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How to Change DLink Wireless Password?

A motive to change the D-Link router’s wireless password can sometimes cross a user’s mind. So, to easily go ahead with the process of changing the D-Link’s wireless password, our professional team of DLINK ROUTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT team will guide you about how to open the router’s configuration page in the web browser. So, yes after logging into the configuration page, a user needs to change the password straight from the Wireless settings menu. To Change DLink Wireless Password, read the easy steps are given below.

Dlink Router

Steps to Change DLink wireless password

Part 1 takes you through the process involved in accessing the router

  • Open up the web browser from your connected device
  • Enter the right into the address bar which will be the default address for your D-Link routers.
  • Next, simply type the . if it’s the case where the previous address isn’t working out at all.
  • Enter the .http://dlinkrouter address if neither of the addresses work.
  • Search for the router’s address if nothing is going well.

Part 2 takes about the Signing-In process


  • Type the “admin” as a username. This will be the most common default username for D-Link router which you are using currently.
  • Leave the Password field blank as it was before. There are wide number of D-Link routers that don’t have a password assigned at all.
  • Try typing the “admin” as a password. If a blank password is not working properly, then try for admin.
  • Look up if the router model has default login information or not.
  • Press and then hold the Reset button for a while which is located at the back of the router if a user is incapable of login to the account

Part 3 deals with the information about changing the Wi-Fi Password

dlink router password change

  1. Click on the Wireless tab initially. Well, if this tab is invisible to you, then just click on the Setup tab and then click on the “Wireless Settings” option in the left menu.
  2. Click the Security Mode menu carefully.
  3. Click on the “Enable WPA2 Wireless Security” option. Unless a user is specifically trying to connect to older devices that don’t support WPA2 at all. It is recommended that a user should always be using this security method.
  4. Click on the Passphrase field next.
  5. Type the password which you wish to continue with. Make sure that the password does not contain any dictionary related words and is not easy to speculate.
  6. Retype the password in the Confirm Passphrase field.
  7. Click on the Save Settings button.
  8. At last, simply enter the new password on the wireless devices.

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Step by Step Guide to Disable Firewall in TP Link Router

How to Disable Firewall in TP Link Router

tplink router

Firewall is basically used by users to have control over malicious user’s access to the Internet. Blocking up a PC whose IP address is to access the Internet from 00:00 to 06:00 is essential. According to the TP LINK ROUTER TECHNICAL SUPPORT NUMBER experts, there are few necessary Parameters that should be needed and clarified while the whole configuration process is completed. To name them, here below is the list of them”

  • Rule Type:Block
  • ?LAN Host168.1.100
  • Target: Internet
  • Schedule00:00~06:00

After gaining above information, according to the TP Link Support Number professionals, users can start the configuration process on TP-Link

  • Login to the Modem Router’s configuration page at first.
  • Open up the web browser and then type the LAN IP address of the TP-Link router in the address bar which will be the default IP address of TP-Link Modem router shown as http: //, and then simply tap on the Enter.
  • The Firewall settings are simply based on the time of the modem and so it is essential to adjust the modem’s time comprising with the PC.
  • Next, simply tap on the “System Tools-> Time Settings-> Get from PC-> Save” menu.
  • Get access to the Firewall -> LAN Host and then click on the Add New menu.
  • Select the IP Address which is located in the Mode field, and then enter a brief description about the rule which you are setting up. For example if we take LAN network
  • Go to Firewall -> Schedule menu and then click on the “Add New” BUTTON.
  • Selection of the Day mode is required, and then simply enter a brief description of the rule which you are setting up.
  • Next, go to Firewall -> Rule menu and then select the Enable Firewall.
  • You are required to tick on the “Allow” section and then click on the  Save menu.
  • Click on the Add New button.
  • Type the name for the rule in the Description which you wish to.
  • Selection of a host directly from the LAN Host drop-down list is essential or simply chooses the “Add LAN Host” option.
  • Select the Any Host menu just from the WAN Host drop-down list given in front of you.
  • Select the schedule just from the Schedule drop-down list or you can simply choose the “Add Schedule” option.
  • Next, in the Action field, you are required to select the Deny menu to deny the entry.
  • Right in the Status field, a user needs to select Enabled menu to enable the entry.
  • In the Direction field, you are required to select OUT menu from the drop-down list for the direction.
  • In the Protocol section, you will come across four options: All, TCP, UDP, and ICMP.
  • Click Save.

