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Steps To Configure DDNS Feature On The D-Link Wireless Router

Dynamic DNS is a process of automatically updating a name server in the Domain Name System with the active DDNS configuration of its configured hostnames, addresses and other related information, often resulting in real-time process. As studied by a team of D-Link router support experts, it is helpful in assigning a fixed domain name to the PC without changing the DHCP configuration feature. The network is still protected by dangerous hackers as well as attackers. Dynamic DNS simply plays a vital role to address the rapid update issues.

D-link Router Support

To access the network via remote basis, the D-Link Tech Support suggests users to use this feature as a benefit. It further allows you to access the devices in the network section. One can also access devices such as camera in their network by using DDNS method for remote monitoring system. It’s considered as a great choice if users wish to host their website or even go ahead to setup a server without disabling the DHCP.

Steps to configure DDNS feature on the D-link wireless router

Step1: Creation of a DDNS

  • Creation of the DDNS account is advised by D-Link router technical support Do remember all the credentials such as username and password.

Step2: Log into the router

  • Next, you are required to log into the router by simply typing the router IP on the address bar section of the web browser.

Step3: Working with the tools

  • Clicking on the “Tools” tab is essential and then select the “Dynamic DNS” option from the left section of the window screen.

Step4: Enable Dynamic DNS

  • Users are suggested to perform a check mark in the box which is situated just next to the “Enable Dynamic DNS” section and then select the “Dynamic DNS server” option from the list given

Step5: Dynamic DNS host name

  • Typing of the Dynamic DNS host name is advised to users.

Step6: Enter the credentials

  • Enter the username as well as the password for your DNS account. Be careful while performing this step
  • Next, simply, click on the “Save” Settings to apply all the required changes.
  • DDNS feature has now completely been configured on the D-Link router quite successfully.

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If you have any queries with respect to D-link router or even if you are facing any issues, please contact to D-Link router customer support department for prompt help.


Knowing Everything About Cisco VPN Error 412

Recently users complained about the CISCO VPN Error 412 while trying to make a Remote Access VPN work in the Cisco ASA 5505 firewall section. It was seen that the VPN had been working at only single point but was used in rare cases. Well, even when users were trying to use it repeatedly, they continued to face this error. But this problem surely has solutions that were discovered by a team of Cisco Router Support Number experts.

CISCO VPN Error 412

Causes of Cisco VPN error 412

There lies wide number of reasons of Cisco VPN error 412 and they are listed below:

  • Firewall on the client side which may be blocking various un-necessary UDP or TCP ports
  • The error may be the reason of unstable internet connection such as a mobile connection. But normally, it’s due to a configuration issue on the firewall itself.

 Uses of VPNs

VPN stands for Virtually Private Network and it has two most primary uses:

  • The VPN network enhances the security of data
  • It do shares data and various installed applications on the system

Steps to Fix Cisco VPN Error 412

Step 1 – Use of Ethernet

It is recommended by Cisco Router Technical Support professionals users must try to connect by using an Ethernet or even USB connection if the client computer is connecting to the Internet with the help of WiFi connection. The process will further help in eliminating the possibility of WiFi connection where it is not providing sufficient connectivity.

Step 2 – Turn off the computer

Temporarily turning-off the computer’s firewall is highly recommended and then test the VPN connection thoroughly. If you see that the 412 error no longer occurs, then the cause of the error may be due to adding the firewall exception rules for the ESP protocol, port 500, and port 4500.

Step 3 – Turn on the NAT-T/TCP

Enable the connection of NAT-T/TCP option in your profile to ensure that the port 10000 is totally unblocked in the computer’s firewall.

Step 4 – Working with the ForceKeepAlive

Updating of the “ForceKeepAlive=0 to 1 in your own profile is highly recommended.

Step 5 – Changing the computer firewall settings

If  you find that the VPN continues to throw an error 412, then changing the computer firewall settings to allow or permit UDP ports 500 and 62515 is essential to be done by users, required for the Cisco VPN client.

Step 6 – Checking the data packets

Ensure that the Cisco VPN client is sending the data packet accurately.

