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How To Set-Up Apple Wi-Fi Router?

To set-up Apple Wi-Fi router, users need to gain access to a secure as well as safe server. They should work with the better performance features. If they are seeking for such assistance then, they need to work with the Apple Wi-Fi Router Setup section. The process of setting up an Apple Wi-Fi router up Apple is an easy task. But proper steps are always good to apply. Let us watch out below steps that are there.

Steps to set-up Apple Wi-Fi router

Set-Up Apple Wi-Fi Router

  • Test the internet connection

This is the most essential step to set-up Apple Wi-Fi router where one should first plug in the computer into the modem via an Ethernet cable. Start the device and establish a connection with the internet.

  • Connect the Router to the modem

Make sure that the modem has a connection. It should have a proper connection to the wall as well as cable box. With the help of an Ethernet cord, connect all ports in the modem with the router.

  • Plug in your Apple Wi-Fi router

As per expert instructions, connect the AirPort into the wall outlet and do ensure that the Ethernet has a connection with the modem as well as routers.

  • Install the software

Configure the router and insert the CD that was there with your Apple router device. The connection should be there with the computer. Install it further.

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  • Apply configuration process

Open your Apple AirPort Utility which will appear in the “Start” section. Users will come across with a list of devices. There will be an option which will come up as a “Base station”. Select it and the setup assistant will ask you to name the device and select a password. Press “continue” icon.

  • Creating a Wireless Network mode

As per Apple Wi-Fi router support technical team, users need to select a new wireless network. Press “continue” button to proceed ahead. Name your Wireless Network and select “IP Address”. Here one should have a check on Apple Air Port Utility whether it has a proper IP address or not. Press “continue” button at last. Try to establish a connection with a new Network.

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How To Fix Router Keeps Dropping Internet Connection Issues?

So, why does this happens every time when you work with the router? Reasons behind this are “Improper Setup issues” and “Outdated Drivers installed”. There are more reasons such as temporary server problems and hardware technical issues. Fix router keeps dropping internet connection issues with our tailor-made solutions.

Steps to fix router keeps dropping internet connection issues

Fix Router Keeps Dropping Internet Connection Issues

Restart the Router
  • To fix router keeps dropping internet connection issues, unplug its power cable. Wait for few seconds and plug it back.
  • Press the power button key to restart your device
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Check any cable fault
  • Make sure that there do not exist any defective wires. To check this, remove all the cables and keep them separate for 1 to 2 minutes. Plug these wires back.
  • Check whether you are able to log into the router device or not? Can you login to your Router Account now? If not then you need
Update your Router Driver

To fix router keeps dropping internet connection issues, install the latest driver software. This is to work with the Wireless Router on your computer. Navigate to the Computer’s device manager and perform check whether for an appropriate driver software installed. Check whether you are working with the latest driver or not.

Setup Router

An improper setup process can also be the culprit of the entire problem. So, here reset your router to go ahead with the setup process again. But, before you set up, read a manual guide

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How To Update D-Link Router Firmware?

Any wireless router setup needs a proper update steps with D-Link router firmware. And this will be along with the back-up mode which will let you configure files of a router. Here we will see how to update D-Link router firmware without any hassle. Our technical experts will assist you with appropriate guidance to deal with it.

To update the firmware, users can also try out various methods and one such is to reset mode. Reset option is useful for hard upgrade benefits. Also, users will be able to work with the latest security versions. While you work with the latest security options, back up all files to be on safe side

Steps to update D-link Router Firmware are

Update D-Link Router Firmware

Step 1: Access D-Link router’s Web-based configuration utility. To do this, type “” into the Web browser’s address bar and press “Enter” button

Step 2: Choose “Admin” icon which is there on the login screen, and enter login details such as password. Click “Log In” button. Leave the password field blank if this is in custom password section.

Step 3: To update D-Link router firmware, tap“Tools” button at the top of the router page. Click to choose “Firmware” icon at the left side.

Step 4: Choose “Check Now” to perform a check for any firmware updates if available. If there is no button visible then, note down the number to the right of Current Firmware Version.

Step 5: Open D-Link support website and click the “Support” tab. Tap ‘Firmware” icon and check for new available versions.

Step 6: Download all updated firmware file to your PC device

Step 7: As per as D-Link router support technical experts, tap “Browse” button on the Firmware page. Browse the firmware file and double-click on it.

Step 8: Click “Upload” button to upgrade firmware file to the router and install it.

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