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Process to Reset a Linksys Router Password

According to the team of Linksys Router Technical Support professionals, resetting of the router’s password needs to restore it to its original factory settings process by users and then choose for a new password. To Reset a Linksys Router Password, follow the easy steps are given below.

linksys tech support

Method 1 teaches you about Resetting the Linksys Router

  • Turn on the router first as most of the Linksys routers don’t have an on/off switch, but it will automatically turn on when plugged it into an outlet.

linksys router

  • Resetting of the router is required and wait until the Power light starts blinking. Press and hold the Reset button for a while such as 10 seconds.
  • The Reset button will easily be located at the back of the router just near the power cord, but it can surely change the location depending on the model.
  • Older Linksys routers on the other hand, ask users to press and hold the reset button on the router for atleast 30 seconds to reset it properly.
  • Turning off the router and turn it on again by users is essential. Unplugging of the router to turn it off, wait atleast for 30 seconds, and then users can easily plug it again to turn the router on. This is known as power-cycling.
  • Wait atleast for the Power light to stop blinking repeatedly. It is recommended by Linksys Technical Support Phone Number expert professionals to turn the router off if the power light doesn’t stop blinking and wait for 30 seconds, to turn it on again.
  • Connecting of the router to the computer should be checked first . Connect your router to a PC with the help of its Ethernet cable. Users  can alternatively make use of any of the Ethernet ports available for the router to connect it to the computer.
  • When the router is connected to a computer with an Ethernet cable, then the Ethernet port light will automatically light up.
  • Connecting the router to the modem is strictly advised by expert professionals. To turn off the modem, plug-in the router directly to the modem. After this, a user needs to turn on the modem again.
  • Now, your modem is accurately connected to the internet port in the wall as well as to the computer.

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How to Install A Wireless Netgear USB Adapter?

The high speed Netgear wireless USB adapter can authorize you to access a Wi-Fi network when your desktop computer has no inbuilt Wi-Fi feature. You need to insert the Netgear wireless USB adapter in the USB port of your computer.

netgear router

Step to Install A Wireless Netgear USB Adapter:

  • You need to download the latest version of the driver of the Netgear wireless USB adapter from the Netgear website.
  • Then double click on the “Setup” file to install the Netgear USB wireless adapter software.
  • After the welcome window displays on the screen, click on the “Next”.
  • Click on “Accept” to accept the license agreement.
  • Choose the folder in which you want the software to be stored by choosing the “Browse” button.
  • Now wait for the message “software installation complete”. This means you have successfully finished the initial stage of the installation procedure.
  • Then insert the Netgear wireless USB Adapter into your desktop or laptop USB port and click on the “Next” to continue.
  • Choose the country in which you will mainly use the Netgear wireless USB adapter.
  • Now wait for the Netgear wireless USB adapter to scan the wireless networks available in your area and displays a list of wireless network
  • The next step is to setup your SSID or password for the Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose the encryption type such as WPA2-PSK, WEP, and WPA-PSK (Personal). WPA2 is the highly secure form of encryption available for your Wi-
    Fi networks.
  • Then input the WPA2-PSK password.
  • Also checks whether you are able to connect with the Wi-Fi network.

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How to Connect Cisco Router To Linksys Router?

Steps to Connect Cisco Router To Linksys Router:

To enhance the range or Wi-Fi signals of the network without uninstalling your old router you can easily connect many wired and wireless devices. For this you have two connect two routers. Take a look at this blog for the detailed procedure. For instance technical help call Cisco Router Support.

cisco router

There are two different methods to connect a Cisco router with Linksys router:

cisco router support

  1. LAN to WAN: By connecting one Ethernet port of the main Cisco router to the Internet port (WAN port) of secondary Cisco router.
  2. LAN to LAN:  By connecting one Ethernet port of the Linksys router (main router) to one Ethernet port of secondary router.

Below are the detailed steps provided by our expert team to connect two routers?

By Connecting the Linksys router to Cisco router (LAN-WAN)

  • Inspect and write down the IP address of the main router.  Connect your PC to one of the Ethernet ports of the secondary router.
  • You also need to access the setup page of the secondary router. In the basic setup tab, search for IP Address.
  • Now click on the save settings. Unplug the cable from your PC and connect it to the Ethernet port in the main router.
  • Transfer the LAN cable connected to the secondary router to its WAN port.

