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Fix Linksys Router Keeps Disconnecting Issue Easily

Linksys AC9600 is one of the best router devices available in the market. This router has many different leading features and services. Despite the fact that this device has plenty of useful features, even then you can get different types of problem. One such error you can get is the “Linksys router keeps disconnecting”. This problem usually occurs due to some internal malfunctions.

There can be various reasons why this issue occurs after all. If the ‘MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit’ is not correctly set, then you can get this issue. Even, when there is some kind of interference in the wireless connection, you can face this issue. Further, if the wireless settings are improperly done, then there is a possibility for you to meet this glitch. Moreover, if the firmware is not up to date, then you can even encounter this problem.

Methods to Correct the “Linksys Router Keeps Disconnecting” Issue

In this section of the article, you will get various fixes that will help you to rectify this problem in an easy and simple way.

Alter the Size of the MTU within the Linksys Router

The MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit is an advanced configuration feature. This feature is present in the Linksys router which lets you identify the biggest data size allowed on the internet connection. Now, if this MTU size is not appropriately set, then you can encounter this problem. Follow the steps below, in order to do solve it:

  1. First, on the computer desktop, locate and then launch a web browser that you prefer.
  2. After that, go to the URL bar of the browser. Type the following IP address – ‘’’. After that, hit the ‘Enter’ key to open the router configuration page.
  3. At this moment, you will get a prompt. Within it, provide the default login credentials and then press the ‘OK’ button. The default login details of the Linksys router is present at the bottom of the device. Now, most of the times you will have to leave the Username field blank, but input ‘admin’ on the ‘Password’ field.
  4. Once the router configuration page shows up, select the ‘Setup’ tab. Under that tab, choose the option ‘Basic Setup’. There will a list of empty fields in that.
  5. From that list, go to a section ‘MTU’ and then from the drop-down menu, choose the ‘Manual’ option. Next, just beside that drop-down menu, there is a ‘Size’ field. Inside it, provide the exact MTU size number say ‘1500’. To get a specific MTU size number, contact the ISP.
  6. Finally, tap on the ‘Save Settings’ button and then check if this error is still present or not.

Alter the Wireless Settings of the Linksys AC9600 Router

When the wireless settings of the Linksys Router are configured improperly, then you can get this problem. So, the best way to resolve this problem is to alter or change the wireless settings of the Linksys router.

In order to alter the SSID of the Wireless Network, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • At first, go to the first method of this section and follow the initial 3 steps to open the router configuration page.
  • Once the setup page of the router comes up, choose the ‘Wireless’ tab. After that, under that tab, select the ‘Basic Wireless Settings’ option.
  • Now, choose the ‘Manual’ option. Next, a list of items will come up.
  • From that list, locate ‘Network Name (SSID)’. Here, change the default name to an appropriate name for the wireless connection.
  • Lastly, go to the bottom of this page and then, tap on the ‘Save Settings’ button.

Provide a Wireless Security for the Linksys Router

Here, you will get the steps about the process to activate the wireless security for the WiFi network. Thus, follow the steps:

  • Again, open the router setup page.
  • Then, choose the ‘Wireless’ tab and next, choose the ‘Wireless Security’ section.
  • Under that section, beside the ‘Configuration View’ label, choose the ‘Manual’ option.
  • After that, on the right side of the label ‘Security Mode’, there is a drop-down menu. From it, select any one option out of the four – ‘WEP’, ‘WPA Personal’, ‘WPA2 Personal’, ‘WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode’.
  • Suppose, if you have chosen the ‘WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode’ then do the following.
    • When the ‘WPA2/WPA Mixed Mode’ option gets selected on the ‘Security Mode’ field, then provide a password according to your preference on the ‘Password’ field.
    • After that, tap on ‘Save Settings’.

Lessen the Wireless Interference

When there is any kind of interference in the wireless signal, you might encounter the “Linksys router AC9600 keeps disconnecting” issue. The effective answer to resolve this problem is to follow the below steps carefully.

