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Exceptional Methods to Perform Factory Reset Dlink Router

It is frustrating enough when you are working an important task but your router starts misbehaving. As we know, Dlink manufactures quality routers but it is not free from glitches. Thus, factory reset Dlink router is quite necessary for you. By any case, if you forget the password or the username, then factory reset can help you to create a new one as well. If you are facing any sort of network issue repeatedly, then perform a factory reset and solve all of them within a minute.

Go through the entire article and implement the steps exactly the same as stated. But it is suggested not to skip any steps or make any mistake while performing the methods.

How to Reset Dlink Router to Factory Settings? One-stop Solutions

In case, if you are not able to remember your router’s password and username, then a factory reset can help you to fix that particular problem. It also speeds up enough space on your system. But keep in mind that, if you reset your router, it will clear up all the home network settings as well. Here we are going to discuss two ways to perform factory reset.

Solution 1: Using the Reset Button

This is the easiest way in order to reset your Dlink router. The very first thing that you have to do is to, turn off your computer. Afterward, unplug the router from your computer. Just wait for a couple of minutes and then attach the router with the PC. Now, look at the bottom of the router. There you will notice a Reset button. Tap and hold the Reset button for a few seconds. You can see the lights start to flicker. At the final step, power on the computer for once more and launch a web browser for verifying the internet connection.

Solution 2: Using Web-based Page Setup

By chance, if you fail to perform the first method, then go through this one.

First of all, you have to go in the web browser.

After that, give the password and the username in the respective fields. But remember that you cant keep it blank anymore.

After providing the credentials, proceed with the option Login.

Then, choose the Administration tab. You can find this option at the top of the window.

Next, you have to select the Factory defaults option and also tap on it.

Keep waiting for a while and you can see that the red light has stopped blinking.

At the final step, launch a browser and check if you successfully reset your router or not.

Summing Up

In this guide, we have provided you the stepwise instructions using which you can know how to reset the Dlink router to factory settings. As per our suggestion, you have to try the two methods carefully. If you are still in confusion or meeting with any complications, then try to get in touch with a professional by giving your valuable feedback. Moreover, if the article is beneficial for you, then share your experience with us. We will be happy to know your feedback.


Netgear Readyshare Not Working: Resolve This Issue With Some Premium Hacks

Netgear is one of the most preferred router brands throughout the globe. This router brand successfully left behind its competitors by providing exceptional features and superior connectivity. But still, it is not free from occasional glitches. Netgear Readyshare not working is a common bug which is often encountered by several Netgear users while trying to connect the router to the system. Readyshare is a rare feature of Netgear router that helps the users to connect flash drives or hard drives with the router. The drive which is attached with the router will be available for those users who are currently working on the internet or on this network. Most of the USB drives of the router runs with the help of this Readyshare feature. But, sometimes this feature stops to work properly due to some unusual reasons.

If you are on the same condition, then nothing to get worried about this. Here in this article, we are going to present some amazing hacks which can help you to get rid of this issue. Hence, you are advised to go through the guide given below.

Know the Probable Causes of Netgear Readyshare Not Working Issue:

Before going to perform the troubleshooting hacks, it’s better to identify the specific reasons behind this issue. It’s also become easy to troubleshoot a problem after knowing the causes behind it. Hence, have a look at the reasons pointed below:

  • You can face this issue due to the bad network signal.
  • If the firmware of the router gets outdated, then it might be the reason behind this issue.
  • If you are using an outdated version of Windows Operating System, then also you can face this problem.
  • Sometimes, if you turn on the SMB or Server Message Block feature of the Windows Operating System mistakenly, then it can also lead to this problem.  

Now, you are aware of the root causes behind this error. Hence, now you just need some hacks to fix this issue.

Easy Tips and Tricks to Fix Netgear Readyshare Not Working Issue:

There are a lot of easy and simple tricks to fix the Netgear Readyshare USB not working’ issue. Hence, stick to the troubleshooting hacks explained below:

Procedure 1: Update the Router Firmware

If you are using an obsolete firmware of the router, then there might be chances of encountering this kind of problem. Hence, updating the router’s firmware is one of the best hacks to solve this issue. To update the firmware of your Netgear router, you should perform the steps listed follows:

Step 1

At first, open the default web browser of your computer. Then, visit the official website of Netgear. On the Netgear website, you should navigate to the search field and enter the model number of your router to search for the most compatible firmware of the router.

Step 2

When you find the latest firmware of the router, then tap on the ‘Download Now’ link to download the firmware.

Step 3

After that, open a new tab and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar. Hit the Enter button to go to the next page. It will open the setup page of the router. Now, you have to enter the login credentials in the specific field and tap on the ‘Log n’ option. It will navigate you to the configuration page of your Netgear router.

Step 4

Move the cursor left pane of the Configuration window and tap on the ‘Administration’ section. Now, you should navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab and tap on the ‘Firmware Update’ option. In some of the particular Netgear router, you will see the ‘Maintenance’ tab instead of the ‘Advanced’ tab. Then, you should Tap on the ‘Router Update’ link by going to the ‘Maintenance’ tab.

Step 5

After that, tap on the ‘Choose File’ option and click twice on the ‘Download’ button. Once the downloading process completes, you should tap on the ‘Upload’ button to upload the firmware of the router.

Now, restart the router to apply the changes. Then, you should try to use the USB drive to check whether the issue still appears or not. If the problem persists, then you should move on to further solutions.

Procedure 2: Update the Windows Operating System

You can also fix the Netgear Readyshare USB not working issue by updating Windows OS. In order to update the Operating System, you should perform the steps provided below:

Step 1

First, hit the I and Windows key both at the same time from the keyboard to open the Settings window. Else, you can move the cursor to the left bottom of the screen and tap on the Start menu. Then, tap on the gear-shaped Settings icon from the Start menu.

Step 2

On the Settings window, you will see the ‘Update & Security’ category. Tap on it.

Step 3

Go to the left pane of the ‘Update & Security’ window and tap on the ‘Windows Update’ option. Now, you have to tap on the ‘Check for updates’ option from the ‘Windows Update’ window. As a result, it will start to search for the available update. If an update is available there, then it will start to download it automatically.  

Step 4

After finishing the updating process, it will navigate you to the next window. Here you will see a complete list of all the updates. To complete this procedure, you have to tap on the ‘Install all’ option. It will start the installation procedure. Wait for a few minutes until the installation process is running. Once the process completes, tap on the ‘Finish’ button and exit from the current window.

Now, restart the system. Then, you have to try to connect a USB flash drive to the router to check if the reasdyshare feature is working properly or not. If you see that the problem is still unresolved, then go to the next method discussed below.

