Thus, this will help you to resolve the can’t connect to Dlink router issue in an instant. We hope that now you are able to resolve the Dlink router connection issue on your own.

End Notes

At the end of this article, we want to conclude that you will be able to resolve the can’t connect to Dlink router issue with the methods above. Moreover, these methods above are best in class in resolving any Dlink router issue. Also, if in case you want to know more about such fixes, then you can write to us. You can take the help of the comments section below this article.


Learn How To Perform DLink Router Port Forwarding Program With Simple-to-Perform Ways

Port Forwarding is a valuable application which is used to create a redirect communication request during the packet traversing program. Moreover, it is very helpful to make a bridge between a private network and a public network without encountering any network error. In this article, we are going to focus on the major significance of the Port forwarding techniques of DLink router. Moreover, it is very difficult to establish a flawless connection to the new DLink users. In that case, we are also trying to highlight the process on to perform the Dlink router port forwarding program in this content without encountering the technical issues associated with it.

Why do you Need Port Forwarding in Dlink Wireless Device?

Some of the important features that you can see in the Port forwarding feature in Dlink Wireless devices.

  • Port Forwarding is an efficient step to run a public HTTP server both in a private LAN and in Public Network.
  • Moreover, it permits to access the host on a private LAN over the internet by invoking the Secure Shell program.
  • This outstanding feature is beneficial to run the game server within the Private LAN network.
  • It also helps to grant FTP access and remove the file accessing error from your device within a network.

How to Configure Port Forwarding in DLink Router? Effective Steps

Before performing the port forwarding program in D-Link Router, you need to follow the steps below and configure the router properly. However, you need to verify the router admin privileges correctly. Otherwise, you can face the port forwarding issue. So, log in the router setup window with correct admin confidential data and then configure it based on the DLink model.

  1. First, open the browser window by double-tapping on it. Next, type either “http://dlinkrouter or http://dlinkrouter.local” or default router IP address “” Then, hit the Enter key to open the Router setup window on the screen.
  2. Now, enter the correct credentials such as Router login ID and correct passcode. Press the Login button to log in the router account.
  3. After that, click on the Advanced tab from the resultant window and then tap on the Port Forwarding option from the left side of the window.
  4. Next, click on the Application name from the drop-down appeared on the scene but it is only applicable for the pre-defined applications. If it is a non-predefined application, then enter the desired port.
  5. After that, choose the computer or device from the DHCP client list. You can also input the IP address of the device manually that you helps to open that specified port.
  6. Finally, click on the Save button and apply the new changes after modifying the data in the Settings window. Thus, you can configure the Port forwarding in DLink router and enjoy the hassle-free internet service.

Bottom Line

We have defined the ways on how to configure the DLink router port forwarding service without any hassle. Moreover, it helps to get a hassle-free connection after connecting the DLink router to the computer. Therefore, it is helpful to enhance your router’s performance by avoiding all the setup issues associated with the wireless device.


Reset Password In D-link Router With Flawless Solutions

The Internet has become an essential part of our life. Starting from entertainment to professional work, everything depends on the internet. In this scenario, the routers play a vital role in easing up the usage. So, when it comes to choosing a router D-link is the name that comes to mind. Moreover, D-Link routers are globally recognized in terms of performance and network coverage.  However, to set up and get the most out of your D-Link router, you need to sign in to the same. If you already set the password for your router and now need to Reset Password In D-Link Router, then follow the article for quick and easy ways.

Resetting the router password is not that tricky for a tech-savvy person. However, sometimes it might take a great deal of time.

As a matter of fact, the need for setting the password all over again can be triggered due to several reasons. Hence, whatever may be the reason is, following the steps mentioned above you can resolve the same.

Reset Password In D-Link Router

Reset Password In D-link Router With These Quick Steps

To reset the password of your D-Link router you need to have an Admin access. In most of the cases, for all broadband router, you need to have the IP address, username and of course password. These all details come with the router setup by default. In that case, by using the internet browser installed in your device, you can access all the router website.