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Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk router

FTP originally stands for File transfer protocol which is used to transfer file faster from one location to another over the internet mode. One can also remotely access the drive which is connected to their router via USB so that they can easily get access to various files and folders, and download them whenever in need.  Netgear router technical support team officially recommends users to work with this feature if they are in need to access all their files on remote basis. It is further extremely safe and to use the setup process. However, users are normally recommended not to enable this feature if they do not need it at all. To Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk router, just call Netgear Router Support Number +1-855-971-1879 .

Netgear Nighthawk router

 Set up FTP access on Netgear Nighthawk Router

Step1: Connection establishment

  • Connection is to be made with the hard-drive to the router directly via USB port.

Step2: Web browser

  • Open and get access to the web browser from the computer which is simply connected to the router.

Step3: Access the desired link

  • Go to the desired router web URL section and then enter the IP address of the router which you have with you.

Step4: Login phase

  • Enter the username as well as password when you are prompted. Default username will be admin and default password is always the password.

Step5: Checkbox

  • Go to the “ADVANCED > USB Storage > Advanced Settings” option and click on the FTP via an Internet checkbox.

Step6: Read and write permissions

  • Users can always change the read and write permissions for the users by simply clicking on the “Edit” button. One can also change the name of the drive as well.

Step7: Save option

  • To save all the settings, simply click on the “Apply” button.

Be careful that your router must have the direct Internet connection to make it easily accessible to the drive over the internet. Well, this will not work if your hard-disk is well connected to the secondary router. One should definitely connect their hard-disk to the primary router for this to work in a proper manner.

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If you have any queries or if facing severe issues, then please get in touch with our Netgear router customer support team. We are just a call away to help overcome with all your queries.


How to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”

First of all, before getting a deep down about the steps involved in working with the ReadyCloud, let’s have a look on the Ready Cloud definition.  It’s basically a secure method to get access to your network devices directly from the Netgear from anywhere. For this, one needs to have a proper internet connection and browser.  Well, this includes storage devices such as the ReadyNAS (a network attached storage system).  As defined by professional team of Netgear technical support experts, Ready Cloud has full ability to allow users to log in to an online portal via Netgear software. It will further open a secure tunnel to users’ devices at home.

netgear technical support

Steps to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”

Step1: ReadyCloud account

The very first step is to simply open the Ready Cloud account on the online portal.

Step2: Update process

  • Next, ensure that the R7000 is accurately updated to its latest version of the firmware, which will include ReadyCloud integration process.
  • The router will automatically prompt you in a manual mode to install all the updates.
  • Next, users are requested to perform the step via GUI built-in router which will allow users to get access to the from their browser.

Step3: Ensure the latest updates

  • Users need to work with the latest updates to attach a formatted USB drive to the R7000. After the USB drive has been attached completely, head towards the “ReadySHARE” tab in the GUI, which can easily be found in the “Basic” section.
  • Then, select the ReadyCloud dropdown option as given
  • Users will then be presented with a dialog box asking them to enter their ReadyCloud credentials carefully. Use the credentials that you selected while you were registering through the web portal.

Step4: Verification mode

  • Verification of the ReadyCloud account is necessary to make sure that it is working well on the R7000
  • Users next need to verify that they can download as well as view their files
  • Ensure that the ReadyCloud is well compatible with the Mobile Clients

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Hope this blog will help you to Set-up the ReadyCloud on Netgear R7000 “Nighthawk”. But still if you find it difficult anywhere to cope up with any kind of situation related to Netgear, then do call us at our Netgear Router customer support  (+1-855-971-1879 ) department. Our instant support is immediately available to users across the world.

belkin router

How To Configure A Belkin Router To Use DHCP?