Procedure 3: Disable the SMBv1 by Using Windows Registry

According to some users, they have fixed the Netgear Readyshare not working issue by deactivating the SMBv1 using the Windows Registry. To disable the Server Message Block feature on the system, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

At first, open the Run dialog box by pressing the R and Windows key both at the same time from the keyboard. Now, type ‘regedir.msc’ in the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key from the keyboard to go to the ‘Registry Editor’ window.

Step 2

On the next window, move the cursor to the Address bar. Then, type the key ‘HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters’ and hit the Enter key from the keyboard to go to the next page.

Step 3

Now, look at the right pane of the screen and click twice on the ‘SMB1’ key. As a result, it will navigate you to the ‘DWORDSMB1’ window.

Step 4

Look at the upper right side of the next window and tap on the ‘Value’ label. Now, you will see two options. They are ‘zero’ and ‘one’. Here the ‘zero’ value indicates the ‘Disabled’ option and ‘one’ indicates the ‘Enabled’ option. Hence, here you have to change the value to ‘zero.’

After that, you have to close the window and restart the system to apply the changes. Now, you should try to use the USB drive to check whether the Readyshare features started to work.

Final Recommendation

In the above guide, we have discussed some of the possible methods to fix the Netgear Readyshare not working issue. It is our hope that if you implement the above ways in their respective order, then it will surely assist you to put an end to this bug. After successfully performing the above ways if your concern is still unresolved, then you should seek help from a tech expert for further assistance. In addition, you can also share your queries and valuable feedback through the comment box given at the end of this post.


Netgear Parental Controls Not Working: Fix This Issue To Safeguard Privacy For Your Netgear Router

The Parental control settings on the Netgear router can stop working due to some technical error. When this happens, it can be a problematic situation for the parents who have enabled this feature on their routers. Parental control allows them to monitor the ongoing activities in Netgear Genie and block access to the Internet for unauthorized users, especially for children. So, to ensure that the parental control filter starts to work again, it requires some technical hacks from the Netgear specialists. Now, to learn why your Netgear parental controls not working on the router, you can check this article. Here, you can also refer to the troubleshooting methods in order to enable this parent control feature on the Netgear router.

Why Netgear Parental Controls Not Working on your Router?

If the parental monitoring settings is not responding for the routing device, it can happen due to multiple reasons. But, unless you understand the underlying reasons that can disable this security feature, you can’t enable it. So, let’s discuss a few common causes which can result in the Netgear parental controls not working issue.

Possible Causes to Block ‘Parental Controls’ in Netgear Genie

Sometimes, the users forget to turn on the tab for parental controls on their Netgear routers. Hence, this can be a possible reason why Netgear Genie is not showing the parental supervision feature anymore.

If you are connecting Netgear router to a PC that is already running a cybersecurity program, this error can pop up. Basically, this happens when such a software interferes with the drivers of the Netgear device.

Often, the portal of Open DNS can become inaccessible because of various issues in the main server. Hence, it can affect the router, which can also result in blocking the parental supervision tab for the users.

If the installation process for Netgear Live Parental Controls is incomplete, it can lead to Netgear Genie parental controls not working issue. Similarly, any corrupted files in the Netgear setup can also be responsible for turning off parental monitoring.

Effective Solutions to Apply If Netgear Parental Controls Not Working While Using the Router:

If you notice that the Parental Controls feature is not responding on your Netgear router, it can be due to both software and hardware reasons. But, you can try some of the effective methods to make sure that Netgear Live Parental Controls is working properly. So, let’s discuss a few hacks which can turn on the parental monitoring feature on your Netgear device.

Method 1- Remove Old Setup and Re-install Netgear Genie

Somehow, if the current Netgear Genie settings don’t enable the feature of parental supervision, it indicates some error. Hence, you can uninstall the current setup for Netgear Genie and then begin the fresh installation of the router driver.

Step 1

So, your first task is to click on the Windows Start button and open the Search box. Then, find the window for the ‘Control Panel’ and navigate to the ‘Programs and Features’ section.

Next, click on the link for ‘Uninstall a program’ and select the icon for Netgear Genie. After this, hit the ‘Uninstall’ button and wait for Windows to remove the Netgear router program.

On some machines, you will be able to delete the entire setup for Netgear Genie by double-clicking on the uninstall.exe file. Once the software and associated components for this router device are removed, download and install the latest version of the Netgear Genie app.

Step 2

After launching this application, click on ‘Home’ and find the icon for ‘Parental Controls’ from the list of features. Now, in order to set up the Netgear Live Parental Controls, you will have to login by entering the default username and password.

For those who aren’t aware of the credentials for signing into Netgear setup, type ‘admin’ as the username. Also, write ‘password’ in place of the security key for the Netgear Genie. Otherwise, you can get in touch with a router professional to recover your old credentials, if you have changed it in between.

Step 3

As soon as you enter the sign in details, you will notice the popup window for ‘Parental Controls’. Now, click on the ‘Next’ tab, which is present at the bottom-right corner of the Netgear Genie setup page.

Below the ‘Setting up Live Parental Controls’ heading, choose the ‘No, I need to create a free OpenDNS account’ option. After that, hit the ‘Next’ button and enter the details necessary for creating a new profile on the router configuration window.

Step 4

Make sure to choose a unique name for Netgear’s username, so that nobody can guess it quickly. Also, you need to click on the tab for ‘Check availability’ to ensure that if you are selecting a proper username for setting up the Netgear Genie.

Once again, hit the ‘Next’ button and select the filtering level to protect your router network. In case, you want to enable parental controls for blocking the access for your curious children, choose the ‘High’ option for maximum protection.

This is also necessary for blocking adult content websites which can be accessed without ‘Parental Controls’ in Netgear Genie. In addition to this, this setting will prevent access to social networking sites, phishing attacks, illegal, and time-wasting content.

After selecting this feature, click on ‘Next’ and restart your system after exiting the Netgear Genie setup page. Hopefully, you will now observe that the blocked websites are not accessible anymore and ‘Parental Controls’ feature is working again. If the issue remains the same, try the remaining fixes to enable parental monitoring feature in Netgear.

Method 2- Change Custom Settings for Parental Controls

In case the above method fails and your Netgear Genie parental controls not working, customize your security settings. To apply this fix, open the setup page for Netgear Genie router and click on the ‘Parental Controls’ option.

As you hit this tab on the left panel of the window, it will display a ‘Status’ page on the right side. Here, you need to find the ‘Change Custom Settings’ button and click on it.

This will direct to ‘’ where you can type your username and password for accessing your OpenDNS profile. After signing into your Netgear account, click on the ‘Custom’ option below the heading of ‘Modify default filtering level’.

Next, scroll down the page and tick/untick the checkboxes or categories which you want to block/unblock on Netgear. Finally, hit the ‘Save Default Filtering Level’ tab in order to register these changes.

