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How To Fix Router Won’t Connect To The Internet Problem?

The basic purpose of every router is to establish a proper connection with the internet. But sometimes it may happen when your router will come up with an error while you are working on it. Here we will see how to fix Router won’t connect to the Internet problem. This problem will become difficult when users have to perform a specific task. At this point of time, router will create annoying technical issues.

Well, there are few things that you should consider in this case. Any wrong modifications in the router settings will put you in trouble. If there is a signal that your router does not have a connection to the internet, have a look at below tips:

  • Check for the Wireless status
  • Ensure that your router has the latest version
  • Reset router frequency mode
  • Have a look at the cable connection
  • Ensure that the LED power light is switched on

Steps to fix Router won’t connect to the Internet problem are

Fix Router Won’t Connect To The Internet Problem

So, if you are wondering about how to move ahead then, here we will show you some steps to apply. Go through them as per as Router Support technicians guidelines. Here we will explain the solution based on different routers:

If you are working with Netgear Router

If users are facing problems while working with the Netgear router then, they should disconnect router. Establish a direct connection between the computer and the modem. Go for a Login mode to and search for the IP address of your router. It will appear in the “Smart Wizard’ option. Users can connect with Netgear Router Support professionals if in case they face any issue.

For Belkin Router

If you are a Belkin router user then, try to connect the router via Ethernet. Also, one can configure the device router to make it work well for you. Well, before you move ahead and fix Router won’t connect to the Internet problem, you should know the exact cause. So, this is an issue which will arise in Wi-Fi security settings or Wireless Broadcast setting problems. If you need any kind of help then, we are right here to assist you.

Now, next comes you your Linksys Router

What if you are a Linksys router user? The first thing is to check whether you have an active internet connection on the computer or not? Connect the modem to the computer with the help of Ethernet cable and browse your choice websites. If still the issue persists then, approach for a professional help.

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How To Set up Linksys Router?

If users have a Linksys modem, then it is always good to configure it to avoid future technical issues. Here we will discuss steps to Set up Linksys router in easy ways.  So, here, we will let you know about the simple step-by-step instructions to go ahead with the process in just few minutes.

Steps to configure Linksys router are

Set up Linksys Router

Step 1: The first step is to ensure that your Linksys modem is in perfect condition with the service provider.

Step 2 : As per as Linksys Router Support technicians,  just have a check whether the Linksys modem is perfectly compatible with your operating system which is generally in use.

Step 3: In this next step, uninstall all the drivers on your PC which is for your old modem and can use if there is any issue.

Step 4: Along with that, users need to read and follow all instructions in the handbook of their modem. This is as per the expert technician guidelines.

Step 5: It is extremely essential to position the Linksys modem in an area which has a good circulation process.

Step 6: Switch on the modem and all need to do is to press the power button.

Step 7: To configure the Linksys router, try to connect the PC to this modem and wait for 5 minutes before you install the Linksys router.

I hope all the above steps are easy to understand for users to help them move ahead with the process. But if you are not able to configure your Linksys router then, approach us at below details.

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How To Set-Up Asus Router On Mac Devices?

Asus routers are one of the best routers preferred by thousands and thousands of users across the globe. But users may come across with many issues and one such is how to set-up Asus Router on Mac devices. We will guide user’s steps to go ahead with this matter. Well, to know more about this, Asus routers support both Windows as well as iOS operating systems. Users can easily set up Asus router on their device if they have sound knowledge on this particular topic. So, if have purchased a new Mac and wish to setup Asus router on it, then it is quite easy to do that.  Also, one has to be quite cautious when performing this problem and also users must have proper information to setup their Asus router on Mac. In this blog, we will teach customers about the way to set-up Asus router on Mac with below steps.

Steps to set-up Asus Router on Mac devices are

Set-Up Asus Router On Mac Devices

Step 1: To set-up Asus Router on Mac devices, first of all users need to ensure that they are not connecting their Mac device is to any of the internet connection via an Ethernet cable. Now, the next thing is to unplug the cable modem from its power source.

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Step 2: The next thing is to switch on your Mac device and turn on your Asus router.

Step 3: user should open up a web browser on their computer and type a proper address into the address bar. Press the “Enter” button now.

Step 4:Now, redirect to the log in page of your Asus router to enter an accurate administration username as well as password into the given field.  Tap on ‘OK’ button. Users will be able to see a default username of Asus router. Further username by default will be “admin” and password will be password.

Step 5: As per as Asus router support technicians, navigate to the “Advanced section” which will appear at the left side.  Click on the Wireless icon now.

Step 6: Tap on the ‘Wireless MAC Filter” icon which will appear at the top side of your screen.

Step 7: Select an appropriate frequency which is between “2.4GHZ or 5GHZ”

Step 8: Tap on “Enable MAC Filter” icon. Click “Yes” option.

Step 9: At last, click to choose “Apply” icon to complete the procedure further.

If still this issue is there then, we recommend customers to approach us for complete assistance in the setup of Asus router on Mac. Now the Asus router is set-up successfully on Mac device. One can easily work with it after above steps are applied.

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