Fortunately, D-Link Router is not an exception in that case. As a matter of fact, all these details are essential to keep the features protected. So that, the network can be protected from any fraudulent activity or misuse. The critical system setting may include, wireless network password, port forwarding features and also the DNS server settings.

Connect The Device

First, you need to connect the device to the internet. As to proceed with the step you need to have an access to a fully functioning internet connection. Once connected to the internet, now open the web browser installed in your system. Then, go to the address bar of the browser and put ‘’ value and press Enter afterward.

This is the default IP address for most of the D-Link Router. In case the address doesn’t work, then is another address you can try. If none of the above addresses work for you, then figure out the IP address of your D-Link router. Now, you can try the hostname http://D-Linkrouter to access the D-Link router web page.

If nothing works, no need to worry! You can access the login page by using the computer.

Go to the system tray and then click on the ‘Open Network and sharing Network’. From there, go to the ‘Connection’ it will open the active connection. Now, click on ‘Details’. Now copy the ‘IPv4 Default Gateway’ of the router.

Sign In

Now in the router sign in page, you need to log in to reset password in D-Link router. In the username field type ‘Admin’. In most of the D-Link router, Admin is the default username. Leave the password section empty. If things didn’t work, then you need to enter ‘Admin’ in the password field.

Change The Old Password

In the web interface, go to wireless router settings and from there navigate to the ‘Wireless’ tab on the left pane. Now, click on the ‘Security Mode’ menu. Here, you need to choose Enable WAP2 Wireless Security unless you are using an old device.

Now to set the password, you need to click on Passphrase field. Then, type the password you want to create for your router. Also, make sure you verify the password by re-entering the password in confirm password field.

Please note: While changing the existing password, you need to keep few things in mind. Such as, the password should not be a dictionary word. It should contain at least one special character and symbol. So that you can make the password unpredictable.

So, this is the Easiest way you can use to reset password in D-Link Router. Following the step should resolve your queries.

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Router Support Number +1-855-971-1879 Is Available 24×7 to Online Support-


Even after trying the steps, if you unable to change the password, then at this point, you can contact us for immediate assistance. All you need to do, dial our toll-free number Router Support and we will provide you the instant solutions. Moreover, our communication channels are manned by the professionals, so you will get the reliable long-term solutions for all your queries. Thus, choose us as your primary solution partner whenever you face a problem.


How To Fix D-Link Router Errors 103 |104 |105

There are few common D-Link Router Errors that are caused in one way or the other due to mis-configured system data of Windows operating systems. D-Link errors such as 103, 104, 105 and are a result of Windows system files damage and other corrupted system file entries that can turn into a real threat to well-being of the PC. But professionals working at D-Link support section have penned down a solution to these uncommon D-Link errors for resolving it as soon as possible when encountered. To Fix D-Link Router Errors 103 |104 |105 , follow the easy steps which are given below by D-Link Router Support.

Steps to Fix D-Link Router Errors 103 |104 |105:

Solution to Fix D-Link Router Error 103

This error occurs while computers and routers are not able to search for the internet connection. The D-Link Router Error 103 usually is a result of serious faults in your modem/router settings. It’s an uncommon error of D-Link modems as well as routers. Solution:

  1. Type “https” instead of “http” in the URL first.
  2. Make sure that routers or modems are properly configured and the firewall is not blocking your internet connection.
  3. Reset the modem or router to reconfigure it properly.

Solution to Fix D-Link Router error 104:

This D-Link Router error 104 is also referred as an ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED concept. The D-Link error 104 is usually a consequence of a user’s PC not able to establish a proper connection directly to its server.


  1. Perform a deep check whether the internet connection or a gateway connection is properly attached or not?
  2. Make use of proxy server settings in the router carefully.
  3. It is further advised for users to take assistance of an ISP.

Solution to Fix D-Link Router error 105:

This error occurs while TCP connection to the server is showing a “time out” message. The D-Link Router Error 105 is a result of a huge network load where users will face too slow speed or even a server down phase.