  • First, if there is a match in the frequency of the router and any other wireless devices like a cordless or mobile phone, then it disrupts the WiFi connection. You can avoid this frequency match issue simply by altering the channel of the router between any numbers from 1 to 11. After that, reboot the router.
  • Sometimes, even due to improper placement of the router, there can be a severe connectivity issue. Therefore, the solution that will help you to eradicate this issue is to place the router as high as possible from the ground. Also, be sure to leave a 2-feet gap from the wall and ceiling.
  • You can get disconnected from the wireless network frequently if the Linksys router is present in a closed room. This because the walls and the floors do let the signal to pass. Thus, the best way to avoid this problem is to keep the router at a central hall or room, in close vicinity to the devices.
  • Also, there can be wireless interference if there are any electrical devices such as microwave ovens, television sets, and etc. Also, this issue can occur, if there is any metal object present at close proximity of the router. Now, an easy remedy for this problem is keeping the router away from the things that are mentioned here.

Update the Router Firmware

If the firmware of the Linksys router is not up to date, then there is a high possibility for you to meet with this glitch. Now, the feasible solution to eliminate this problem is to perform a firmware update. For that, follow the steps:

  • First, open a web browser and then visit the official page of ‘Linksys’. On that page, look for the latest version of the firmware for your router. If there is any firmware update available, then download the same into the computer.
  • Now, open a new tab, and then on the URL bar, type the router’s IP address – “”. Then, hit the ‘Enter’ key. When a prompt comes up, type the default password ‘admin’ and do not modify the ‘Username’ field. Next, press ‘OK’ to get into the Linksys router configuration page.
  • Once the setup page of the router comes up, go to the ‘Administration’ tab and select it. After that, under this tab, choose the ‘Firmware Upgrade’ option.
  • Now, as soon as you see a dialog box within the page, that has a label ‘Please select a file to upgrade:’ choose the ‘Browse…’ button. Next, when a window comes up, with a name ‘File Upload’, locate and choose the firmware file which was recently downloaded.
  • After that, tap on ‘Open’. Then, the upload process of firmware will begin and the location path will be shown on the dialog box of the page.
  • At this moment, click on the ‘Start Upgrade’ button and immediately the firmware update will begin.
  • When the update procedure is complete with no issue, a prompt will come up. In it, press the ‘Continue’ button.
  • At last, press the ‘Power’ button to turn the router ‘Off’. Now, wait for 10 seconds, then turn the device ‘On’.

To Conclude…

If you follow all the points of this article carefully, then it will be very easy to eradicate the issue “Linksys router keeps disconnecting. Now, if even after following all the steps, you can’t remove this glitch, then do not panic a bit. Just give the details of the problems which you have encountered on the comment section present at the bottom of this page.


Ultimate Solutions To Resolve Linksys Error Code 2318

Whatever brand of router you are using, it is quite common to have some sort of technical glitches in the router. One such error is Linksys error code 2318. Basically. the error code 2318 mainly occurs due to an improper internet connection on your device. Sometimes, the error code also appears when you try to access the Linksys WiFi site instead of having an unstable internet connection. Moreover, the login issue is also sometimes responsible for the error code 2318. If you are using Linksys EA6200 router and get the same error code while using it, then you need to do troubleshooting methods in order to fix this. Hence, follow this article carefully and apply the steps mentioned in the upcoming section. This article consists of several guidelines to resolve the issue easily.

Amazing Hacks to Eliminate the Linksys Error Code 2318:

The Linksys error code 2318 is one of the most frustrating issues of the router. Due to this, you cannot access any web pages. However, it contains some simple and straightforward solutions which will help you to resolve the error code easily. Hence, try the solutions mentioned in the following section.

Method 1: Create a Linksys Smart WiFi Account

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to create a Linksys smart WiFi account. By doing that, hopefully, you can resolve this issue. Therefore, try to perform the steps mentioned in the section below.

Step 1

At first, launch a web browser and enter the default IP address in the address bar of the router. To login to your account, you need to provide the user ID and password.

Step 2

After that, create a Linksys Smart WiFi account which is located at the upper right side of that page.

Step 3

Fill all the blank field by providing the necessary information. Now, right-click on the End User License Agreement and accept the agreement,

Step 4

Now, you have created a new Linksys Smart WiFi account. Then check whether the problem gets resolved or not otherwise, proceed to the next methods.

Method 2: Try to Change the Security Software Configuration

Error code 2318 Linksys might appear due to the third-party antivirus program. In that case, you need to uninstall the antivirus program and firewall as well. To apply the process, go through the following steps.