Now, try to access any website that may require parental supervision features and see if it’s blocked by Netgear Genie.

Method 3- Restrict Internet Access with Time Block

The previous methods can be applicable for restricting specific content and adult websites by creating a firewall in Netgear. However, if your children can manage to get access to alternate sites or proxy tools, they may still view them. Hence, enabling a time limiting feature can be a great way to deal with shortcomings of ‘Parental Controls’.


In order to try this solution, you will have to develop a new bypass account. So, let’s discuss the steps in order to apply this fix by activating time blocker.

First, open the Setup window of Netgear Genie and follow the steps in method 2 to find ‘Change Custom Settings’. You need to click on this tab and go to the directed page ‘’.


Next, you have to select the link for ‘Add a bypass account’ and create an account on mobile or PC having Netgear Genie app. You have to follow proper instructions to develop this profile with a new set of username and password. After verifying the security key, click on the ‘Add account’ tab.


You can now select your desired filtering level under the ‘Modify filtering level for Dad’ section. Then click on the ‘Save Filtering Level’ tab and hit the ’Add a time block’ button. Now, select the appropriate value for ‘Time Range’ and return to the setup window for Netgear Genie. Finally, click on the ‘Bypass Login’ tab and double-click on your profile to view the access page. Here, you have to type your password and select the ‘Login’ button to access the feature of Netgear Live Parental Controls.

Somehow, if the Netgear parental controls not working even after applying any of these methods discussed here, you need to consult professionals. Hence, get in touch with a router technician, who can assist in enabling the ‘Parental Controls’ feature in Netgear Genie.


Learn What To Do If Netgear wna3100 Keeps Disconnecting

Netgear wna3100 is one of the most popular wireless USB adapters all over the World. Despite its amazing features, it is not free from technical glitches. Netgear wna3100 keeps disconnecting is one of the most common problems that users are encountering these days. This issue generally occurs if the USB driver has not been updated. Sometimes, it can also appear when the USB driver is corrupted or damaged. Most of the users have reported that their Netgear wna3100 keeps disconnecting Windows 10 and as a result, their task gets hampered.

So, if you are also encountering this similar problem then read this article carefully. Here we are going to share easy and different procedures to get rid of this particular issue on the Windows 10 system.

Effective Procedures to Fix the Netgear wna3100 Keeps Disconnecting Error:

Let’s take a look at the section below where we are going to discuss some effective and useful procedures that can help you to solve the error effortlessly. Perform these procedures one by one in order to resolve this problem.

Procedure 1 – Update the USB Driver

The primary solution that you have to perform is the update the USB driver. If the driver is outdated then there are chances that you may encounter this problem on the system. So, it is necessary to update the USB driver to the latest version. To complete this procedure follow the instructions which are mentioned below:

  1. At first, press the Windows Home button and R key together to launch the Run window.
  2. In the Run dialog box, type Device Manager and then click on the OK button or hit the Enter key.
  3. When the Device Manager window opens, take the mouse to the Network Adapter section on the left side panel, select it to expend it.
  4. After that, right click on the USB driver and then select the Update Software Driver option to start the update process.
  5. After completing this process, restart the device and then check if the problem still persists or not.

Procedure 2 – Turn Off the USB Selective Suspend Settings

By turning off the USB selective suspend settings on the system can eliminate the Netgear wna3100 keeps disconnecting problem on your PC. The following steps will help you:

  1. Firstly, hold down the Windows Home key and press the X button to open the WinX menu list and then select the Control Panel application.
  2. From the Control Panel window, double-click on the Hardware and Sound section.
  3. In the Hardware and Sound tab, select it Power Options button.
  4. When the Power Options window opens, click on the Change plan settings button.
  5. After that, you can click on the Change Advanced Power Settings option.
  6. From the Advanced Power Settings window, go to the USB settings, select it to expend it.
  7. After that select the USB selective suspend Settings and then choose the Disable button for both options.
  8. Once you are done with these steps, select the OK button to save it.

Procedure 3 – Disable the WLAN Adapter Suspend

This is an alternative procedure that you can apply on your computer to resolve the Netgear wna3100  keeps disconnecting Windows 10 problem is that disabling the WLAN adapter suspend. Hence, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the Windows Home icon to open the WinX menu list.
  2. From that list, you will see the Device Manager application, click on it.
  3. When the Device Manager application opens, go to the Network Adapters and then right-click on the Driver to launch the list.
  4. After that, select the Properties option.
  5. In the Properties window, move the cursor to the Power Management tab and then unmark the Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power button.
  6. After doing this, select the OK button to change the settings.
  7. Restart your PC and then check if the issue still appears or not.

Procedure 4 – Reinstall the Driver

Due to the corrupted driver, you might encounter this problem on your computer. So you have to remove the driver and then install it on the system. To reinstall the driver follow these instructions:

  1. First of all, press the Windows Home key and S key to open the Search Panel.
  2. Type Device Manager in the Search Panel and then hit the Enter button.
  3. From the Device Manager application, go to the left side panel and right click on the Driver and then click on the Remove Device button to uninstall the driver.
  4. Once the driver is uninstalled, you can again install it from the official website of the Netgear.
  5. Go to the Netgear official website and search for the latest version of the Netgear wna3100 and then download it.
  6. Once the download file is completed, install it. To finish the installation process follow the onscreen instructions carefully.
  7. After finishing this, restart your PC and then check if the Netgear wna3100 works perfectly.

Procedure 5 – Perform the Network Troubleshooter

If the previous procedures do not work out properly then you can use this procedure to remove this problem on your computer. By performing the network troubleshooter, you will eliminate this problem from your PC. To do that:

  1. Open the Settings application by pressing the Windows button and I key together.
  2. When the Settings window opens, go to the Update and Security section.
  3. From that section, take the mouse to the Troubleshoot tab on the left side panel, select it.
  4. On the Troubleshoot tab, scroll down the page and find the Network Adapter, select it and then click on the Run the troubleshooter button to begin the process.
  5. Now the system will find the problem and fix it automatically.
  6. Once it gets finished, reboot the system and then check if the problem has been resolved or not.

Hopefully, by now you will get all the information about the Netgear wna3100 keeps disconnecting problem. The procedures mentioned above are very easy and effective ways to solve this problem on your computer. Carefully read this article and do these steps accordingly on your PC to fix this glitch. In case you face any problem to do that then you need to consult with an expert.


Netgear DNS Error: Best Hacks At Your Fingertips

The “Netgear DNS Error” can come up, when you try to browse the internet. Usually, when you get this issue, then the full error appears with a message that is the “DNS Server is Not Responding”. This problem can crop up if the DNS server that translates the domain name is unable to give some response. There can be various reasons for this problem. Some of the usual reasons are that if the DNS Server address gets altered, then you can face this issue. Even, due to the unused networks also you can get this problem. Further, if the DNS cache has corrupt information within it, this problem can arise. Moreover, change the MAC address and restart the computer and router.