  1. Check for the LAN whether it is overloaded or not?
  2. Restart the router or a modem.
  3. Reconfigure the router or a modem.

router customer support

For more queries related to D-Link issues, we welcome users to get in touch with our D-Link Customer Support department and get instant solution to queries.

D-link Router Support Number

Steps To Configure DDNS Feature On The D-Link Wireless Router

Dynamic DNS is a process of automatically updating a name server in the Domain Name System with the active DDNS configuration of its configured hostnames, addresses and other related information, often resulting in real-time process. As studied by a team of D-Link router support experts, it is helpful in assigning a fixed domain name to the PC without changing the DHCP configuration feature. The network is still protected by dangerous hackers as well as attackers. Dynamic DNS simply plays a vital role to address the rapid update issues.

D-link Router Support

To access the network via remote basis, the D-Link Tech Support suggests users to use this feature as a benefit. It further allows you to access the devices in the network section. One can also access devices such as camera in their network by using DDNS method for remote monitoring system. It’s considered as a great choice if users wish to host their website or even go ahead to setup a server without disabling the DHCP.

Steps to configure DDNS feature on the D-link wireless router

Step1: Creation of a DDNS

  • Creation of the DDNS account is advised by D-Link router technical support Do remember all the credentials such as username and password.

Step2: Log into the router

  • Next, you are required to log into the router by simply typing the router IP on the address bar section of the web browser.

Step3: Working with the tools

  • Clicking on the “Tools” tab is essential and then select the “Dynamic DNS” option from the left section of the window screen.

Step4: Enable Dynamic DNS

  • Users are suggested to perform a check mark in the box which is situated just next to the “Enable Dynamic DNS” section and then select the “Dynamic DNS server” option from the list given

Step5: Dynamic DNS host name

  • Typing of the Dynamic DNS host name is advised to users.

Step6: Enter the credentials

  • Enter the username as well as the password for your DNS account. Be careful while performing this step
  • Next, simply, click on the “Save” Settings to apply all the required changes.
  • DDNS feature has now completely been configured on the D-Link router quite successfully.

router customer support

If you have any queries with respect to D-link router or even if you are facing any issues, please contact to D-Link router customer support department for prompt help.

dlink help

How to Change DLink Wireless Password?

A motive to change the D-Link router’s wireless password can sometimes cross a user’s mind. So, to easily go ahead with the process of changing the D-Link’s wireless password, our professional team of DLINK ROUTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT team will guide you about how to open the router’s configuration page in the web browser. So, yes after logging into the configuration page, a user needs to change the password straight from the Wireless settings menu. To Change DLink Wireless Password, read the easy steps are given below.

Dlink Router

Steps to Change DLink wireless password

Part 1 takes you through the process involved in accessing the router

  • Open up the web browser from your connected device
  • Enter the right into the address bar which will be the default address for your D-Link routers.
  • Next, simply type the . if it’s the case where the previous address isn’t working out at all.
  • Enter the .http://dlinkrouter address if neither of the addresses work.
  • Search for the router’s address if nothing is going well.

Part 2 takes about the Signing-In process


  • Type the “admin” as a username. This will be the most common default username for D-Link router which you are using currently.
  • Leave the Password field blank as it was before. There are wide number of D-Link routers that don’t have a password assigned at all.
  • Try typing the “admin” as a password. If a blank password is not working properly, then try for admin.
  • Look up if the router model has default login information or not.
  • Press and then hold the Reset button for a while which is located at the back of the router if a user is incapable of login to the account

Part 3 deals with the information about changing the Wi-Fi Password

dlink router password change

  1. Click on the Wireless tab initially. Well, if this tab is invisible to you, then just click on the Setup tab and then click on the “Wireless Settings” option in the left menu.
  2. Click the Security Mode menu carefully.
  3. Click on the “Enable WPA2 Wireless Security” option. Unless a user is specifically trying to connect to older devices that don’t support WPA2 at all. It is recommended that a user should always be using this security method.
  4. Click on the Passphrase field next.
  5. Type the password which you wish to continue with. Make sure that the password does not contain any dictionary related words and is not easy to speculate.
  6. Retype the password in the Confirm Passphrase field.
  7. Click on the Save Settings button.
  8. At last, simply enter the new password on the wireless devices.