Step 1

Firstly, press the Windows key and type control panel in the search bar. Hit the Enter button to expand the Control Panel option.

Step 2

In the Control Panel option, locate the Programs and Features option and click on it. Search for the Antivirus software and right-click on it.

Step 3

Select the Uninstall option from the list and remove the program from your device. Now, try to connect the router with your device and check whether it is working properly or not.

Method 3: Configure the Web Browser Manually

If the web browser that you are using is not compatible with the device, then you might get the Linksys EA6200 error code 2318 on your device. Hence, you need to change the browser configuration in order to resolve the issue. So, walk through the steps mentioned underneath.

  • First of all, you should check the compatibility of the browser. Then try to turn off the security browser add-ons or configure them to support any of the pages.

  • Then, try to update the web browser in order to fix the issue. To do so, launch the web browser and move to the Settings option.

  • A drop-down menu will appear on the system screen. Select the About the Web browser( name of the browser) option and click on it.

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection for this. It will automatically check whether an updated version is available or not. If Yes, then download the latest version of the web browser and install it on your device.

After successfully updating the web browser, reboot the system and reconnect the router. Furthermore, check whether you are getting the same error code or not.

Method 4: Clear the History, Cache, and Cookies of the Web Browser

Deleting the cache and cookies of the web browser might help you to resolve the Linksys error code 2318. In that case, you need to empty the history folder of the web browser and delete the cache files. The steps of doing the steps are stated in the section below.

  1. At first, open the web browser that you are using currently. Then, click on the Customize and Control Web Browser option. A drop-down menu will appear on the system screen.

  1. Scroll down and select the Settings option. Now, press the Advanced option and search the Clear Browsing Data option.

  1. Click on that to open it. Now, check the box all the to delete the Browsing history, cached images and cookies, and other side data.
  2. A pop-up window will prompt on the system screen. Click on OK to remove the data. Finally, check whether you are able to resolve this error code or not.

Method 4: Additional Methods

If the above solutions are not able to solve the issue, then you need to try some additional methods to solve the error code 2318. Therefore, go through the methods one-by-one and check which is best suitable for you.

  1. Try to login to the Admin account of the router and check whether it is opening properly or not.
  2. Then, you can calculate the network actions to get better websites loading performance of your router.
  3. You can also turn on the phishing and malware protection as well.

Concluding Remarks

The methods which are discussed in the above section will help you out in order to resolve the Linksys error code 2318 issue. Read all the methods carefully. Also, there is no need to perform all the steps. Perform those steps which are easy for you to implement. Furthermore, if you did not get any positive result after applying the above methods, post your feedback in the comment section below.


Linksys External Storage Not Working: Steps To Access USB Storage On Your Router

When the Linksys router finds any difficulty in accessing the external or USB storage, it can disrupt the sharing, streaming or backing up of documents. This also indicates it will not allow the users to utilize its USB storage features for sharing pictures, music, videos, and other files. So, unless you troubleshoot this router issue, you can’t use the storage link or USB port on your Linksys device for accessing these items. It can also prevent you from connecting printer or other USB based devices over the router’s network. So, if you don’t know why your Linksys external storage not working, keep reading this article for more information. You can also refer to this content to learn the troubleshooting tips, which can restore the USB storage capabilities in your Linksys router.

What Can Lead to the Issue of Linksys External Storage Not Working?

When Linksys router stops detecting the external storage, it can block user’s access to the media stored in it. Every time, when you try to share, backup or stream the files, it will notify that the access is denied. So, if you want your router to detect the external storage, you need to apply some technical hacks. But, before discussing the solutions, you need to understand why the Linksys external storage not working anymore. Hence, let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons, which can block the connection between the USB storage and your Linksys router.

  • If you aren’t logged as Administrator while accessing the router’ external storage, it can give this error. This usually happens when the user has limited or no permission to access the files on the external drive.
  • Sometimes, improper mapping of your router to a USB drive can prevent the user from accessing the files in storage.
  • If the drivers for the Linksys router is not up to date, it can fail to recognize the connected external drive. Also, if you have applied any corrupted updates for the routing device, it can also make the USB storage not to work.
  • Somehow, if the storage device is having any hardware or technical problem, it can cause this issue after connecting the router.
  • If any of the documents in the external storage comes under the label of ‘Unsupported format’, Linksys can block its access.
  • Many times, installing an OS that doesn’t support the USB adapter for Linksys router can generate this error.
  • In some cases, a faulty connecting cable or USB port can also result in Linksys router external storage not working.
  • Any kind of virus or malware attack and unauthorized system changes can make the external storage unrecognizable on the router.

