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How To Fix Router Error 0x80040201 While Using Windows?

The router error 0x80040201 is usually caused due to incorrect configuration issues done in the system settings or also can result because of irregular entries in the Windows registry section. This is an error which can be easily fixed with the help of special type of software and it further calls for a repair method of the registry entries. According to professionals if there is an error in the system settings the error may also encounter. So, restoring to its stability is a good option. Below we have two methods to Fix Router Error 0x80040201 while using Windows. Fix Router Error 0x80040201

Methods to Troubleshoot Router Error 0x80040201 While using Windows

Method 1: Check out for any kind of Wi-Fi issues

To get rid of the error faster, users should first check out for any type of Wi-Fi issues by applying appropriate method which can easily be found by searching over the internet. A wide number of solutions about this error can easily be read out other than what has been mentioned here. Users can also go for various suggested links to have an appropriate solution for this error code.

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Method 2: Change Your Adapter Settings

  • Another cause as we have mentioned is due to incorrect registry settings. Below are steps to rectify this problem:
  1. To get rid of this error code, simply go to the “Network & Sharing Center” icon and then navigate to the “Change Adapter Settings” icon.
    Now, rename your new wireless connection process
  2. Now, simply right click the “Wireless Network Connection” icon and then, click the “Select Properties and the “Sharing tab”
    Select the checkbox which is showing the icon named as “Allow other users to connect through this computer’s connection”
    From the dropdown list, users are suggested to select their newly named network connection and then hit the “OK” button and restart the system.

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Troubleshoot Asus N66u Router Error Log

How To Fix Router Error Code 52000?

The issue arise generally when the router is not capable of connecting the device to the wireless network.  While this error executes, users will be get to know that the security setting has entered into ROUTERSUPPORT.CA are not similar as per as instructed by wireless routers. As a result the router won’t be able to assign IP address and ROUTERSUPPORT.CA. Below are solutions discussed to fix Router Error Code 52000.

Fix Router Error Code 52000

Steps to Troubleshoot Router Error Code 52000

Step 1: Check for proper security details

Here one needs to check that a proper security and key and security type is entered into the ROUTERSUPPORT.CA similar to what is appearing in the router settings. Also it can be assigned by manual mode.

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Step 2: Check for any type of wireless interference

Ensure that other wireless devices are completely turned off such as phones, wireless cords, speakers etc.

Make sure that the ROUTERSUPPORT.CA which has its open area is free from any objects.

Now, change the router’s channel from 1 to 11. Well, by default most of the router’s channel is 6 which certainly overlaps with other channels causing a technical glitch. To avoid this, simply select an appropriate router’s brand and model.  You will get a wide number of information in the “broadcast channel” area.

Fix Router Error Code 52130

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Fix Router Error Code 52130

How To Fix Router Error Code 52130?

The Wii error code 52130 occurs due to the interference in your internet connection and is found when you are working online wirelessly. When you are getting a green light with full bars on, you can detect that you are facing Wii error code 52130. However, the problem really poses an obstacle while you are engaged in an important work.

Reading this article will help you to diagnose the problem on your own. So get in touch with our support providers and get the best possible solution from us.

The problem lies with the Wii console’s Internet connection which is affected by severe wireless interference. The error will signal a green light with an appearance of full bars. Below are steps to fix Router error code 52130 where each step has been explained in details.

Probable Hindrances for which Wii error code 52130

Get familiar with the causes of the error as knowing it from the roots will help you a lot to solve the issue. Remember while you diagnose the error yourself that any wrong step can damage your device. Here are some of them:

  • The firmware isn’t upgraded to the latest version.
  • Wireless Router channels do not work.
  • Unable to detect the location
  • Using external devices may interrupt the signal

If you are facing such kind of errors, then don’t worry. With the help of this article, you will be able to resolve the matter at once.

Router Error Code 52130


Steps to troubleshoot Router error code 52130

Step 1: Change the wireless router’s channel to 1 or to 11
changing the wireless channel of the router is of huge help as it is seen that most of the wireless routers have a channel ranging from 1 to 11. The best channels to try are generally between 1 and 11 because they do not overlap with other channels. So, all channel settings for the router is definitely found in the router’s main “Wireless” tab.

Step 2: Check for the location of the wireless router

Now, when you perform this step, it is recommended for users to carefully move the router away from walls and off the floor. Further users are suggested to try to place the router in a central location inside the home. Well, for better response, one needs to keep it away from any metal objects that include metal filing cabinets which may lead to huge interference.

Step 3: Look for other devices

It is quite possible that noise from cordless devices or from phones or wireless electronics especially those is using 2.4GHz frequency can surely interfere with the router’s wireless signal. Now, it is seen that various older microwave models can too cause severe wireless interference and as a result of this issue. Avoid all those electronics that use the 2.4GHz frequency and look for all the devices that use the 5.8GHz or 900MHz frequencies.

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cisco wireless router keeps disconnecting Issue

How To Fix cisco wireless router keeps disconnecting Issue?

We all know how much important is wireless router nowadays. To connect to the outer world, it has become essential to have uninterrupted WiFi connectivity at your disposal. Wireless connectivity or Wi-Fi has gained its importance in our daily lives rapidly. With rapid technological advancements, wireless connections introduced a newer and better level of communication.

However, router disconnecting issue can be irritating at times. Users face issues like how to fix Cisco wireless router keeps disconnecting Issue. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for our expert support at Cisco customer support to avail efficient wireless networking solutions for instant help.

wireless signal. Also what makes this router highly famous is that it provides users with a good support features for sharing documents quickly and into the much easier process. But issues may arise anytime while we are working. One such issue is disconnecting problems that arise due to corrupted driver technical faults as well as connection issues. Well, we have jotted down few ways to fix Cisco wireless router keeps disconnecting issue and here is what we recommend.