Methods to Resolve the Netgear DNS Error

This is the section of the article that will help you to rectify the DNS server unavailable issue very easily and efficiently. Hence, follow the guide accurately.

Clear the DNS Cache from the Computer

When the files inside the DNS cache gets corrupted or misplaced somehow, then you can get this error. A DNS cache is a memory that stores information about the websites that you have visited while browsing. Therefore, the best solution to eradicate this error is to remove all the contents within the DNS cache. In order to do this follow the below steps.

  • First, tap on the ‘Cortana’ logo, to open the search area of the Windows.
  • After that, on that blank space,  type the text “command prompt”. Next, from the output of this search,  right-click on the option ‘Command Prompt’ and then choose the suboption from the popup menu that comes up, which will be “Run as administrator”.
  • Now, a new window that has the name ‘Command Prompt’ with a black background and white text will come up.
  • Within this window, type the command – ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ and hit ‘Enter key. This command will remove all the contents inside the DNS cache. Check if this error comes back or not.
  • Now, if you get this problem even after the DNS cache is cleaned then type in the following four commands – ‘ipconfig /registerdns’, ‘ipconfig /release’, ‘ipconfig /renew’, ‘netsh winsock reset’. After each of the commands, press the ‘Enter’ key to execute them.
  • When the execution of all the commands are complete, then reboot the computer and then see if this issue comes back or not.

Change the Addresses of DNS Server

An address of a  DNS server can be collected by the computer automatically. But, if that server does not respond to the request sent by the client computer, then you can face the “Netgear DNS error”. Now, to solve this problem you can change the problematic DNS to a public DNS. To do that, in the correct way, follow the steps underneath.

  • First, tap on both the ‘Windows + S’ keys simultaneously to launch the search popup area. Then, inside that search area, write the text “ncpa.cpl”. When you get the same text under ‘Best Match’ section at the top of the search output, then click on it.
  • This will open a new window, with the name ‘Network Connection’. In it, there will be network adapters on a list.
  • Now, from that list, choose the network that is currently connected to the internet and right-click on it. Next, from the popup menu, locate and choose the option ‘Properties’.
  • This will open a new window, tap on the tab ‘Networking’. Under that tab, there is a list, from it, choose the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ option.
  • Next, just below the list, go to the right side of that window and click on the ‘Properties’ button. This action will yet again launch a new window, that has a name ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties’.
  • Within that, window, click on the ‘General’ tab. Now, under that tab, there are two sections. Out of those two, go to the bottom one and then, choose the ‘Use the following DNS server addresses:’ option.
  • After that, type the numbers ‘’ and ‘’ within the fields ‘Preferred DNS server:’, ‘Alternate DNS server:’ respectively. Then, below that section, put a checkmark on the option ‘Validate settings upon exit’.
  • Now, tap on the ‘OK’ button and reboot the computer.
  • Finally, inspect whether this problem is still present or not.

Alter the Physical or MAC Address

Sometimes, if the physical address of the computer gets corrupt due to some reason, then you can encounter this issue. So the solution to get rid of this problem is to alter the MAC address of the computer. Here are steps on how can you achieve it.

  • First, press on the combination of ‘Windows + X’ to open the ‘Options Menu’. Next, within that menu, locate the option ‘Windows PowerShell (Admin)’ and choose it.
  • At this moment a ‘UAC’ prompt will come up, in it, select the ‘OK’ button. After that, a new window with the name ‘Administrator: Windows PowerShell’ will come up.
  • Inside that window with a blue background, type a command that follows – ‘ipconfig /all’ and then, press the ‘Enter’ key to run it. This command will showcase the total IP configuration of Windows.
  • From the result of that command, identify the network adapter with which the machine is currently connected and then take a note of the ‘Physical Address’ of the device.
  • Next, go to the ‘Network’ icon present on the bottom right corner of the taskbar, beside the ‘Battery’ and right-click on it. Now, from the popup list, select the ‘Open Network & Internet settings’ option. This will open the ‘Windows Settings’ window with the heading ‘Status’.
  • Inside that window, go to the bottom and select the link ‘Network and Sharing Center’. Then a new ‘Control Panel’ window will come up, that has a similar name as the link which you selected on the last line.
  • Within that window, go to the left panel and then choose the link ‘Change adapter settings’. As soon as you click on that link, a page with a list of network connections will show up.
  • Now, from that list, choose the currently connected network and then, right-click on it, After that, from the popup menu that shows up, locate and then select the ‘Properties’ option.
  • This action will open up a new ‘Properties’ window of the chosen network connection, after that, tap on the ‘Configure’ button. Next, on the ‘Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200 AGN Properties’ window, select the tab ‘Advanced’. Under that tab, select the option ‘Network Address’ from the ‘Property’ list on the left.
  • Then, go to the right side and then, choose the option ‘Value’. Besides that option, there is a blank space, in it, type in the following address – “408D5C44A795”, Next, click on ‘Ok’ button.
  • At last, restart the computer and see if this error still persists or not.

Deactivate the Networks that are not Currently in Use

When there are more than one network connections present within the computer, then due to conflict of networks you can encounter the “Netgear DNS error”. The solution to resolve this problem is to deactivate the networks that are not in use currently. Follow the steps below, in order to do it.

  • First, press the combination of both the keys ‘Window + R’ all together to launch a new ‘Run’ dialog box.
  • Within that dialog box, write the following text – ‘ncpl.cpl’ on the empty space present on the right side of the label ‘Open:’. Next, tap on the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Now, when a page will come up with a name ‘Network Connection’, in it, locate the network other than currently connected one and right-click on it.
  • After that, from the menu that pops up, choose the ‘Disable’ option.
  • Repeat the third and fourth steps of this method to deactivate all the remaining networks which are unused.
  • Lastly, reboot the computer and check whether this issue comes up or not.

A Process to Restart the Netgear Router and PC

If none of the single methods on this section is unable to correct this issue, then as a last resort, you can simply restart the router and the computer. To do it, follow the lines that are presented beneath.

  • First, on the router press the ‘Power’ button to turn the device off. After that, shut down the computer also.
  • Next, unplug all the cables from the router device and the computer, then wait for a minute or so. When you do this, then the static charge will be released from the router.
  • After that, plug all the cables back to their proper places on the router and the PC. Then, start the router device and then the computer respectively.
  • After that, wait for all the LED light on the router to become static and check if you are getting this error or not.


The “Netgear DNS error” can be easily rectified if you follow all the points on the previous section minutely. But, even after following every step on the above section, still, if you are unable to resolve this glitch, then do not worry at all. Just, give the details about the query that you faced on the comment section present under this article.