How to Make Your Linksys Router Recognize the External Storage?

A majority of users have recently reported that the external storage on Linksys EA6350 not working due to technical defects. So, it’s quite obvious that this router’s built-in USB port and DLNA media server will not work properly. It is not necessary that you come across this problem only on EA6350 router but you can face the same issue on other Linksys models as well. Hence, in order to fix this error, you have to apply some troubleshooting hacks, which can be applied for any Linksys routing device. So, let’s take a look at the following methods that can make the external storage detectable on Linksys.

Method 1- Acquire Administrative Rights Before Using USB Drive on Linksys

Often, you will see that Linksys external storage not working due to not having Admin rights to access the files. Hence, you can fix this issue by acquiring a drive’s ownership by following these steps.

First, determine the exact location of the drive that you want to access as Administrator and right-click on it. Then you need to hit the option of ‘Properties’ from the drop-down menu’.

After the Drive Properties window appears on your screen, go to the tab for ‘Security’. If it shows any kind of security notification or alert, click on the ‘OK’ button.

Then open the ‘Advanced’ section and hit the ‘Owner’ button to view the settings for ownership of the drive. From the list of ‘Name’, you can easily locate the tabs for selecting ‘User name’ or ‘Administrator’. So, either select any of these options or simply hit the option for the ‘Administrators’ group.

Now, if you wish to have the ownership for this folder, simply tick the checkbox for ‘Replace owner on subfolders and objects’. After that, hit the ‘OK’ button and wait for the notification ‘You do not have permission to read the contents of the directory folder name. Do you want to replace the directory permissions with permissions granting you Full Control?’.

Next, press the ‘Yes’ tab and this will enable the Admin rights to access the external drive using the Linksys router.

Somehow, if this solution fails and Linksys router external storage is still not working, it can be due to the router’s firewall configuration. Hence, you can go through its settings page to disable any such security software to fix USB storage error.

Method 2- Map your Router by Connecting it to USB Drive

If the Linksys wireless router is not mapped while connecting to the USB drive, it can prevent the user’s access to the storage device. So, you can fix this problem by making use of the FTP server while mapping your Linksys router. Once, you map the routing device, it will enable the users to read and write files from the USB drive. Now, go through the following points to understand how to map your router in order to detect external storage.

Steps to Fix USB Storage By Mapping Wireless Router

In order to apply this method, first, visit the official website of Linksys or enter the IP address in the URL box. Then log into the configuration menu of the Linksys router by entering accurate username and password.

Next, hit the link for ‘USB Storage’ and go to the section of ‘Apps’ for checking the configuration settings. Then you need to insert the USB drive to the router’s USB port, which is present at the device’s back panel.

Now, give some time to the routing device for recognizing the external storage. If you don’t observe any change, hit the tab for ‘Refresh’ immediately. Then wait for the details on the USB drive to appear on your device’s screen.

Now, you have to navigate to the section of ‘Folder Access’ and note down the address beside ‘PC access’ option. Remember, this is the address required for mapping the USB drive for connecting to computers via Linksys router.

After this, go to the menu bar and hit the tab for ‘Map network drive’ and enter the address for accessing PC. Finally, tick the checkbox for ‘Reconnect at Logon’ and select the ‘Finish’ button. Hopefully, this will troubleshoot the error of external storage on Linksys EA6350 not working.


In case none of the above solutions work, you can try to format the USB drive after consulting a Linksys technician. Otherwise, you can remove the current software of the Linksys router and reinstall the device by following proper guidelines. Also, if the drivers for your Linksys device is outdated, try to install its latest updates to resolve this error.

To know more about this router issue, you can get in touch with network professionals. They can determine the actual causes behind Linksys external storage not working problem.