Probable reasons for which Cisco wireless router keeps disconnecting:

There can be numerous reasons which lead to the disconnecting issue. To have an uninterrupted router session, you should always trust the experts in case of such errors. The possible reasons are listed below:

  • The user might be out of connection range
  • Wifi network issues
  • Improper configuration settings
  • The wrong password entered multiple times
  • Slow internet speed
  • Too many users connected to the same network
  • Network jamming issues

We understand these reasons are hectic for you. That is why for helping you, our pool of experts is available at your service just a call away. Feel free to reach our experts with your issues and get best-in-class solutions in your budget.

 Cisco wireless router keeps disconnecting

Steps to troubleshoot Cisco router keeps disconnecting issue

Step 1: Solution for Driver technical faults

Drivers are an essential part of the device to make it work smoothly and help the router working with ease. Well, working with the corrupted driver will definitely hamper the router’s connectivity problems to the network. If you have not installed the driver properly for the wireless card, wireless adapter and other wireless devices it will cause any router to disconnect on a frequent basis.

Solution: The only solution is to update all your drivers installed in your system and work with the most compatible drivers that will make your system run

Step 2: Solutions for connection issues

The connection issue is another cause of this problems.

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Solution: Users while working with the Cisco router should make sure that Ethernet cables are appropriately connected to avoid the router getting disconnecting frequently. The second step is to make sure that the router settings should be accurately configured. Users are advised to update the firmware as when needed by them. Check for whether the firewall is blocking your router or not? So, always disabling the firewall till you have established a connection properly is recommended. You’re done completely.

Some Alternate easy tips to resolve Cisco wireless router keeps disconnecting issue in your budget:

Continuing with router disconnecting errors is a big no from our experts. You can try some solutions on your own to fix such router issues at your home. But if the problem continues, it can further lead to permanent damage to the router. In order to enjoy a secure internet connection, you need to set up your router with the proper configuration and installation settings. In case you still face disconnecting issues, do not delay to contact our Cisco Router Support Phone Number to get reliable solutions in your budget. Take a look at some tried and tested solutions :

  • Try to restart  Wi-Fi for better connectivity
  • Use case sensitive passwords so that it restricts the number of users
  • Facilitate easy connections with extended wiring
  • Reset your Wi-Fi settings according to your convenience
  • Restrict the number of users

You can try the above-mentioned steps to solve your issues. While using a router, you can often encounter different problems, out of which connectivity issue is the most common problem that a user can come across. Avail expert assistance and deal with these errors without overspending.  

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How To Fix IP Conflict Issue In Routers

How To Fix IP Conflict Issue In Routers?

An IP address conflict problems mainly arise due to two or more computers that are working with the same IP addresses. When these computers appear online then, conflicts are on high stage where network interfaces on both the computers are disabled completely. Other reasons are due to IP conflict issues are due to malfunctioning of the DHCP server network which has been assigned the same dynamic address automatically to more than one computer. Below are steps explained to fix IP conflict issue in routers with appropriate explanations.

 Fix IP Conflict Issue In Routers

Steps to troubleshoot IP conflict issue in routers

Step 1: Resolve issues of static IP address conflict

  • One of the IP conflict problem is due to technical fault in the static IP addresses. This static IP conflict usually happens while computers IP address has been configured manually in the network to the same IP address of another computer.
  • To solve this issue, it is necessary to get the help of a system administrator to work with an actual IP addresses and avoid the conflict with other computers.

Step 2: Solving Dynamic IP Address Conflict issues

  • Another reason is due to the problem of dynamic IP address which happens when the two computers are assigned with same IP address by the DHCP server.
  • Unreliability of the DHCP server is the main cause which provides an un-known IP address to a computer and further requests for IP address, without even checking the network.

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  • Get access to the ‘Command prompt’ icon and then type the command ‘ipconfig /release’ command and press the ‘Enter’ button. It will help you in getting a different IP address that is not given to any other computer.

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How to Fix Default IP Address Issue in ZyXEL Router?

IP address helps us to identify a router device in the network which is always in default value by the router manufacturer itself. But sometimes it may happen that users are faced with issues in the default IP address of ZyXEL routers. This is caused due to error in the default IP address which is modified by the user while configuring the device. So, here users can comes across such problems if the default IP address is not handled properly. The ZyXEL routers’ default IP address is used by the users to easily open the web page interface for each of the router device within the web browser. So, here we have penned down few steps to Fix Default IP Address Issue in ZyXEL Router with appropriate explanation of each step.

Fix Default IP address Issue in ZyXEL Router

Steps to Fix Default IP address Issue in ZyXEL Router

Step 1: Searching for the default IP via command prompt

The default IP address assigned on the ZyXEL router can be found in many ways: first option is via command prompt. To do this, simply open the command prompt window by tapping on the start button. Then click on the command option and then, type the “cmd “command in the text area provided there. Now tap on the “OK” button to launch the command prompt window. Inside the window, you are requested to type the “ipconfig” command and press the “enter” button. Users will be provided with the details on the screen along with the default gateway address to help them find out the default IP address of the router.

Step 2: Here we will see how to fix the issue

The default IP address can be obtained with the help of navigating through the various websites, if the manufacturer has details and product model are well known. This can be done by enabling intruders as an option to enter to the network through the router security holes in order to provide IP address. The next thing is that users can easily access the router device web interface by fetching the IP address as well as the login details that are available at the websites. So, always changing the default IP address and the password is the most suitable solution.

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