Complete Guide On How To Resolve Tenda Router Not Connecting Problem

Tenda makes one of the most popular routers all over the world. Despite its high-tech features, it is not free from technical glitches. Tenda router not connecting is one of the common problems which are often encountered by most of the Tenda users. Generally, this problem occurs if the Network Driver is outdated. If the Windows system files are damaged, then this problem can arise too.

Sometimes, this issue can be caused if the LAN is enabled. Tenda wireless router not connecting properly restricts the users from using the internet and hampers their task. If you are also facing this problem, then this article will help you. In this guideline, you will get to know all the methods that can help you to get rid of this particular issue.

Effective Procedures to Fix the Tenda Router Not Connecting Problem

Before starting the procedures, you need to restart the system and the router. Sometimes, restarting the device and router can resolve many problems. After restarting, if the problem is still there, then you can try other procedures which are mentioned below.

Procedure 1 – Modify the Group Policy Settings

This particular feature enables you to bring in necessary modification on your computer. By modifying the group policy settings, you can resolve the Tenda router not connecting problem on the system. To change it, follow the steps:

  1. At first, hold down the Windows Button and press the R key to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Type ‘gpedit’ in the Run box and then select the OK button or hit the Enter key.
  3. When the Group Policy window opens, go to the following folders Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Internet Communication Management > Internet Communicating Settings.
  4. From the Internet Communicating Settings folder, find the ‘Turn off Windows Network Connectivity Status Indicator active tests’ folder option, double-click on it.
  5. In the Properties window, click on the Not Configured button.
  6. Once done, then you can select the Apply button and then click on the OK option.

Procedure 2 – Remove the Network Driver and Install it Again

If the Network Driver is damaged or missing, then you may get this problem. So, you need to remove the Network Driver and again install it. To do so, perform the steps mentioned hereunder:

  1. Firstly, press the Windows + X key together to open the WinX menu list.
  2. Select the Device Manager application from that list.
  3. When the Device Manager window, navigate to the left panel and select the WiFi Driver to expend it.
  4. After that, right-click on the WiFi Driver and then click on the Uninstall button to remove this.
  5. Once it is removed, you need to install the driver. To install the driver, go to the Device Manager window and select the ‘Scan for hardware changes’ icon which is located at the top of the menu of the window.
  6. Once the driver is installed, restart the system and then try to connect the WiFi and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Procedure 3 – Update the Network Driver

Sometimes, an outdated version of the WiFi/Network Driver can cause the Tenda router not connecting issue. Users have noticed that update the Wifi driver can resolve this issue. So, you need to upgrade the driver. To perform this procedure, follow these steps given below:

  1. First of all, press the Win + S key to open the Search Panel.
  2. When the Search box opens, type Device Manager and then hit the Enter button.
  3. In the Device Manager window, locate the WiFi Driver from the left side. Right-click on it to open the list.
  4. Click on the Update Software Driver option from that list to initiate the update process.
  5. After completing the update process, reboot the system and then check if the Tenda router connects perfectly.

Procedure 4 – Clear all the Saved WiFi Networks

By removing all saved WiFi networks can fix the Tenda wireless router not connecting problem on the system. To clear all the WiFi networks, follow the steps cited below:

  1. Launch the Settings application by pressing the Windows key and I key.
  2. When the Settings application opens, go to the Network & Internet tab.
  3. From the Network & Internet window, select the WiFi tab from the left side menu list.
  4. On the Right side window, find the Manage WiFi Settings and click on it.
  5. After that, find the Manage known networks, select it. Now, all the saved WiFi networks list will display on the screen.
  6. After that, select them one by one network and then click on the Forget button to remove them.

Procedure 5 – Turn off 802.1 1n Mode of the Network Adapter

By turning off the 802.1 1n Mode of the Network Adapter, you can fix this problem. To turn it off, follow the steps:

  1. From the keyboard, hold the Windows key and press the R button to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type ‘Device Manager’ and then click on the OK option or press the Enter button.
  3. From the Device Manager application, select the Network Adapters and right click on the Driver.
  4. Select the Properties button to open that window.
  5. In the Properties window, take the mouse to the Advanced tab, select it. After that, select the 802.1 1n Mode and then set the value is Disabled.
  6. Once you are done with the steps, select the OK button and then try to connect the network.

Procedure 6 – Change the Registry

This is an alternative procedure that we have provided to fix this problem. To change the registry editor, follow the directions:

  1. Press the Windows Button + R key to open the Run box.
  2. Type ‘regedit’ in the Run box and then hit the Enter key or click on the OK option.
  3. From the Registry Editor window, under the File menu, click on the Export button.
  4. In the Export window, click on the All and then put the Desired name and then select the Save button.
  5. After that, go to the following paths HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WcmSvc.
  6. Right-click on the WcmSvc key to open the list. Then, click on the New button and then select the Key option. Now, you need to put the name is Group Policy.
  7. You need to right-click on the Group Policy and select New. Then, click on the DWORD (32-bit) value option. Now, change the name is fMinimizeConnections.
  8. Once you are done with these steps, close the Registry Editor window.

Procedure 7 – Restart the WLAN AutoConfig Service

By restarting the WLAN AutoConfig services, you can get rid of this problem. Follow these steps:

  1. At first, to open the Run window, press the Win + R keys.
  2. When the Run window opens, type ‘services.msc’ and then press the Enter button or click on the OK option.
  3. From the Services window, find the WLAN AutoConfig, double-click on it.
  4. When the WLAN AutoConfig Properties window opens, navigate to the Startup Type and set is Automatic.
  5. Then, select the OK option.

Hopefully, these procedures will help you to get rid of the Tenda router not connecting problem. Try to these procedures one by one on your PC and solve this issue immediately. However, if you face this problem again, then feel free to contact an expert.


Convenient Tricks To Eliminate Netgear Error 651 Instantly

Being one of the renowned brands, Netgear mainly deals with manufacturing and selling a variety of connectivity devices. Moreover, it comes with certain appendages mostly for iPods and iPhones. These are network switches, computer cables, USB devices, as well as many other peripherals. The demand of the Netgear router is very high in this market owing to its exclusive features which give you secure connectivity. However, after a considerable period of use, there is a great possibility that the routers will develop certain errors which can disrupt your work.

Recently, users are facing a countless number of issues, among which the Netgear error 651 is the most irritating one. You may think that it is high time when you will require expert guidance to overcome the error without any disparity. Prior to that, go through this user guide to get a good grasp on the effective hacks to eliminate Netgear 651 problem in one go.