Learn How To Perform DLink Router Port Forwarding Program With Simple-to-Perform Ways

Port Forwarding is a valuable application which is used to create a redirect communication request during the packet traversing program. Moreover, it is very helpful to make a bridge between a private network and a public network without encountering any network error. In this article, we are going to focus on the major significance of the Port forwarding techniques of DLink router. Moreover, it is very difficult to establish a flawless connection to the new DLink users. In that case, we are also trying to highlight the process on to perform the Dlink router port forwarding program in this content without encountering the technical issues associated with it.

Why do you Need Port Forwarding in Dlink Wireless Device?

Some of the important features that you can see in the Port forwarding feature in Dlink Wireless devices.

  • Port Forwarding is an efficient step to run a public HTTP server both in a private LAN and in Public Network.
  • Moreover, it permits to access the host on a private LAN over the internet by invoking the Secure Shell program.
  • This outstanding feature is beneficial to run the game server within the Private LAN network.
  • It also helps to grant FTP access and remove the file accessing error from your device within a network.

How to Configure Port Forwarding in DLink Router? Effective Steps

Before performing the port forwarding program in D-Link Router, you need to follow the steps below and configure the router properly. However, you need to verify the router admin privileges correctly. Otherwise, you can face the port forwarding issue. So, log in the router setup window with correct admin confidential data and then configure it based on the DLink model.

  1. First, open the browser window by double-tapping on it. Next, type either “http://dlinkrouter or http://dlinkrouter.local” or default router IP address “” Then, hit the Enter key to open the Router setup window on the screen.
  2. Now, enter the correct credentials such as Router login ID and correct passcode. Press the Login button to log in the router account.
  3. After that, click on the Advanced tab from the resultant window and then tap on the Port Forwarding option from the left side of the window.
  4. Next, click on the Application name from the drop-down appeared on the scene but it is only applicable for the pre-defined applications. If it is a non-predefined application, then enter the desired port.
  5. After that, choose the computer or device from the DHCP client list. You can also input the IP address of the device manually that you helps to open that specified port.
  6. Finally, click on the Save button and apply the new changes after modifying the data in the Settings window. Thus, you can configure the Port forwarding in DLink router and enjoy the hassle-free internet service.

Bottom Line

We have defined the ways on how to configure the DLink router port forwarding service without any hassle. Moreover, it helps to get a hassle-free connection after connecting the DLink router to the computer. Therefore, it is helpful to enhance your router’s performance by avoiding all the setup issues associated with the wireless device.


Fix Linksys Router Slow Issue With The Smartest Solutions

Linksys is one of the top brands that produce the best routers. These routers are used for both office and domestic purposes. But it is quite common to face several issues with the Linksys router. Linksys router slow is one such problem that is faced by a number of users nowadays. By any case, if you are also facing the same issue, then this article will guide you to get rid of the problem within a minute.

Keep following this article thoroughly and execute the steps exactly the same as illustrated in the next section.

Common Reasons Responsible for Linksys Router Slow

Before going to the solution part, you have to know the reasons for which you are getting the issue. If the reason is known to you, then it will be easier to solve the issue on your own. Some common reasons are:

  • Outdated driver and firmware
  • Connection problem between the router and the device
  • Hardware failure

Feasible Methods to Resolve Linksys Router Slow WiFi Problems

Here, in this section, we are going to discuss some proven methods that will definitely help you in order to get rid of the issue. Thus, have a look at the entire article and perform the methods exactly the same as stated below.

Method 1: Disable WMM Support

This is the primary method by which you can fix a slow router at the earliest possible. The very first thing you have to do is to, launch a web browser that is installed in your device. After that, navigate to the “” and then you have to log in to your Linksys router as well.

Put the proper username and password. Now, you need to search for a page that has QoS settings. Here, you can find an option of WMM Support. Disable that particular option and then click on the Save icon. At the last step, restart your device and check if the issue gets solved or not. If not, then move to the next step.

Method 2: Update WiFi Network Drivers

In case the first method is not applicable to you, then go through this method to fix the problem.

  • First, turn on your router and the computer. Then, navigate to the search box.
  • There, you have to type “Windows Update Settings”.
  • After that, you have to choose the “Check for Updates” icon by clicking on it.
  • In case an update is available, then you have to click on that option. Then, install the update.
  • Wait until the installation process gets completed properly.
  • Finally, check if the same issue still appears or not.