DHCP is a type of protocol which is heavily used to assign IP addresses in an automatic mode over LAN networks. In static method, there will be a network admin or system admin or even a user that are manually assigned IP address on the device. But yes if the number of devices are much more and users don’t wish to take the headache for assigning the IP addresses, then according to it Belkin router support professionals, it becomes so damn time consuming to manually assign IP address to each of the  device. To easily configure a router of this type, then the support of dynamic IP address is needed.

belkin router

Steps to Configure A Belkin Router To Use DHCP

Step 1: Configure IP Address

First users are supposed to configure the IP address on the Router Fast Ethernet Port section

Step2: Router configuration

  • Configuration of the router to be able to work with DHCP Server is an important step
  • This step further involves two categorized steps that are essential for users to be carried out. The first one is to have a proper creation of a DHCP address pool which can be done by Cisco router. The second one is to assign a network subnet directly to the created pool. This network assignment will be completed in two different ways. The first method is a network and subnet mask form. The second method is proceeded with a CIDR form.

These are few ways to describe the subnet.

Step 3: Assigning of a gateway to the subnet

Every subnet has its own kind of gateway. It does not really matters what the gateway IP address is given. People will usually give the first IP address in the subnet section as a gateway. Let’s say for example: the IP as the gateway for the created subnet in DHCP as a gateway.

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So, I think your problem with respect to Configure A Belkin Router To Use DHCP is absolutely solved. But still if you come across with any such issues in future, do give us a call at our Toll-Free Number -+1-855-971-1879 for Belkin router Technical support department for instant help.



How to Fix Connection Failed Asus Error 651 in Windows 7, 8 and 10

Asus is highly popular due to their consistency, reliability and user-friendly interface. But like any other electronic device, it is also not free from error. Asus users face many error codes while using Asus. The Connection error 651 is one of the common error code that the users face at least once. Now, the thing is you must resolve the bug as soon as possible. Here are the easy solutions for you to deal with the problem. Or, you can also get in touch with our experts for immediate tech help.

Asus error 651 is a common windows issue which usually executes when a user tries to establish an internet connection by using PPPoE connections. It is further possible that users may have faced error 651 in the Windows system. According to Asus Router Customer Support experts, this is quite a common issue especially if you are a windows 7 user.  To Fix Connection Failed Asus Error 651, just contact us Asus Router Technical Support.

error 651

The Connection Error 651 | An Insight Into The Error

Error 651 is a common error for those users who use the point to point protocol over ethernet. This can occur for various reasons. For instance, your bad network or your BIOS can’t detect the modem properly or there can be something wrong with your network driver as well. You may face the problem at any time while using the modem.

These are not the only causes of this error code. Have a word with our experts to know the exact cause and then we can also provide you with the most suitable solutions. Don’t worry, all these will take less than a minute.  

Causes of Asus error 651

  • Raspppoe.sys file have been saved in the wrong location.
  • Registry errors.
  • IP address conflict.
  • When the Asus error 651 occurs, you will usually see this type of title: “Connection failed with error 651”.

Steps to Fix Connection Failed Asus Error 651

Step1: Reconnecting the Router

  • Users are required to reconnect the internet connecting device first.
  • Then turn off the router and then, after 5 minutes turn it on again.

Step 2: Resetting the TCP/IP

Reset the windows networking stack feature with a built-in tool

Step3:  Recreating Dial-Up Connection

Recreating the dial-up connection can easily fix this issue.

Step4: Network & Sharing Center

  • Right-click the broadband or dial-up connection and just create a copy of it.
  • This process will further create a copy of all your existing connection.
  • Delete the old connection and redial the new one.

Step5:  Disable Auto Tuning Feature

  • Launch the command prompt feature with all the defined administrative rights.
  • Copy all the given commands and paste it in the command prompt as:

Netsh interface TCP set global autotuning=disabled

  • Restart/reconnect the internet connection.

Step6:  Disable IPv6 of Internet Connection

  • Open the Control Panel and select the Network & Internet.
  • Choose the Network & Sharing Center option.
  • Click on the active network connection.
  • Un-tick the Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and click on the “Ok” option.

Step7: Reinstall Network Adapter 

  • Go to the start menu and search for the devmgmt.msc command.
  • Double click to launch the device manager and search for Network Adapters Category icon and click the “+” icon it’s left.