Underlying Reasons  for the Netgear Error 651:

Each and every electrical device has some technical glitches. And your Netgear router is no different. As a result, most of the users face it at least once during their lifetime. According to the latest response from the users of the Netgear router, the Netgear Error 651 is one of the most frequent errors that the users face on a daily basis. This issue is quite annoying for the majority of Windows users. You will often face this error when you try to associate the internet with the help of the PPPoE connection. However, there are certainly other reasons that lead to this error. For example, an inappropriate internet and IP configuration, a network card driver issue. As a result, when you get through all these issues, you should resort to the necessary precautions and eliminate this error as quickly as possible. If there is a delay, it might cause extreme problems that can disrupt your entire device which goes out of hand sometimes.

EffectiveTroubleshooting Steps to Evade Connection Failed with Error 651 Error:

The problem associated with the Netgear router is seriously a complicated issue and therefore, requires effective hacks. Hence, we suggest you not to interfere with those complications. Instead, you can resort to the exact troubleshooting steps. However, it is not that much easy to get through with the exact cause and detect the issue. Therefore, go through the rest of the article to know more such tricks in order to fix Netgear error 651.

Reconnect your Router or Other Connecting Devices: 

In case you are using the router, you just need to disable the router and after that, switch it back on after a while say 5 minutes. Moreover, if you use LAN connection, detach the wire and then insert it back again.

Reset TCP/IP on Your PC:

  • First and foremost thing is to launch a command prompt with the help of administrative right.
  • After that, you just have to copy the command “netsh int ip reset reset.log ”
  • Then, you should press the Enter key to complete.
  • Finally, restart your computer. However, if the issue still persists, go through the below steps to prevent Netgear modem error 651.

Recreating Dial-Up Connection:

  • First of all move to the “Network & Sharing Center. Now, you need to press on the “Change Adapter Setting”.
  • After that, right-click your broadband or dial-up connection.
  • Thereafter, you can choose to Create a Copy option.
  • After that, this will make a copy of your previous connection.
  • Now, simply remove the old connection.
  • Finally, you need to redial the new connection.

Boot the Computer in Safe Mode and Disable the Antivirus Software:

  • When the computer is turned on, you need to restart your system.
  • Moreover, when the P.C is turned on press the “F8” key.
  • Then you need to stop tapping once you find the “Advanced Boot Options” menu.
  • If you wish to display your selection, you can use the up/down arrow keys.
  • Using the networking, you can choose Safe Mode. After that, press the Enter key.
  • While you load the drivers, you need to wait for some time.
  • Now, you will find the Welcome Screen.
  • Finally, with the help of an account with Administrator privileges, you need to login to your computer.

After you follow the above steps and still unable to resolve the connection failed with error 651, you can check with the official team.

Final Remark

Hopefully, this article covers all the effective fixes pertaining to the Netgear error 501 issue. If you follow the above steps thoroughly, you can easily resolve the afore-mentioned error in one go. Moreover, you can refer to any user guide for some instant help. Apart from this, if you have any new idea, you can provide that in the comment section.


Instant Hacks To Resolve Netgear A6210 Not Detected Error

Netgear routers, despite their high performance, are not error-free. For example, you might encounter Netgear a6210 not detected error at times. This error is mostly encountered with the a6210 model. However, you might face this error with other Netgear router models as well. Once you get stuck with this error, you will not be able to access the internet while it’s connected through the router. This can be a pretty bothersome issue for you as your work will be disrupted if you don’t have internet access on your device.

Therefore, if you want to fix this Netgear glitch on your own, then you can go through this post. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some easy steps to overcome this matter. But, before going to the fixes, identifying the root causes can be quite difficult for you. So, take a look right below in order to identify the possible reasons behind this Netgear router issue.

Probable Reasons Behind Netgear a6210 Adapter Not Found

There can be a lot of factors responsible for Netgear a6210 not detected issue. Here, we have mentioned only the prominent ones. So, without further delay, let’s have a look at some of the prominent causes of Netgear a6210 not detected issue.

  • The first and foremost reason behind Netgear a6210 not detected issue is a poor internet connection. Therefore, if you are connected to a weak and unstable internet connection, then you will surely encounter this error on your device.
  • There can be a problem with the Netgear router adapter. In such situations, the router is not able to turn on as it doesn’t get the power from the socket. Thus it results in such Netgear error appearing on the screen.
  • The router may not work properly. Such situations usually arise on the rainy season when the water enters the power socket through some leaks, thereby creating a short circuit and thus damaging the router.
  • This Netgear issue can also occur if your device driver is outdated or malfunctioning.
  • Also, faulty or improper configuration of your Netgear router can be another potential cause behind this Netgear a6210 adapter not found error. This problem can be resolved by resetting the configuration.
  • Furthermore, if you have any third-party security software installed on your device, then it blocks the router and may cause this issue. Windows Firewall can also do the same. Sometimes, Windows Firewall restricts the router and as a result, Netgear a6210 not detected issue occurs.

These are the common reasons that can lead to the occurrence of Netgear a6210 not detected issue. Now, let’s move on to the solutions.

What to do When you Find Netgear a6210 Not detected?

Router issues are pretty annoying to the users. However, we have mentioned some easy fixes for this troublesome Netgear a6210 not detected issue. We recommend you apply the fixes one by one in the order given until the issue gets resolved.

Check the Connectivity

Primarily, you have to check the state of the adapters and also of the internet connection. You can also replace the Netgear router adapter with another dummy adapter and check whether the issue still remains or not. After this, you can verify the condition of the Ethernet cable, whether it is fine or not. If there is any kind of damage in the Ethernet cable, then you should contact your service provider and change the cable as early as possible.

Verify the Hardware

The condition of the hardware requires to be verified at regular intervals. At times, it happens that you think the issue is due to any specific detect but it is just a simple hardware glitch. Therefore, whenever you suddenly encounter Netgear a6210 not detected, you can put the Ethernet cable directly in your device and then check whether the issue gets eliminated or not. Now, if you are able to get access to the internet, then be sure that the problem with the router itself. In such circumstances, check if the router is in the warranty period or not. Besides, you can also verify the SATA ports and monitor if it is able to detect any USB device or not.

Check Third-Party Antivirus Program

Sometimes, an antivirus program can conflict with your device and thus resulting in Netgear a6210 not detected error. So, if you face this Netgear router issue after installing an antivirus program on your device, then it is recommended to disable the real-time protection.

Steps to Disable Real-Time Protection:

  • At first, you need to go to the Settings. Now, click on Update And Security. After that, locate the Windows Security. Once you locate it, tap on it. Now, look for the Virus And Threat Protection section.
  • In this section, navigate to Manage Settings. Now, you have to switch the Real-Time Protect to the Disable/Off. And then, follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Once you are done with the above steps, reboot your device. Once your device restarts, check if the Netgear a6210 not detected error is gone or not. In case, you still face the same error, then you should uninstall the antivirus software from your device and check if this helps you to overcome this situation.