Method 3: Get a Signal for your Adapter

  1. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to, double-click on the “Network connections” option. You can find this icon on the bottom-right side of the screen.
  2. Now, double tap on your router’s signal and check if there is anything wrong or not.
  3. Now, choose the “Wireless SSID Broadcast” and then choose Disable to continue.
  4. You will see a dialog box asking for “WEP Key”. Just tap on it.
  5. Then, select the Confirm icon and then click on OK.
  6. At the final step, reboot your computer and check if the issue gets solved completely or not.


We hope that this article will be beneficial for you to deal with the Linksys router slow issue. But if you have any questions while implementing the steps, then it is recommended to consult with an expert. You can also leave your valuable feedback in the comment section as well.


Know How To Set Static IP Address On TP-Link Router With Easy Steps

There are many types of operations and functions that you can perform on the TP-Link router and the IP address customization is one of them. Usually, you can set your IP address in two from, one is Static IP Address and the other one is Dynamic IP Address. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. And it totally depends on you, which IP address type you want to set for your TP-Link router.

Now if you want to know how to set a static IP address on TP-Link router, then follow this article. This is because we have provided the best ways to perform that here. Now, without wasting any time let’s have a look at them.

How to Set Static IP Address on TP-Link Router?

In order to set a static IP address on your TP-link router, you need to follow some simple instructions and they are provided in the area below. But before that, you need to find the TP-link router IP address and to do that follow the given steps underneath.

Default IP Address Of The Router On Windows

To find out the default IP address of TP-Link router on your Windows OS based system, follow as instructed below.

  1. Press the Windows key + R key to open the Run Dialog Box. Then type “ cmd” on it and hit the OK button or the Enter key. This will launch the Command prompt windows on the screen.
  2. In that window, you need to type “ipconfig” and then hit the Enter key.
  3. Instantly, a message will appear on the screen. In that message area, you need to locate that IP address which given next to the Default Gateway option.

This is because that is the default IP address of your TP-link router.

Alternative Method

Here is another alternative method for the IP locating task, hence do the following.

  1. Right-click on the Network icon and open the context menu. In that menu, you will get the Open network and sharing center option. Click on it.
  2. A new window will appear on the screen. There click on that link which is present next to the Connections option.
  3. The Wireless Network Connection Status pop-up window will appear on the screen. In that window, you need to click on the Details button.

Now, a new pop-up box will appear on the screen. In that box, you will find the default IP address of your router next to the IPv4 Default gateway.

Default IP Address Of The Router On Mac

Now, if you are using a Mac OS based system then follow the given steps to locate the TP-link router IP address.

  1. Go to the utility window and click on the Terminal option.
  2. This will then open the Terminal window on the screen. There you need to type “netstat -nr | grep default” and hit the Enter key
  3. Instantly, you will get the default IP address of the router next to the default option.

Alternative Method

You can also use this alternative method to find the IP address of your TP-link router. Hence, perform the steps cited below:

  1. Click on the Apple menu and select the System Preferences option from the scroll down.
  2. In the  System Preferences window, click on the Network References option.
  3. A new window will appear on the screen. There you need to click on the Wi-Fi option and hit on the  Advanced button.
  4. Now, the Network window will appear on the screen. In that window, tap on the TCP/IP tab and then locate the Router option. This is because besides that option you will get the default IP address of your router.

Set The Static IP Address

Once you get the default IP address of your TP-link, you are good to go with the Static IP Address setup process and the instructions are provided below.

  1. Open your desired browser application and type the default IP address of your TP-link router in the address bar. Then hit the Enter button. The Administrative page will come up on the browser. Usually, the default IP address of the router is
  2. In the Administrative page, first type-in your login credentials in order to unlock the page.
  3. Once the page in unlocked, tap on the Setup tab and enter into it.
  4. Inside that tab, you need to select the Connection Type option and change it to Static IP. Now, you will find that option under the Connection Type section.
  5. After doing that, enter the values of WAN IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway information into their respective place. You will get those values from your Internet service provider ( ISP).

Now, click on the Save button and wait for a few moments for the page to reload. Once it does that, click on the  Apply Settings options. Once you are done, you can easily start using your TP-Link router again.


We hope that the methods that are provided above are helpful to you regarding your queries related to how to set the static IP address on the TP-Link router. But, if you need more information on this topic or any other tech-related stuff then keep following our upcoming articles.