By Connecting the Linksys router to Cisco router (LAN-LAN)

  • Inspect and write down the IP address of the main router. Connect your PC to the Ethernet port of the secondary router.
  • Access the internet setup page of the secondary router and disable the DHCP Server.
  • Then you need to click on save settings.
  • Unplug the cable from your PC and connect it to the Ethernet port on the main router.

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cisco icm error

Few promising steps to fix Cisco Router Icm Error Codes

If a user is experiencing a Cisco Icm Error Code, then our Cisco Router Technical Support team strongly recommends them to download and run the Cisco Icm Error Codes repair tool.

cisco router

Symptoms of Cisco Icm Error Codes

  1. Cisco Icm Error Codes will simply appear and then crash all your current program in Windows.
  2. The computer will crash on frequent basis by showing the Cisco Icm Error Codes at the time of running the same program.
  3. The Windows will run slowly and mouse as well keyboard input will behave in sluggish mode.
  4. Next, the computer will occasionally ‘freeze’ up for a period of time.

Cisco Icm Error Codes and other such critical issues might occur at the time when the Windows operating system is corrupted according to the expert level professional working at Cisco router tech support number section. Opening programs will then behave in slow mode and response time will lag. At the time of having multiple applications running on the Windows, a user might experience crashes aswell as freezes. There might be numerous numbers of causes for this error including excessive startup entries, registry errors, hardware/RAM decline, fragmented files, unnecessary or redundant program installations and so on.

Steps to Fix Cisco Router Icm Error Codes

To easily fix this Cisco Icm Error Codes, it is recommended that a user’s should download the Cisco Icm Error Codes Repair Tool first. This is depicted as an advanced optimization tool which can easily repair all these problems that are making computers slow. By using this method, a user will also dramatically improve the computer speed after addressing all the problems.

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How To Fix DLink Router Error 103?

D-Link is the best router manufacturers in the world. It offers latest range of routers with state of the art and innovative technology. Regardless of these features, user sometimes encounters various technical errors while deploying the D-Link router.

Dlink router error 103

DLink Router Error 103

DLink Router Error Code 103 might occur when your MS Windows OS becomes corrupted or misconfigured. Launching the applications will be slower and response times will also increase. When there are various applications running in your computer, you might experience issues like computer freezes and crashes.

There can be numerous causes of this error like fragmented files, bulk startup entries, registry errors, hardware/RAM issue and redundant program installations etc. Below are few steps guided by the DLink Router Customer Support Service team @+1-855-971-1879 for how to resolve Error code 103 in DLink routers?

There DLink Router Error 103 occurs, when your computer is infected with malware or spyware. Or due to some programs compatibility issues. You need to download the DLink Router Error 103 repair tool.

To fix your computer and DLink Router Error 103, download this tool immediately. This repair tool will find, diagnose and resolve DLink Router Error Code 103. Your computer should also run smoother and faster after using this excellent application.

Our DLink router support team works 24 hours a day with an exceptionally advanced and customer centric approach to deliver its customers a quality service at highly feasible rates related to D-Link issues.

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wireless router

Steps to carefully go ahead with the selection process of a Wireless Router

A remote switch is a basic bit of equipment in a home neighborhood, or LAN. Searching painstakingly for the best remote switch can be useful for an individual who needs to benefit from a remote fast Internet association in the home or anyplace else that remote switches are utilized. Below are few steps guided by a team of router technical support number +1-855-971-1879 professionals on how to help you pick a wireless router that will be a solid match for your remote network.

Steps to go ahead with the selection process of Wireless Router

router tech support

  • Assess the signal strength for your wireless router
  • Understand hindrances in an inside home environment, and also the particular separation that the flag should go for use in a specific part of the building.
    Decide the speed of the network.
  • Test the type of choices that you want to purchase for the equipment.
  • Choose of the encryption quality is essential for router users. It is because every wireless routers often employ WPA or other types of encryption mode to protect the network from malicious hackers.
  • According to the research by a team of professionally advanced expert router support number professionals, keeping in mind about the compatibility issues are highly a necessary step for all of them.
  • Evaluation of a proper customer support is required by the router users with good customer support features. Technical support and other assistance may be critical in terms of installing as well as dealing with the device.
    Compare of every warranty period is necessary choice.

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