Steps to Uninstall Antivirus Software:

  • In the beginning, you need to go to the Start menu and then navigate to the Settings. After that, choose System. Next, you need to locate the “Apps And Features” option that is present in the left pane.
  • Now, choose the device you have to Uninstall or Remove from your system, Once you are done, simply hit the Uninstall button that appears on the display screen.

After performing the above steps, restart your device to apply the new changes. Once your device restarts, you can check if the Netgear a6210 not detected issue has been resolved or not. In case, the issue still persists, then you have to proceed to the methods given below in order to eliminate the issue you are facing.

Reset the Netgear A6210 Router

If the previous method didn’t work for you, then you might need to reset the Netgear a6210 router. Several users claim that after resetting their Netgear router, they find that the issue gets resolved. Therefore, it is recommended to reset the Netgear a6210 router. But, in case, you don’t know how to reset the Netgear a6210 router, then you can carry out the steps that come next.

Step 1:

First, you have to press the Reset button of your Netgear router with a pointing tool such as a paper clip. After that, attach the Ethernet cable in your Netgear router and try to start the Google Chrome or any other web browser you are using. Now, enter “” in the search engine of your browser.

Step 2:

Now, you will observe the “Router Setup Login” on the screen. On this page, you require to enter the accurate “Username” and the “Password” and then tap on the Login button. After performing this action, the Netgear router widget will open. Thus, you need to provide the proper configuration and when you are done, hit the “Apply Changes” button. Now, you can confirm the process by tapping on the OK button.

Once you are done with the above steps, restart your device to apply the new changes. After restarting your device, check if the Netgear error gets eliminated from your device.

Update the Netgear A6210 Router Driver

After resetting your Netgear a6210 router, if the error code still appears, then you can update the Netgear a6210 router driver. As a simple driver update can resolve various issues including Netgear router a6210 not detected. So, take a look at how to update the Netgear a6210 router from the Device Manager.

Step 1:

First, press and hold the Windows Home key + S key simultaneously on your keyboard. This process will bring up the Search dialog box. Now, write “Device Manager” in the search field and press the Enter button or click on OK. Now, select Device Manager from the top search list in order to open it.

Step 2:

Here, in the Device Manager window, you will see all the drivers which are present in your device. Next, attempt to find the option “Network And Adapter” Once you find it, simply click on it and then expand the option.

Step 3:

Thereafter, you will see your Netgear router model name. Just tap on your router option and choose the option “Update Driver” from the menu list. Wait until the update process gets over. Once the process is over, simply restart your device. And once your device restarts, check whether the issue gets resolved.

Wrapping Up

These are the most trustworthy methods that you can try to resolve the Netgear a6210 not detected issue. Therefore, we highly recommended you to apply each method and find out the way that works best for you. Moreover, if you want to read related topics, stay tuned to our posts.


Best Hacks To Fix Linksys Authentication Problem

Most of the time you can get the issue “Linksys authentication problem” on Android smartphones. This error can pop up when you attempt to connect to a wireless network which the router broadcasts. There are many different reasons why does this error can occur after all. Some of the basic causes are internal software/hardware glitch.

Also, if either username or the password provided is wrong and then, if your network has the same name as on some other network, then you may face this problem. Further, if there is an IP conflict due to many network connections present, you may meet with this glitch. Even, when the ‘Airplane Mode’ is active, then this glitch can pop up. Moreover, if the network settings of the router get botched up somehow, even then, you might face this issue.

Solutions to Resolve the Issue “Linksys Authentication Problem”

In this section of the article, you will get plenty of fixes that will help you to effectively get rid of the “Linksys authentication problem” error in an easy manner.

Check the Name of Wireless Networks

When the wireless network name and password do not match with one another or if there is a network with similar SSID as yours, then you might encounter this problem. Now, the solution to resolve this problem is to alter the SSID of your network to a unique one and the other is to provide a correct password. Here are the steps on how to alter the SSID of the wireless network.

  • First, open a web browser on the computer. Then, inside the browser, go to the address bar and type in the IP address of the Linksys router, which is ‘’. Next, tap on the ‘Enter’ key.
  • As soon as you do that, a prompt will come up, which will ask you to provide the default login credentials. At this time, leave the ‘Username’ field empty and then write ‘admin’ within the ‘Password’ field and tap on ‘OK’ button.
  • Now, the Linksys router configuration page will open up. Within that page, click on the ‘Wireless’ tab.
  • Under that tab, choose the option ‘Basic Wireless Settings’. Next, on the page that comes up, go to the section ‘Configuration View’.
  • After that, under this section, select the ‘Manual’ radio button. This will reveal a series of items on the list. From that list, choose the item that has a name ‘Network Name (SSID):.
  • Now, on the right side of that item name, you’ll find an empty space. In it, provide a unique name for the wireless network according to your preference.
  • Finally, tap on the ‘Save Settings’ button.

Switch the Airplane Mode On and then Off

Sometimes because of a glitch within the Android Operating System, you can face the “Linksys RE6400 authentication problem”. To remove this issue, an easy solution that you have is to just activate the ‘Airplane Mode’, then after some time deactivate it. In order to achieve it, follow the steps beneath.

  • First, unlock the Android smartphone and then swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the ‘Notification’ and the ‘Quick Settings’ section. On that section, check if either one of the following networks is “On”, ‘WiFi’ or ‘Mobile Data’.
  • If anyone is active, then tap on the specific network to turn it “Off”. Next, press and hold the ‘Power’ button of the device and then from the options that pop up, select the ‘Airplane Mode’. This action will enable the ‘Airplane Mode’.
  • Now, with the ‘Airplane Mode’ still active, select the ‘Settings’ application. Then, within that application go to the ‘Wireless & Networks’ section and select ‘WiFi’ option.
  • After that, on the ‘WiFi’ page that shows up, toggle the switch on the right to connect to a wireless network.
  • If this procedure activates the wireless connectivity, then turn the ‘Airplane Mode’ off and check whether this error is fixed or not.

Set the Wireless Connection Once Again

Due to some hardware glitch within the router or the Android phone, this problem can pop up. Therefore, the best answer to resolve this issue is to reset the WiFi connection of the phone with your router. To achieve it correctly, you need to follow the steps mentioned beneath.

  • First, on the phone, locate the ‘Settings’ application and tap on it to open.
  • After that, within this application’s window, find the ‘Wireless & Networks’ section. Then, under that section, tap on ‘WiFi’. After that, turn the switch to the right in the ‘On’ position.
  • Next, you will get to view all the networks that are present in the vicinity. Locate and connect to the one you use.
  • Then, tap the WiFi name for a long period to get a prompt. Within that prompt or popup menu, there will be two buttons ‘Modify Network’ and ‘Forget Network’.
  • Out of those two, choose the ‘Forget Network’ button. Now, move away from the router until you get a single signal WiFi bar. Next, attempt to connect your wireless network by providing the password.
  • Finally, see if there is an authentication problem or not.