Step8: Perform Clean Boot

  • Go to the start menu and search for the msconfig.exe command
  • Click to launch the windows configuration process.
  • Under the general tab section, just click the Selective startup option and then select the “Load startup it itemsicon
  • Switch to Services tab option and check for the Hide all Microsoft services icon.
  • Click on the disable all option

Step 9: Now simply just restart your pc to perform a clean boot.

Alternate Ways to Fix Connection Failed Asus Error 651 in Windows 7, 8 and 10

There are many methods to fix the bug. So follow the method that is convenient for you.

Method 1: Restart Your Computer As Well As Modem

The most popular hack to resolve the error code is to restart the modem. To restart your computer turn it off and unplug it from the socket. After that, unplug your modem as well as all the cables connected with your modem and computer. Wait for sometime and reconnect them all. After reconnecting plug your modem as well as the computer with the power source and turn them on.

Method 2: Run The Troubleshooter

If you are facing the problem just because of the network, then check your network connection and run the troubleshooter. After this process, the error will be fixed with ease.

Method 3: Update The BIOS

You may face the problem just because of your BIOS.  Your BIOS may fail to detect the modem properly. So try to update the BIOS as soon as possible.

After updating the BIOS  the error code will be fixed. If not, then connect with us and let our experts resolve the error code.

Method 4: Update Your Network Card And Driver

You can get this error code just because of your old-versioned network card and driver. So update your network card and driver and restart your computer.

If you can’t resolve the connection error 651, then you can dial our Asus support helpline number. We will respond immediately.

Contact Us For The Best In Class Asus Support:

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If you still have not able to Fix Connection Failed Asus Error 651 then immediately get in touch with us at our Asus router Helpline Number +1-855-971-1879 and resolve your issue instantly.

If you can’t solve your connection error 651, then all you need to do is consult with an expert.  Connect with us and we will look into the matter to resolve it as soon as possible.

You can connect with us via three methods, Firstly you can ring us at our Asus support number. Secondly, you can drop us a mail at our Asus support mail id. Finally, you can avail of your live chat facility via Asus support live chat portal. We will provide you with on-call assistance at a pocket-friendly rate.

Asus Aptio Setup

How to Fix the Asus Aptio Setup Utility Error?

The Aptio Setup Utility is defined as a BIOS setup utility, which usually comes with Asus desktops and laptops. Quite a lot of Asus computer users have faced and continue to face this issue with their computer continuously while boots into the Aptio Setup Utility instead of booting into its Operating Systems. According to Asus router technical support experts, it is just because of not detecting an operating system to be not able to boot e4ntirely. To Fix the Asus Aptio Setup Utility Error, Dial Asus Support Number and get instant help.

Asus Aptio Setup Utility

But if a user is certain that the Asus computer has an HDD/SSD with a proper installation of an Operating System connected to it but is still experiencing this issue, this may be due to two explanations: one for the connection between the computer and its HDD/SSD which has come loose. And another one may be due to the computer issues which simply can’t detect its HDD/SSD and recognize it as such. But thankfully, experts have provided the most promising solution to this issue.

Steps to Fix the Asus Aptio Setup Utility Error

Step1: Aptio Setup Utility

Boot the PC device up and just wait for it to again boot it into the Aptio Setup Utility.

Step2: Security

Once you are done with the Aptio Setup Utility process, then just navigate to the Security  section

Step3: Secure Boot menu

Expand the Secure Boot menu section and then disable theSecure Boot” icon.

Step4: Save & Exit

Users are required to navigate to the Save & Exit tab, save all the changes and exit the Aptio Setup Utility section.

Step5: Restart the computer

Next, restart the computer and just wait for it a while to boot into the utility once again.

Step6: Boot section

Navigate straight away to the Boot section

Step7: Disable Secure Boot

Disable the Secure Boot option as well as Fast Boot method to easily proceed with this step

Step8: Compatibility Support Module

Enabling of the CSM (Compatibility Support Module) is a necessary step for users to perform.

Step9: Save & Exit

At last, navigate to the ‘Save & Exit’ tab, save all of your changes and then tap on the “exitbutton

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Get your Asus router technical snags with the help of our Asus router customer support professionals. We are always here with you to deal with minute to minute Asus router problem as and when encountered. Come and explore our tech support services now .