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How To Fix DLink Router Error 103?

D-Link is the best router manufacturers in the world. It offers latest range of routers with state of the art and innovative technology. Regardless of these features, user sometimes encounters various technical errors while deploying the D-Link router.

Dlink router error 103

DLink Router Error 103

DLink Router Error Code 103 might occur when your MS Windows OS becomes corrupted or misconfigured. Launching the applications will be slower and response times will also increase. When there are various applications running in your computer, you might experience issues like computer freezes and crashes.

There can be numerous causes of this error like fragmented files, bulk startup entries, registry errors, hardware/RAM issue and redundant program installations etc. Below are few steps guided by the DLink Router Customer Support Service team @+1-855-971-1879 for how to resolve Error code 103 in DLink routers?

There DLink Router Error 103 occurs, when your computer is infected with malware or spyware. Or due to some programs compatibility issues. You need to download the DLink Router Error 103 repair tool.

To fix your computer and DLink Router Error 103, download this tool immediately. This repair tool will find, diagnose and resolve DLink Router Error Code 103. Your computer should also run smoother and faster after using this excellent application.

Our DLink router support team works 24 hours a day with an exceptionally advanced and customer centric approach to deliver its customers a quality service at highly feasible rates related to D-Link issues.

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A professional guide to set Up a D‐Link WBR‐2310 Wireless Router

A professional guide to set Up a DLink Router WBR‐2310 Wireless Router

The DLink WBR-2310 wireless router is especially designed for the creation of a secured home wired as well as wireless devices network.  According to professionals of Dlink router technical support phone number.  The DLink WBR-2310 is used to share the internet connection with other connected device. So, it is recommended that before using the D-Link WBR-2310 router, a user is supposed to configure the internet and wireless settings carefully.

Connecting the Hardware section:

  • Turn off and unplug the modem

Turn off and unplug the modem

  • Get access to two Ethernet cables for the set-up process.

Get accessto two Ethernet cables for the set-up process.

  • Connect your modem to the WAN port located on the router

Connect your modem to the WAN port located on the router

  • Next, attach one of the LAN ports to the Ethernet port.

Next, attach one of the LAN ports to the Ethernet port.

  • Then, simply power on the modem

Then, simply power on the modem.

  •  Power on the router


  • Turn on the PC device.

Turn on the PC device.

  • Check for the indicator lights on your router

Check for the indicator lights on your router

Part 2nd is described by the professionals working on the DLink technical support section which deals with accessing of the Router

  • Open your choice of web browser on the computer.
  • Simply enter  “.”  into the address bar.
  • Next, enter the “admin” as a User Name, and then leave the Password field blank.

Performing the First-Time Setup process

  • Click on the “Setup Wizard” button first .
  • Next, click on the “Launch Internet Connection Setup Wizard” button to go ahead smoothly.
  • A user is required to create an administrator password.
  • Set the timezone accordingly.
  • Select the type of internet connection you want to have.
  • Click on the “Clone Your PC MAC Address” option
  • Save all your settings carefully.
  • Testing of the connection is required.

Creation of a Wireless Network

  • Log-in into the router.
  • Then, click on the “Setup” tab which is located in the setup wizards.
  • Next, click on the “Wireless Settings” menu located in the left frame.
  • Checking of the “Enable Wireless” box is essential.
  • Enter a new name for your network.
  • Select the “WPA2” option as the “Security Mode”
  • Next, create a strong password for security purposes.
  • Click on the “Save Settings” button.
  • Get connected to your device easily

Adjusting the Settings properly

  • Change the wireless settings.
  • Set-up the Port Forwarding feature.
  • Next, creation of website filters is required.
  • Enable the Gaming Mode at last.

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