Change the Configuration of Your Wireless Network from DHCP to Static

If you have multiple wireless connections on the Android device, then due to an IP conflict problem, you can encounter this issue. The best way to rectify this glitch is to alter the wireless network configuration from DHCP to Static IP. To do that, follow the steps underneath.

  • First, locate the ‘Settings’ application and then tap on it to open. After that, go to the above method and then follow the second, third and fourth steps one after another.
  • Next, from the popup menu that comes up, choose the ‘Modify Network’ button.
  • When a page comes up that has a name ‘Modify Network’, then locate and put a checkmark on the option ‘Advanced Options’.
  • Next, on the page, that has the same name as the option which you have chosen on the previous step, alter the DHCP settings to the Static IP from the drop-down menu. At this moment you will get an IP address below the page.
  • Now, take note of all the details within the Static IP field, then remove the information. After that, input the Static IP information once again and then ‘Save’ the same.
  • If you are unsure of all the information in regards to the IP address settings, then contact your ISP.

Set the Network Settings on the Android Device Once Again

When the settings of the network are not properly done, then for that reason you can get this error. The simplest answer to resolve this issue is to perform a reset of the network settings. For that to happen, follow the lines mentioned beneath.

  • First, open the ‘Settings’ application, after you swipe down from the top of the screen. Next, tap on the ‘Gear’ icon that is present on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Now, on this application window, scroll down a little and then locate the ‘System & Device’ section. Under that section, choose and then tap on the option ‘Additional settings’.
  • Next, on the page that comes up, go to the bottom and choose the ‘Backup & reset’ option. Then, on the new window that shows up, choose the ‘Network Settings Reset’ option.
  • After that, tap on the ‘Reset Settings’ button from the lower end of this page and then wait for this process to complete.
  • When the reset process of the network settings are over, attempt to connect to your wireless network and then check if this error is still present or not.

Update the Android Operating System

When the Android OS of the smartphone is not up to date, then due to that reason, you can encounter the Linksys RE6400 authentication problem. The feasible solution to get rid of this issue is to perform the latest update of the Android OS. For that to happen, follow the steps below.

  • First, once again open the ‘Settings’ application. Within this application window, select the ‘About phone’ option.
  • After that, when a new page with the same name comes up, locate and select the ‘System update’ option.
  • At this time, automatically the OS will check for any updates available. Now, if there are any updates present, then those will automatically be downloaded.
  • Then, once the download process gets over, next long press the ‘Power’ button.
  • At last, from the popup menu that comes up, choose the ‘Reboot’ button. When the next startup process finishes, the updates that were downloaded before will be installed automatically.

To Conclude

If you follow all the steps on the above sections carefully, then you will easily be able to resolve the “Linksys authentication problem” in an instant. Now, if even after following every step of the methods mentioned here, you still cannot rectify this issue, then do not worry at all. Just, provide the details of the query that you have on the comment section present under this article and we will get back to you with the proper fixes.


Top 4 Ways To Fix Tenda Router Not Working Issue

If you find your “Tenda router not working” and creating issues, then this tutorial will help you to troubleshoot it at the earliest possible. Tenda WiFis are a bit complicated if compared to other routers available in the market. They contain various types of software as well as hardware settings. In most of the cases, when users encounter an issue, they become unable to set up their WiFi. As a result, the user can’t access the internet.

Keeping that in the mind, we have gathered some feasible methods that will be helpful for you. Follow the methods one by one and fix the issue on your own.

Probable Causes for Tenda Router not Working

Go through the reasons and compare it with the issue you are facing with your Tenda router. Afterward, follow the instructions that are given below for resolving the issue on your own. Identifying the causes will help you to fix the router and make it work.

Catastrophic failure: If your router is connected with an unstable power outlet, then short circuits or power fluctuation can cause it serious damage.

Hardware problems: Due to hardware related issues, you might also get the same issue. To check the state of hardware, navigate to tendakap.local and go to the login page. From there, check the online status of the Tenda router.

Settings misconfiguration: In case the settings are configured wrongly, then there is also a possibility of getting this issue. This sort of issue also emerges due to inappropriate hardware installation.

Power supply: This particular issue can also occur due to the insufficient power supply. On that case, check whether your Tenda router is getting the proper supply or not.

Effective Methods to Resolve Tenda Router not Working

Before proceeding with the methods, you have to perform some basic steps. Be sure about the connection. Moreover, if you have no issue with the power supply, then restart your device and check if the “Tenda wifi router not working” issue gets resolved completely or not.

Solution 1: Connect the Devices Together

This is the basic method by which you can troubleshoot the problem on your own.

  1. First of all, you have to take an Ethernet cable for connecting your Tenda router to your computer.
  2. Be sure that the corresponding lights are blinking. If the lights are not blinking, then assume that the ethernet itself has the problem.
  3. In that case, try another cable and log in to the setup page.
  4. Give correct username and password as well.

Solution 2: Log into Tenda Web-based Setup Page

In case the first method does not work for you, then move to the next method. You have to find out the login IP address on the label. After that, enter the password and the username in their proper field. If you did not change the password before, then type “admin” in both the boxes. But if you changed it before, then give the appropriate credentials. After that, tap on the Login icon and you can successfully set up the login page.

Solution 3: Reset the Tenda Router to Factory Default

If the first two methods are not workable for you, then navigate to the Setup page. After that, you have to choose the “System Tools” or “Management” or “Tools” option. You can find this option from the main menu. Then, choose any of the options either “Restore to Factory Default” or  “Restore to Default”.

Confirm the method by tapping on OK. Wait for a couple of minutes while the resetting process is going on. By this method, you can reset the Tenda router to factory default successfully. And hopefully, it will help you to mitigate the “Tenda router not working” issue.

Solution 4: Change the LAN IP Address

If your Tenda device is not showing the connection status, then this is the only method to get rid of that particular problem. However, this method is only applicable to offices. Because home routers don’t have the LAN IP. On that case, you have to do some manual modification in the LAN IP address.

  • The first and foremost thing you have to do is to login into the Tenda Router Administrator page.
  • After that, have a click on the Advanced icon.
  • In this page, you will get an option of Advanced Settings.
  • Just tap on it and choose LAN Settings from the submenu.
  • Now, it’s time to change the default LAN IP address of your Tenda router.
  • At the final step, click on the OK and then on the Apply button.
  • Once you complete the methods, the changes will save and you have to start the router for once more.


There are more tricks that can be beneficial for resolving the issue. But they need much more technical knowledge. Also, you can update the Network Driver if it is outdated. As our recommendation, if you do not have that much knowledge, then do not try those methods at home. It might create damage to your router as well. If the tutorial is beneficial for you, then leave your valuable comment in the feedback box.